Follow Me to Paradise


If you don't know the way, fairest of women, come, follow in the footsteps of the sheep, pasture your lambs above the tents of the shepherds.  Song of Songs 1:8

The Supernal Shepherd responds, if you are determined to escape the royal court  of global governance and join Me, if you are ready to ignore the promptings of your your desires, inclinations, and instincts of your physical body, and if you will attempt to be enlightened to the truth of My essence through cognitive processes, you will require two things:

1  You need to know where I am.  To find My place you must know how to find the Truth, and how to enter Paradise to encounter the One Who spoke the world into being.  If you do not know the way follow in the footsteps of the sheep that know His voice.  God cannot be fully known because His essence is simply unknowable; the shepherd of the World cannot be studied or discerned.  It is only by observing how the sheep are led, and by watching the flock that you may learn something about the shepherd.  Look for evidence of the Creator's wisdom, ability, compassion, and lovingkindness by tracking the sheep and all living things, and you will see the greatness, wisdom, and infinite ability of the shepherd. 

2.  You need to know how to get to me without being seen  You will need a strategy to avoid being detained by Solomon's representatives (global governance) you will need some way of preventing the body's reflexes from destroying your focus and connection.If you are young in the Lord pitch your tent near the shepherds tents and they will believe you as one of them.  Look and learn.  You are going to need to overcome your body's reflexive impulse to prevent your from relying on your own wisdom and self.  Pasture your lambs whether children, family friends new in the Lord, and the tender parts of your own personality not yet submitted to Jesus by choosing a good shepherd to your flock.  Guide your life force in the right direction.  No good shepherd?  He will Himself will be the Good Shepherd but you must ask.  The human body and its LifeForce are a microcosm of God's great world.  Therefore, imitate God in His direction of LifeForces in the macro-cosmic.  And just as God governs His world with a single, comprehensive and rational plan-towards the ultimate and perfect good-so must you strive to do the same.  Follow in the footsteps of the sheep and pasture your lambs, for the shepherdess can only learn to tend her own flock by observation and obeying the Shepherd of the Flock. 

Above the shepherds.  The soul is not the only shepherd of the human body; it stands at the apex of a hierarchy of shepherds, each with their own flocks.  The imagination utilizes certain parts of the brain, as do the emotions, memory, and attention, and so on with all the body's various urges and forces.  But the Divine Soul, the Holy Spirit, must take overall charge and have the final word, she must look down on them from her superior vantage point, while they graze their flocks below.

King Solomon, although he had his faults desired and asked God to know the difference between good and evil.  He was preoccupied and invested much time into learning the fundamentals of Justice.  This is why this canto begins by telling us how the soul had striven to prepare herself for prophecy, learning about God and all of His ways, and then gives details of actual prophetic visions by describing the connection between the beloved (soul) and her Blessed Lover, Jesus. 

God is the supreme legislator and omniscient formulator of the meta-laws; the principles underpinning all jurisprudence can only be found in the Source of Sources, Master of everything. 

O Lord, grant Your justice to the kings because it is only from God, Lord of Judgment, that one may learn to weigh justice and balance the scales for godly justice.  Psalm 72

This week I will explore in some measure why this is critical for each of you to understand, there has been a shift in the global war  Before I reveal it to you I just laid the spiritual foundation to wisely understand and choose your action plan

Blessing upon you this week,



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