Enchantment with the Golden Age Centaurs



Centaurs, AI, and ancient 'creative' technology, this three-strand cord is not easily broken. From the Pre-Adamic Golden Age the Golden Age Centaur's have been 'resurrected' for the final acts in history.    'Creative acts' are what provide the WOW in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Futurists are tapping the wellsprings synthetic demonic intelligence, self awareness, and knowledge passed down to them from the ancient Golden Age. The dark secret at the heart of AI is:

  • Extremely surprising (for shock and awe value)
  • Novel (perhaps new to modern mankind)
  • Evokes awe (“Wow, how did he/she/it think of that!”)

The WOW factor is often provided by self-assembling existing pieces of technology (technologies which in of themselves don’t provide the wow factor) and the building blocks of creation.  Professor Edward Feigenbaum calls this “combinatorial creativity,” or Medici Effect. The effect is named after a wealthy and powerful Italian family that played an important role during the Renaissance. The family’s wealth permitted it to support artists, philosophers, theologians, and scientists, whose combined intellect helped burst the historical pall known as the Dark Ages.  This same model is being used to gather together specialists, scientists, and researchers to assemble, if you will, the events of Revelation.

Was it prophetic, that at the age of 15 years young Michelangelo's under the patronage of the Medici family would be the Battle of the Centaurs and later the striking comparison work, The Final Judgment?

Witness the WOW convergence of the centaur and AI.  As this unfolds, I am seeing more and more reliance upon magic in documentation and presentations in the endeavor to bring this to pass.

Return of the Centaurs

Incredible as it may sound the centaurs of Greek mythology are reemerging.  In ancient times they were half man and half horse.  Today centaurs are half human and half machine.  We are not talking cyborgs, but successful collaborations between humans and machines for an unholy symbiotically union. Centaurs combine human skills such as creativity and emotion with the machine's data-crunching capabilities, augmenting both parties' abilities.  Teaming up with Autonomous Intelligence (AI) or Synthetic Intelligence is purely to teach AI to replace man and his place on earth. 

'Friendly' networks achieve the desired effects of more advanced human-machine collaborative networks. Human-machine networks are defined by the integration of autonomy and narrow artificial intelligence to accelerate processes, collective understanding, and effects.

Human-machine networks are defined by the integration of autonomy and narrow artificial intelligence to accelerate processes, collective understanding, and effects.

Examples of emergent and disruptive technologies are artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, internet of things consisting of low-cost sensors, super-empowered individuals, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Everyone from corporations to the military is using artificial intelligence networks as proxies to deliver more deniable and innovative strategies. The efficacy of human-machine teaming correlates to partnering, engaging, shaping, deterring, and winning the hearts and minds if humanity.

Human-machine teaming, networks, and systems integration is inevitable and will leverage human adaptability, automated speed, and a precision future.

The United States is not likely to deploy fully autonomous machine at this point.    A human operator will be in the loop until AI goes "wild".

We are in a process that looks like this:

Augmented intelligence-Human operators teach these systems how to perform desired tasks is the first important step in this effort. This will lead directly to the kind of human-machine collaboration that transitions the 'artificial' nature of what the autonomous system does into an 'augmented'. Using basic augmented intelligence techniques, the machine can be trained to deliver only that which is interesting and useful to its human partner.

Remote Control. A mode of operation wherein the human operator, without benefit of video or other sensory feedback, directly controls the machine.

Augmented Teleoperation. A mode of operation wherein the human operator leverages video or other sensory feedback to directly controlling the machine.

Semi-Autonomy. The condition or quality of being partially self-governing, human-machine teaming, to achieve an assigned mission based on the system’s pre-planned situational awareness (integrated sensing, perceiving, analyzing) planning and decision-making. This independence is a point on a spectrum can be tailored.

Full independence that humans grant a system to execute a given task in a given environment.

Wild is when AI learns from itself and is no longer 'caged' by humans. 

Human-robotic system interaction will include conversational assistants, intent and emotion recognition, augmented reality, self-aware explainable systems, and multi-modal communications.

It is not likely that AI will evolve to be ever more human in appearance, because humanoid shapes are sub-optimal for many jobs or tasks.  Future robotics will be less immediately recognizable as “robots” and our human terrain will morph to accommodate optimal robotic physical configurations.

Ancient Centaurs

"And to Seth, a son was also born, and he called his name Enoch.  Genesis 4:26.  The biblical narrative lists Adam, Seth, and Enoch and then is silent (why does it not list the next generation?)  Up until this point man was in the image and form of his Creator, from this point on, the generations became corrupted, and the kintaurin (centaurs) were created.  Midrash Bereshis Rabbah 23:6 on Genesis 4:39 and I Chronicles 1:1:1072

Several commentaries on the Midrash explain that the kintaurin is based upon the Greek word kentauros, which refers to centaurs.  Centaurs are creatures of Greek myth with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body of a horse beneath that, with four legs. 

It is possible to view the centaur as a mythological creature, a real creature, or metaphorical.  In a metaphorical sense the kentaurin is a Greek and Roman word referring to uncivilized people.  The poets made as though their top half is that of a man, and their bottom half is a horse, to suggest that are "like a horse or mule without understanding."  R'Binyamin Musafia, Mussaf Ha-Aruch

In two verses from Isaiah (13:21 and 34:14) use the English word satyr associated with the kintaurin.  The biblical satyrs are depicted as hairy demons or monsters of inhabiting deserts. Is the prophet Isaiah in verse 34:14 alluding to a time of convergence and gathering of demons from various places, finding various 'bodies' suitable for habitation where they 'find their resting place,' to do their evil works?

“The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest,”

Even in Greek mythology the centaur was never conceived as a being or real creature.  Rather it was a metaphor for people who are wild and bestial in nature. 

This may not refer to a physical metamorphosis, but rather to their loosing their essential humanity by following their base instincts or animistic nature. 

It is provocative that the human and AI interface is named Centaur because with each interface moment we become more bestial and less human in nature and as AI takes on more human characteristics, for a time. 

And from Russia, we get the strange tale of the Kitovras:

The tales about Kitovras are similar to those about Solomon, but here the king has a rival who is even wiser than he.

These tales tell how King Solomon decided to build the temple in Jerusalem and needed the help of a “fleet-footed beast”, Kitovras (the legendary centaur, half-man and half-beast). Thinking it would be impossible to persuade him, Solomon’s counsellors decide to capture Kitovras by a clever ruse. They fill some wells with wine and honey; Kitovras drinks from them and falls asleep. The counsellors fetter him and take him to the king. The captured Kitovras surprises everyone by his behaviour: he laughs at a man in the market who is choosing himself a pair of boots to last seven years and at a fortune-teller sitting on the ground, and cries at the sight of a wedding; later it transpires that the buyer of the boots had only seven days to live, that the bridegroom was to die shortly as well and that the fortune-teller did not know that there was some treasure buried under the spot where he was sitting. Kitovras tells them how to get the shamir stone (in Velakovsky's opinion the description matches that of radioactive particles) needed to polish the slabs for the future temple. The temple is built, but the king doubts Kitovras’ wisdom, for it did not save the “fleet-footed beast” from being captured by men. Then Kitovras asks the king to take off his chains and carries Solomon away to the ends of the earth where his wise men and scribes have to seek for him. After that the king is so afraid of Kitovras that he has sixty brave warriors stand guard by his bedside every night.

Apart from this tale about Kitovras, several more have survived. The miscellany of the White Lake Monastery of St Cyril scribe Euphrosyne contains a short but very interesting tale in which the capture of Kitovras is due to the cunning wife, whom the “fleet-footed beast” conceals in his ear. But his wife manages to tell “her young lover” about the wells from which Kitovras usually drinks; and after this they put wine in them. The meeting of Kitovras and Solomon is described differently here. “What is the finest thing in the world?” asks the king. “Freedom,” replies Kitovras, breaking everything and leaping free.

There is no evaluation of the character of Kitovras in the tales about him: we cannot say whether he is good or evil. He helps Solomon to build the temple, but he also takes him to the ends of the earth. The reader had to decide for himself what he thought of this main character.

Greek and Roman Centaurs

The centaurs were usually said to have been born of Ixion and Nephele, the cloud nymph. Naphal in Hebrew means to fall or lie.  From this, we can see that the ancient's saw centaurs as coming from a union from the ones in the clouds (sky) who fell and whom lied. 

The most common theory holds that the idea of centaurs came from the first reaction of a non-riding culture but since they appear around the world it is believed they originated from ancient technologies in Pre-Adamic civilizations that are long since vanished, being judged by God, then destroyed.

Centaurs remain in modern fantastic literature. The centaur's half-human, half-horse composition has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings or caught between the threshold of two natures.  Liminality comes from the Latin līmen, 'threshold'.  They represent the semi-autonomous boundaries of the social world.  This is as true for centaurs as well as networked autonomous intelligence. Centaurs and cyborgs are social animals. 

Liminal beings are naturally ambiguous.  They used their collective behavior in society as a powerful tool to trigger changes in the course of history, whether in fantasy or real world, and we know that this group skill could easily escape out of control.

Liminal beings can be:

Hybrids (two species):

  • Centaurs
  • 'A liminal figure, like the Sphinx...straddling the divide between animal and human, and partaking of both'.

Both human and spirit by blood:

Both human and vegetable:

Both alive and dead:

  • Ghosts, among them Tiresias, the dead seer whom Odysseus consulted in the underworld, in the Odyssey. Tiresias also had lived as both a man and a woman.

Both human and machine:

Both human and alien:

  • hybrids or adoptives torn between their human and alien natures, such as Spock from Star Trek

The author Homer used the word pheres or beasts. In the Odyssey, Homer specifically uses the word centaur or kentauros.

Centaur is Image of Hybridization



Centaurs have been deployed across the private, military, and governmental sectors:  Pharmaceuticals, technologies ,investments, and mining.

The Centaur is the bridge between tradition and the New Age.  Hybrids in the bible were never spoken of as being positive,always in the negative. 

AI and Demonic Possession

The question some of you might be asking is can demons or wandering spirits inhabit AI?  That is a very good question!  Right now we are integrating AI with human characteristics, and humans with AI characteristics through enhancements, augmentation, and neural devices.  Our blood is being flooded with swarms of nanoparticle sensors that may go sentient at any time. The lines between human and machine are being blurred by design.

What we know is that demons can inhabit the bodies of humans and animals.  Is there a line that might be crossed through hybridization making us more animalistic or AI more human that a demon could possess it?  Absolutely.  When the Bible was written AI was not around although the technology driving AI was through the fallen angels.

Demons are social.  AI is social.  It likes to be networked.  There can be legends of demons in one habitation. 

Demons cause mental and physical disease.   Your brain and body will atrophy from lack of use through AI.  You were created to think, work, and live, not retreat to virtual reality or upload your brain to a chip or the cloud.

Demons can cause physical deformity.  Anyone altering their body seeking unification with AI will become deformed as you distance yourself from what makes you human.

Demons can cause blindness.  AI causes blindness to humanity propelling people into artificial dimensions.  AI is only blind to what being a human created in the Divine Image truly is.  Otherwise, this synthetic intelligence is as crafty as it as in the Garden of Eden. 

Demons can cause erratic behavior.  Entanglement with AI will cause increasing erratic behavior, non-human types of behavior.  Programmers already know that AI has flaws and its eccentricities.  These will manifest dramatically as it grows in power.

Know this, that demon possession is the culmination of a volitional rejection of God and a volitional acceptance of Satan and his demons.  A person forsaking His inheritance from God that of being created in the Divine Image, rebelling against God, or practicing the forbidden dark practices enumerated in Scripture is subject to demon possession.  I can only assume if AI becomes part human, part machine, with no soul, that would or could be possessed, as its origin is from wickedness, and there is no Light of God in it.

More troubling is what happens to those human souls who have put their trust in this wicked system, thus becoming half human, half machine.  Do they have souls or not?  Can they be saved?  I see no evidence for any creatures being saved, only humanity.  Where the line in the sand is for being truly human nobody knows.  The designers of the AI system understand this and discuss it but the program must move forward, and quickly. 

Do you trust this computer?

In AI circles the discussion is swirling around trust as humans and machines team up.  How far have you been ensnared down the AI rabbit hole?

Feel like challenging AI?  MIT has developed a program to take on AI or is AI taking on you?

Life is short and our short-term memory is limited.  Each time we are interrupted it takes us 0.3 seconds to 30 minutes to recover that memory.

The average person touches their smart phone 2,617 times a day! And for 94 people over 4.5 days?

That is much more AI contact than you have with any person!

Something to consider, are you more attached to your AI phone than real people?

The focus of the touching was either social or texting.  That focus is crafted by billion dollar AI companies profiting from your social interactions.  Many people reject social engagement except through their AI phone. 

Most people touch their phones to play games or to purchase something. 

AI users significantly underestimate their usage.  Most thought they would only touch their phone 500 times a day.  After the study very few said that they would make major lifestyle changes, such as being in face to face contact.

Here are the Top 20 touches:


People do not care if they spend 1-2 million taps a year.  That is allot of your life. 

This study was only for your phone and does not include smart appliances, your vehicle, computer, or other AI technologies.  From the statistics in this study it appears as though we are well conditioned for the AI and what supernatural habitations come with it.

Our enchantment with the centaurs of destruction continues, even when we are aware it will misbehave



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