Food Control Game On!

                                      Spoiler Alert!
One last minute addition, the canning companies are fully aware that most canners are unaware of their new policies
It is Game On for food control.  This is no conspiracy theory.  I will address just one of the emerging threats to your food supply.
I called Ball about their new 18-month seal jar policy. They are not interested in our opinions, but only the decree by the USDA, who is as crooked as a two dollar bill.
What is the problem?
The first problem that I see is that you CANNOT sterilize the new lids. If you do they will not seal. What is the problem? There is a new lab created botulism in town that was created several years ago. Government researchers and academia put their heads together to create this botulism. They would not release the details to the public for fear it might get into the hands of terrorists. Well, what happens if it gets out into the public somehow, you contract it, go to your doctor for treatment? He will not know anything about this new botulism and so you will die and ugly death. Customer service will tell you that the lids get sterilized during processing. Some bacteria and fungi need high temperatures for a long time to kill the bad stuff. Unless one wants to process their product to death, then this is not a good option.
The second troubling fact is that the jar only holds the seal for 18 months. Canners throughout the generations have had their canned goods stored for decades, always perfectly good to consume, if canned properly. The big two canning companies, in partnership with the USDA, are taking food independence freedom and choice away from you.
The customer service person at Ball told me that, in actuality, the canned good seal is only good for 12 months. She also told me that once this time period has expired bacteria begin to grow within the container. If you have sterilized everything and canned it properly there should be no bacteria growing in your canned goods.
The ugly truth came out when she admitted that this is an agenda driven by the USDA who wants food control, food dependence, and to promote chemical and synthetic foods. For instance, in a moment of weakness, I purchased some hotdog buns a month ago. There is no decay, no mold, nothing. You have to wonder about a food product that is not dynamic. It is a dead force which will cause death to you! How do I know my garden is healthy? It is teaming with life, from snakes to bees, to dragonflies, to birds, to rodents. The same holds true for our consumable food products.
The next talking point customer service pitched to me was the loss of nutrition. Well, anytime one processes a food product there is a loss of some nutrition, mostly vitamins, although minerals typically stay in the product, as do many phyto-nutrients, especially color.
This year I have had to pitch 6 cases of product that lost their seals from last years canning. One of my coleslaw's lost what looked to be a perfect seal at Farmers Market, right at the moment a customer was going to purchase it!
This nefarious canning lid scandal is costing allot of time, money, and food. Ball's answer was to offer me some new lids. No thank you. I will begin using Tattler lids for this seasons canning.