Explosive DARPA Snowflakes Coming Your Way!

  • Plastic snow,
  • Adjusting the freezing point so that "plants will not freeze," 
  • Allowing restructuring of snow and ice

This is why several years ago, when you citizen scientists out there noticed that the snow was not normal, you conducted your own experiments.  You  discovered that most of the snow burned, melted, blackened, and had a different freezing and melting point.

This morning the science journals discuss hybrid wired aerogel (aerosolized hydrogel) that are electrically conductive containing mechanical architecture.

This new snow and ice is a sophisticated 3D direct assembly of nanomaterials as a tool that are uniquely tailored for the "natural order."  This new snow and ice is more akin to a fabric than the moisture that you know comes in the winter months.  This fabric can be viewed with a high power microscope.

Techno-ice and snow contain silver nanowires in hydrogel.  They are ice-templated onto nanoscopic building blocks.  They add carboxymethylcellulose (CMC-wood gum) leading to the fabrication of hybrid aerogels with highly improved mechanical properties with dangerous and explosive capabilities,  Link.

Electromechanical characterizations allowed for piezoelectric properties of these hybrid aerogels. Pizoelectric is the generation of electricity or of electric polarity crystals.  

Ice Control for cold Environments (ICE)

DARPA ICE Keeps Jack Frost at Bay

Program aims to protect warfighters and enable sustained cold weather operations, leveraging natural biological adaptations to control ice crystals in extreme cold environments

On August 16th DARPA introduced its new Ice Control for cold Environments (ICE) program aims to control the physical properties of ice crystals to protect military assets and personnel for enhanced operational capabilities in extreme cold environments. 

Why would this be necessary if the globe is heating up in biblical proportion?  The fact of the matter is that we been entering into a cyclical time where the earth will descend into another Ice Age in the best case scenario, and at worse case, Snow Ball Earth where the entire globe is encased in ice.  The elite know this.  Never wanting a good crisis to go to waste, they are planning to exploit this coming event ,as if it will not be difficult enough to survive through it. 

DARPA’s new ICE plans to leverage biological adaptations to cold environments to develop novel biologically sourced and inspired materials to meet this goal. Novel technologies developed via ICE will develop strategies to prevent frostbite and materials for anti-icing approaches.

Biological Impact of Extreme Cold

Freezing tolerance is enhanced as a gradual adaptation to low temperature through a process known as cold acclimation, which initiates the transition to prepare for subzero temperatures through alterations in rate of metabolism, hormone levels and sugars. Freezing tolerance is rapidly enhanced during the first days of the cold acclimation process when temperature drops. Freezing tolerance can be reached after only two weeks of exposure to low temperatures. If intracellular ice forms, it could be lethal when adhesion between cellular membranes and walls occur. The process of freezing tolerance through cold acclimation is a two-stage mechanism:

  • The first stage occurs at relatively high subzero temperatures as the water present in tissues freezes outside the cell.
  • The second stage occurs at lower temperatures as intercellular ice continues to form.
In order to perform technological marvelous acts, several biochemical adaptations have been identified as supporting factors to freeze tolerance. These include the following:
  • Proteins: Nucleating proteins induce and regulate the whole process of extracellular freezing. Certain proteins, named ice restructuring proteins or antifreeze proteins, stop small ice crystals from recrystallizing into larger crystals that can cause physical damage to tissues.
  • Cryoprotectants: These are several factors that prevent intracellular freezing, prevent excessive reduction of cell volume, and stabilize protein conformation.
  • Ischemia tolerance: in order for cells and organs to survive without circulation of the blood, good antioxidant defenses and elevated chaperone proteins are required. They help protect cell macromolecules, whilst metabolic rate depression greatly reduces cell energy needed whilst frozen.  See my coverage on HDIAC Biostasis for details.

Plant Adaptation to Frigid Temperatures

Microbes, plants, and other animals have adapted to live in cold environments, while humans have not. As other organisms have evolved ways to manipulate the ice itself for protection and maintaining life.  The UN sustainability mandate frowns of the fact that people pile on clothes, break ice, and burn fuels and materials to keep warm from the frigid chilling impact off cold.

The military in its future thinking believes they will be spending extended time in the arctic in evolving operations in extremely cold temperatures. Therefore they are concerned with human frostbite, ice accumulation on equipment as well as degraded electronics and machinery performance. 

Enter Molecular and Genetic Modification

What is the solution?  To genetically modify humans using Tartrigrades and the Resurrection Plant and manipulating the elements to change the freezing point and very nature of snow and ice into electro-mechanical machine.

Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) or ice structuring proteins (ISPs) refer to a class of polypeptides produced by “Insects, fish, plants and freeze-tolerant organisms have evolved natural mechanisms to prevent ice formation and thrive in extreme cold,” said Anne Cheever, ICE program manager. “These properties could be leveraged as part of the ICE program to develop persistent anti-icing coatings for surfaces and even produce specialized small molecules that work synergistically with biodegradable antifreeze proteins,” according to DARPA.

AFPs bind to small ice crystals to inhibit the growth and recrystallization of ice that would otherwise be fatal.

One  strategy that will be evaluated has been developed to provide freeze-resistant Quantum Dots (graphene hydrogel and nanowires) which can easily be conjugated with biomolecules.

The new ice-snow is a deep eutectic solvents (DESs) and regarded as one kind of green solvent due to their good stability, biocompatibility, and conductivity. The eutectogel prepared with DESs as the solvent has also attracted attention.The as-prepared eutectogels showed high strength, high conductivity, and excellent frost resistance.

DARPA will formulate a broad range of candidate molecules which limit ice crystal formation, growth, and adhesion.

“The ability to control and modulate the properties of ice crystals will provide novel capabilities, actionable solutions, and strategic advantage for cold weather operations.”

A Terrible Thought

In the Bible it says that the Anti-Christ brings down from heaven.  It is one of the wonders he demonstrates.  Graphene is already touted as being "wondrous and magical." Could the dispersion of this reformatted explosive snow and ice fit that description?

As the snow lazily falls this year, ponder the fact, that increasingly, it will be artificial snow which is an environmental sensor with electrical and mechanical properties.  No longer will delicate snowflakes and ice moisturize and hydrate humans, earth, animals, and the plants.  How sad it is to see the corruption of man shadow the entire globe. 

Nevertheless, praise the Lord!

Psalm 147: