Evil Apparitions Become Visible



Sky watchers are beginning to notice very strange things indeed in the skies above out heads. For twenty minutes on September 27th a luminous 'proton arc' danced with a regular aurora. This apparition, known by the Alberta Aurora Chasers group is 'Steve'. Storms are named so too, know apparitions and manifestations in the skies.


Ancient man talked frequently about celestial rivers in the sky. One of these rivers is what we call the Milky Way.  In ancient thought, these rivers of the sky impacted things such as Earth's weather and history.



The terminology is provocative calling the phenomena an apparition which is defined as:  a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a specter or phantom; the act of becoming visible.  The shape of the bow is interesting, for a bow is symbolic of war in Scripture and also of God's covenant not do destroy the earth again by water. 



One of the Europeans Space Agency's Swarm satellites flew straight through the apparition. Data says that is was a hot river of gas, 25 km wide flowing rapidly through Earth's outer atmosphere. The physics of the luminous ribbon is unknown. "Steve seems to be a thermal emission from hot flowing gas rather than from precipitating electrons," says Dyer, "but his origin and nature are still mysterious."

The apparition occurred at 10:45 MDT and covered the sky with a post sub-storm flickering display at it's zenith.




Here s a 360° panorama of the odd isolated auroral arc that has become known as “Steve,” here to the left as a pink and white band, across the south, with the main auroral oval to the north at right, with its more normal oxygen green arc and upper red and magenta tints, also from atomic oxygen.


The 6-day Moon is just setting at the bottom of the summer Milky Way. The Pleiades is rising at far right. 


God set in the chamber of the southern sky and is master over the constellations.  It is under these zodiac signs that mighty evildoers function. Ash, Orion (Kesil), and  Pleiades (Kimah)  God is able to exercise control over the wicked. Ramban.  The chambers of the south it is believed by many cultures to be where intense storms are kept.  

To understand our weather we must somewhat understand the heavens.  The stars of the Seven Sisters-Pleiades, in the north, (Kimah) are extremely cold, imbue a scorpion bite with coldness that makes it so dangerous.  It is known that heat cures a scorpion bite while cold aggravates it.  If the cold of Kimah was not diminished somewhat by proximity to the Stream of Fire, a scorpions bite would be so powerful that it would cause death every time.  Kimah causes contraction or a binding while Kesil the source of heat is freer causing expansion.  Ash, the tail of the Ram is missing some of her children (stars).  As Job questions can a mere mortal attach to the stars, which God has set apart?  Berachos

In Job 38 God asks Job if he,  "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?  So that water can be turned to ice or draw out heat to melt and liquefy ice?"

And if you yourself are not in the power that causes heat and cold, to melt ice and harden water, and only the constellations can do this, perhaps you are the intermediate force "that brings forth the constellations each one in its proper time mazzarot? "Could you lead the constellation Ursa Major and its satellites," "Do you know the laws of heaven." 

As evil rises each side is taking up their bows of war. The questions beg to be asked is, "Is this apparition real or manufactured and by whom or what?"  And,  "what will be the impact for each of us?"