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ENTER DARPA's POWER Program Selects Teams to Design Power Beaming Relays

Speed-of-light energy networks could provide decisive national defense advantages

Artist’s concept for energy web platform


Artist’s concept for energy web platform

What is in this article:

  • Revolutionizing the power grid and control
  • Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay (POWER)
  • Revolution, Cycles of Time, 6th Extinction Level Event and revolutionary Behavior
  • Speed-of-Light Compliance:  Laser Optical Relays 
  • Advanced Laser Power Beaming
  • Wireless Power Transfer (Weaponized Dual Use Word)
  • Deployment of Infrared Chemical Lasers 

Creeping into your life is a new energy system.  DARPA is entering the first phase of the Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay, whose acronym is POWER.  This is a program aimed at revolutionizing energy distribution through airborne wireless power transfer.  

The goal of the Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay (POWER) program is to design and demonstrate airborne optical energy relays. In layman's terms a never-ending infrared laser above your heads.  And you thought geo-engineering was insidious.  

These relays are a critical component necessary to allow ground-sourced lasers to be coupled with high-altitude, efficient long-range transmission. Additionally, such relays will enable future multi-path wireless energy networks.

DARPA says that power beaming may sound exotic, but it is the exact same one that physics used in wireless communication. “You need a power source; you convert that power to a propagating wave, typically electromagnetic, send it through free space, collect it in through an aperture, and then convert it back to electricity,” said Calhoun.

As we have been examining in this series on Fire From Heaven- all the programs, missions, and components are revolutionary.  We are at the juxtaposition in the Sixth Extinction Level Event (SLE) for revolutionary behavior.  This is a time when civilizations change dramatically.

At first POWER will be for military use for wireless power transfer but it will be integrated into private industry.  What does this mean to you and your life?

The program will use the optical beam communication and warfare.

Three teams -- led by RTX Corporation, Draper, and BEAM Co. -- will design and develop wireless optical power relays. An optical relay is an AC/DC semiconductor relay, which is an integrated component of light-emitting and light-receiving components. The input side and the output side are electrically insulated, but signals can be transmitted by optical signals. 

The program’s goals include demonstrating the key components necessary for a resilient, speed-of-light energy network.  This new POWER-grid will be primarily space-based.  It will also be compliance-based, so if you are not compliant to the global agenda, you will be denied access.

“This project has the potential to advance power beaming... which could radically reshape society’s relationship with energy,” said Dr. Paul Jaffe, who leads the POWER program at DARPA.

“A wireless energy web could unlock power from new and diverse sources, including from space, and rapidly and reliably connect them to energy-starved consumers.”  Wireless power transfer (WPT), wireless power transmission, wireless energy transmission (WET), or electromagnetic power transfer is the transmission of electrical energy without wires as a physical link. In a wireless power transmission system, an electrically powered transmitter device generates a time-varying electromagnetic field that transmits power across space to a receiver device; the receiver device extracts power from the field and supplies it to an electrical load. The technology of wireless power transmission can eliminate the use of the wires and batteries, thereby increasing the mobility and convenience for all users with a perceived impression of saving the planet through sustainability. 

The question we all need to begin asking to ourselves and our government officials is, what is the damage that this electromagnetic field will cause to the human body?  What does the EMF field do to all biological life?  Will it impact the navigation systems for some kinds of animals?  What assurances and safety precautions are being taken so that cancer, already explosive, does not wipe out humans altogether?  

To support rapid development, the optical energy relays designed in POWER’s phase one will be demonstrated in pods carried by existing aircraft in the project’s second phase.

Boeing YAL-400

The truth of the matter is that optical beam technology was deployed even earlier than the year 2000, as we see with Boeing's 747-400 which had a laser nose weapon system used a megawatt-class  (developed in 1977) which is a near infrared chemical laser that was mounted inside the modified military aircraft.  Its original purpose was to destroy tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs).

Today the power beaming will enable smaller and less expensive future aircraft.

This will be explored through conceptual designs in phase one. Eventually these new, small, distributed platforms including the CubeSat that we have explored will support military and commercial functions.

Each relay design will be evaluated for:

  • Efficient energy redirection,
  • High beam quality,
  • Energy harvesting from the atmosphere.

Optical EMF Comms Warfare is Operational

In the third phase of the program, the relays will be demonstrated through an airborne optical pathway that aims to deliver 10 kilowatts of optical energy to a ground receiver that is 200 kilometers away from the ground source laser.  This is the same type of technology that I described in my article, Space Force Template to Change the World.  DARPA is merely refining the system and bringing it online to the commercial market.

“Energy underpins every human activity, including defense. We need ways to deliver energy that overcome the vulnerabilities and other shortcomings of our current paradigm,” explains Jaffe. “The next leap forward in optical power beaming could hinge on relay technologies.”  Optical Power Beaming is the process by which you convert electricity into laser light, send it some distance away and then turn it back into usable electricity

Effective relays are a critical missing component necessary for a practical, flexible, and adaptive wireless energy web. These relays will overcome the unacceptable conversion losses that occur when changing from propagating waves to electricity repeatedly in a multiple-hop network. Relays also enable high-altitude transmission, which is vastly more efficient than beaming power through the thick, turbulent, lower atmosphere. This high-altitude optical layer will provide the long-range, high throughput backbone for the wireless energy web. “Each of the selected teams proposed unique technical approaches to the power beaming relay problem, ranging from novel combinations of existing technologies to high-risk, high-reward technological innovations,” said Jaffe.

“We believe the next energy revolution will be enabled by the wireless energy web,” said Calhoun. “It will dramatically compress transport timelines and resiliently provide distributed energy to consumers in air, on land, on the sea, undersea, and in space.”

“The second phase and last phase will involve an open solicitation in early 2025 and will focus on integration of the relay technologies onto an existing platform for a low-power, airborne demonstration."  How provocative, seeing as global powers would like all original design life depopulated by or around 2025. 

May your Light from above be the glory of God and may He protect each of you from the new EMF infrared laser optical weapons (or any variation thereof),




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