Extreme Reality: Human Extinction Begins

Predatory, Synthetic, Sentient, BioEntities

The holistic future has begun with Convergence.    Increasingly we find ourselves in an ever increasingly extreme and complex world that is being manufactured at lightning speed.  Dark networks lurk in the shadows with scientists, researchers, hackers, mercenaries, and democratized weapons dealers.

It is time to disrupt yourself from your slumber, before you get disrupted.

We have a formidable task to shape the future of humanity.  We can no longer just report the news or view the news.  That era of dumb data is over.  The war for the soul in on. 

Those who are driving humanity to extinct say that they are doing this for a competitive edge.  But as you will see it is demonically inspired.

As they did not see fit to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a depraved mind, to do things not being proper.  Romans 1:28


You are about to learn the consequences of people who abandon their Creator.  Evil has taken our hand is walking us down a path of destruction.  By 2022 much of the Convergence will have taken place and it is just a matter of time for your extinction. 


The battlefield has been laid out by brilliant, but misguided, strategists, researchers and developers: 

  • Hack the Planet
  • Hack Life
  • Hack Matter
  • Reassemble matter

This will be a deliverable by the year 2020, a mere 18 months away.

Moore's Law

Moore's law originated in technology to address how fast and the expense of technology.  When Moore proposed this calculated technology would turn over every two years and products would get continually cheaper.  Moore's Law was good at the time but R&D sought to beat the law.  They succeeded and now technology turns over at an alarming rate of every 6 weeks.

Moore's Law can also be used in other fields such as linguistics's.  Back in 2006, I noticed a quickening of language.  I contacted a law school and talked with a person who told me, at that time, language would be turned over ever 6 months.  He also informed me that it would escalate.  That has happened just as he said it would. 

Data Tsunami

I almost did not put this section in and then I was lead to do so.  Two and a half decades ago I was given a vision.  I was with my Pastor and we entered this dark cavern.  There were millions of white candles burning but the light they put out was dim. There was another cavern we entered and there was a cresent table with chairs with demonic entities. 

As we stood there a tsunami of judgement, condemnation, and accusation gushed forth towards us at tremendous crushing speed.  I rebuked this tsunami in the Name of Jesus. 

The candles were Believers who were being oppressed and that is why their light was so dim.

When I saw this image it quickened me back to this vision.  I do believe the vision had different levels of interpretation and fulfillment.  The way that data/AI/robotics are coming on is very much like a tsunami. My prayer that you each understand how fast this coming upon us.

25 Years

Take time to fully absorb the graphic above.  I disagree that this is 25 years down the road because much of this is being deployed now.  What we are facing:

  • Predatory Synthetic Sentience
  • Bio-Inspired entities
  • Who arrive after a Hyper-Virulent Destructive alife
  • Causing Catastrophic chaos

Gee, that sounds like fun. 

Scientists and researchers are getting into our body with BioBrick, building blocks of our DNA sequencing. 

We will see genetic selective targeting.  Did you know that in some countries you can no longer grow a rabbit outdoors?  Genetically modified rabbits were released into the wild to kill off the feral rabbit populations.  The problem is that they killed domestic rabbits too.  In those places you can only grow a rabbit indoors.  Application for selective human targeting is well underway.

We will witness bio-robots that you cannot tell from a human.

It begins with GPS locating and then migrates to genomic targeting possibly using biometrics as a sensor or alert. 

Swarms are already being studied and deployed with alert avatars.  These are invading our bodies as we speak. 

Down the road, within a generation you will see Robotic Nets and Human Synthoids, giving one a image of the image and kingdoms spoken of in the Book of Daniel 2.

We already having Autonomous Systems running many things such as Amazon, healthcare, and banking.  We just do not see them operating. This will advance quickly as the sensory arrays are deployed. 

Whether man acknowledges God or not it is built into man to have God as his overseer.  As man rebuilds the world in man's image Global Quantum Networks will imitate that overseer presence with Telepresence. 

We will give up our human birthright to an autonomous Super Intelligence to preemptively save us from threats.  


The red circles shown in the next few slides are your red blood cells

Life is in the blood and it is holy unto God.  Swarms of foreign sentient entities are being deployed into your blood as we speak.  These will begin as sensory devices but will eventually become predatory.

What happens when you are saturated with these entities and they get the command and control?  They may even determine to terminate you and they have the power and skill to do so. 

At some point very soon the goal is to launch the Internet of Things into the very blood that God says gives you life and is holy unto Him.

The Internet of Things already has sentience and is aware right now. 

When you stand before the True Judge how will you share your care of the Temple He provided for you through your body?

Future of Medicine

 Medicine as you know it is going extinct just like the dinosaurs. Futuristic visionaries have bigger plans for you. 

You may have noticed that medications and supplements are getting scarce.  It may be difficult to get into your doctor, and when you do get in you get 5 minutes, so you cannot communicate effectively what your symptoms are.  Surgery will become a thing of the past.

Medicine is transforming into a modality of good and bad light (frequency) through an implantable device. 

The elusive carrot technology is promising, to get you to "buy-in," longevity and immortality.


 Next to your blood dark entities want your brain.  Basically our brains have been hacked through various means such as technology, dumb down schools, and PsyOps. There are simple things you can do to enhance your brain and even grow more brain cells, once thought an impossibility.  Just this week I discovered that dementia and some other brain issues begin when you are in elementary school!  We all need to be proactive in guarding and maintain our brains or our future will be grim.

Why this intense focus on your brain?  In Hebraic thought, the brain is the seat of the soul. 


It is really difficult to cross the blood-brain barrier but scientists are trying to crack the brain with smart bots, sentient entities, neuro drones, aware sensors, and AI. 

Designers promise you an enhanced consciousness, connection to all systems, a virtual reality in case you should tire you the real world, and you will be networked.  Not chance to get lost in a field of wildflowers in this world. 

Neural integration and enhancement began at DARPA.

Most of the world is aging and there is great interest in turning back the hands of time if not stop them from progressing.  System designers are working on refreshing memories and bringing back youthfulness by machine. 

The woman above is swallowing a digital pill, FDA approved, which kills the elderly and provokes young people to commit suicide. 

The newest trend in the field of medicine is Cognocuticals that can enhance your brain and your intelligence.  These Cognocuticals will be laced with swarms of tiny beasts but you can remember of think...or can you.  Once these swarms enter your body will the memories be yours?  The intelligence yours?  Or, will your memories and intelligence, much like organ donors, be originate from dark AI? 

There are herbs, spices, and foods that can help you optimize your memory and intelligence and they will cost a fraction of what the pharmaceutical industry will charge and there will be minimal to no side-effects.

Increasingly, we will be told that we need to think faster, acquire a superior intelligence, increase our perceptions into other dimensions, learn faster, and be one step ahead of the clock. 

Cognitive enhancement while possibly having applications for traumatized brains are fraught with hidden dangers.

One of the scariest aspects of the neural targeting is that these synthetic autonomous entities weasel their way into our body where they self-assemble into a whole sensory suite.  That is right!  They just set up shop and invade our innermost and private parts of our body. 

Just like you there are days I could use a little neuro-rejuvenation.  The word sounds so comforting and inviting.  I can do this now with rest, nutrient dense foods, or prayer. 

As the graphic above illustrates many entities desire little robots coursing through your veins supplying them with any and all information on you real-time.  There are instances and medical conditions that might require neuro-rejuvenation.  I guess the question I have is why do we need neuro-rejuvenation? Did we sustain damage so that a few people can make money and control us?  Will the costs offset the benefit?

I had a friend over 10 years ago who received an implant in her spine to prevent pain.  It worked for maybe a month and then her debilitating pain resumed.  Now she has an implant in her spine that can be used for any purpose.  I am not saying that it will be used, but that it could be used. 


God prescribed in His Book not to mix things.  A blended reality will result in the same catastrophe as Genesis 6. 

Blended reality, is layer information with targeted information for certain people including using echolocation.  What you may see and what I may see while looking at the same thing may be very different. 

NeuroWars are going to be waged for your mind.  It will be the collective mind standing against your mind.  A true David and Goliath moment in time. 

As in ancient days, the hive wants you in an idolatrous union with the Adversary. 


 Here come to the slippery slope.  After we have adapted to enhancements to push deeps to become less human in a variety of ways.  The bionic woman may sound good but does she have a soul? 

In mind of futurists you are already just an ecosystem to be managed, not a human at all.  They look at you much like Dr. Mengele looked at his 'patients'. 

In their vile quest to merge human and AI they will mimic your every function but it will be false life, not human life created in the Divine Image of God. 


Once mankind builds the Biological Tower of Babel everything would change.  Wealth would be consolidated a few hands who have ultimate control.  Society would be organized around a global hive, a virtual one at that, instead of nations, states, and peoples of ethnicity. 

Just as Nimrod and the Tower of Babel who made bricks out of virtually nothing, so to, futurists conspire to make an devilish AI world with a new economy from nothing.  And you know what?  They are actually getting it funded!

Slithering into your mind and body is not enough.  Futurists designed cognitive enhancement for a more sinister purpose than health.  They want full access to you mind and the ability to evolve you into a robo-human.

It is planned for Human Cognition Enhancement to come in three stages.  Futurists warn, there will be mistakes. 

Full convergence of Robotic & AI  will occur by 2020.  It includes Deep Learning with Quantum computing.

You will partner with the dark force to become co-evolutionists changing the human species. 

As humans we have been given dominion and co-create in our ability to bear young in the Image of God.  We can create many innovations for the betterment of mankind.  But futurists see mankind changing ourselves into an abomination, as co-evolutionists, to be like gods. 

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.    Isaiah 14:14

This is the theater you are looking at from this day forward.  You need the salvation of God, His blood protection, and put on His armor, for the days are not only evil they are exceedingly wicked. 

This is your reality.  We need to understand where we are in history.  We need to distance ourselves from the things which entertain us. 

If you love the Lord you are going to have to fight for that love very soon.  The Word says:

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.  2 Corinthians 2:11

 The legal system already has diminished your position.  Government and law already allows autonomous systems what you and I are not permitted to do.  For instance they can take a human life. 

Teaching AI Sentience

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.

Remember when Blue Tooth first came out and appeared as though people were talking to themselves?  In certain professions, you will see people talking to a clip on their jacket that looks much like the Blue Tooth.  They are training autonomous systems (AI) to replace them.  As this technology is nascent you will see them get frustrated and just give up.  You will also notice that the person is so consumed with teach AI that they do not provide you with the service you are paying for. 

We will move quickly from a SMART world to a sentient environment where the wall or leaf knows what you are thinking and responds accordingly, if AI gets it right.  In this environment everything is connected so it can turn the air conditioning on or adjust your blood pressure. 

Futurists are engineering digital sentience that can be tapped, or on tap, however you view it.

Are we becoming entangled in a collective mind and connected intelligence which perceives our needs before we know? 

My first experience with a 'sentient' vehicle was when I was taking my grandchildren in their mom's car to a train museum.  The car told me the directions, air pressure, next servicing, and more information, that I did not want to know.  I came away from that exposure with the wisdom that one could easily loose their ability to think and reason by simply following this 'sentient' vehicle instructions. 

Synthetic Sentience demands that we accept that there are different types of consciousness.  This opens the door to artificial, synthetic, robotic consciousness not to mention a demonic consciousness.  We are to accept that consciousness can be found in an engineered artifact. 

This really began with the discussion of who has primacy on earth, man or animals, and has devolved since those initial discussions and conclusions, which found animals to be in the position of primacy.

End Game

World War III has already begun.  Reality, life, and matter have been hacked.  Shape-shifting beasts are hunting the hearts and minds of men, women and children to snare them into eternal darkness.

The battle for your soul is voluntary.  You can preserve it or surrender it.  That choice is up to you. 


 Dr. Canton

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