Foundational Evidence for the Mark of Beast of Prey

Etching and Imprinting the Mark of the Beast using Nano Technology

May I humbly present to you the biblical, historical, legendary, and scientific evidence that the Mark of the Beast of Prey is here with imminent deployment.  

Why does this matter to you today, right now?  Because your eternal destiny is on the line!  Currently, evil forces have begun the process of the marking technology that catapult the forces of the Book of Revelation and End Time prophecy into your life.  You need to understand this technology is real and a reality now, to say NO.  You need to take ownership of your own destiny.  Let us begin this final journey together.  Are you ready?

What is the Mark of the Beast of Prey? 

We can glean significant insights on the Mark from the Greek word, χάραγμαa, which defines for us this Mark.  It is meaningful mark, whether engraved, imprinted, or branded—‘mark, brand.’  The strict literal translation of ‘the mark of the beast’ implies ‘a picture of the beast’ or ‘a mark made by the beast.’ A more satisfactory indication of the relationship between ‘mark’ and ‘beast’ would be a mark showing: 

  • One’s relationship to the beast
  • A mark of loyalty to the beast  
  • A mark of the party (system) of the beast 

The Mark found in Revelation 9:4 is derived from the Greek word, σφραγίςc, giving us the impression of a signet ring or seal, is an Insignia of ownership.  Therefore, this those ‘who do not have the mark of God on their foreheads’ Re 9:4 shows us that they belong to God.  God is the owner of these people (those without the Mark) and may extend to make a group identity.  In Revelation 7:3, Revelation 9:4, and Ezekiel 9:4-6 we see that the servants of God will have His seal of identification for protection.   

Most people associate the Mark of the Beast of Prey with Revelation 13.  In John’s vision there are two beasts.  One comes from the sea symbolizing the Antichrist with political power over the people upon the earth.  The beast from the earth symbolizes the Antichrist’s assistant, the religious leadership dedicated to the universal worship of Antichrist.  This false religion causes (requires) all to receive upon their right hand or their forehead the: 

  • Mark of the Antichrist
  • The name of the Antichrist 
  • The number of the name of Antichrist 

This mark will be required for a person to engage in society, economics, any transaction need for physical survival.  It may well make distinction and identifies ‘not marked’ people for martyrdom.  Two classes of people emerge, one belonging to Jesus Christ and those belonging to the Antichrist.   

Revelation 13:18 contains a riddle or challenge to the church to have wisdom and to calculate what that mark or number of the beast is. Two things are stated. First, it is of a man or refers to a man.  Second, his number is 666.  This riddle will play an important part not only in this understand of the Mark but also the revelation of the Antichrist.  According to Bullinger, this numbers refers to the ancient mystery schools of forbidden knowledge.  Some believe, that historically, Nero fit the cryptic reference with the mark being engaging in cult worship of a godless emperor, rather than a literal mark.  The term (Greek charagma) was used in ordinary Greek to refer to the “mark” of the emperor’s head on coins as well as the imperial stamp on business documents. Apart from Acts 17:29 where it means “image,” the term mark is used in the New Testament only in Revelation, always in connection with the mark of the beast. 

The Sapphire Cubical Ten Commandments 

To fully comprehend the scientific findings, we must turn back the pages of time to legends and historical facts.   

Contrary to the granite tablets image most of us have of Charleston Heston carrying down the Ten Commandments from Mt. Sinai, scripture and ancient legend brings us a different narrative that bares scrutinizing, in light of the science, which is about to crash into our reality.  In Hebrew, these tablets are known as luchot, in English-cubes.   

We are told in Exodus 24:10 that Moses beheld the Throne of God and “under His feet was something like sapphire brick(work). 

We need to understand that these tablets are twins in terms of their mathematical and geometric characteristics.  They are identical in terms of size, ratio, number of elements, substance, and clarity.

Who are you?  Are you living the true passionate biblical lifestyle?  Are you overcoming life's hurdles?  Understanding the Mark puts all of these dreams into your reality. I have been listening to each of you and I know you are ready to live and rise above the mundane and compromising lifestyle.  You can live the dynamic Acts Church right now!  Let's do this!


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God Bless you from the trenches. 




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