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“History is indelibly written that revolution, anarchy, and tyranny are fellow travelers of hunger and malnutrition,” USDA scientist

Dirty Food, Dirty Politics

Years ago I wrote an article years ago by this title.  Thinking back on the issues that I was dealing with at the Capitol at the time were tame compared to today's food fight. 

Science views your food as merely converting energy from the sun into chemical energy for your body.  Solar energy is converted by photosynthesis into carbohydrates in plants which are eaten or animals eat the plants, which are then eaten.  The noble occupation of growing food has been corrupted by powerful agendas with a 'to-do' list dictated by the United Nations to transform our world.

  • Preparing to fire a weapon, those who are in control are locking and loading global goals with a trajectory towards the local level breaking down every barrier in the process.
  • Social pillar of sustainable development as they equate to the environmental and economic pillars, or if you will the Three Evil Sisters.
  • Doctrine has been established on how to implement technical and gastronomical cultures which are then to be transmitted (mandating how and by whom) to future generations.
  • Processes or systems will be locked in and unchangeable.

When I was employed I always kept my hands and feet in gardening.  Why?  As a small agricultural lobbyist, not to mention my day government day job, I knew that our food was tainted and that the food system was precarious at best.  Today, the food industry has created foods to be a drug delivery system.  The only nutrition is allowable additives and enhancements.  This goes for organics as well as all processed foods.  The only way to ensure nutrient dense foods is to grow them yourselves and to collect the seeds that you grow.  With hostile environmental factors in play it is wisdom to grow them in as closed a system as you can.  If you are unable to grow in an enclosure, just growing your own food is better than anything you can purchase commercially.

Farmers have been duped into the "free money" grant regulatory system that is heavily about making a profit and feed the sustaining the agenda.  Food regulatory agencies want American farmers to grow food to feed eight billion people around the world. Since this agenda emerged I have always wondered why the people around the world do not grow their own food,

The USDA is not about food safety it is about greed and limiting your choices to virtually nothing.  By proxy you are told what to eat. In 80 years we have lost 93% of the diversity of foods that we used to eat.  Each loss undermines our health as each plant, animal or microbe uniquely interacts with our body for optimal physical and mental performance.

Revolutionary Food for Revolutionary Times

Did you know that the average American meal travels over 1,500 miles from farm to your table?  It is shocking that a one pound of hamburger might come from as many as 1500 different cows from around the globe.  Some of these cows are diseased and sickly.  It is not necessarily a good thing that today we enjoy foods from around the world.  Oftentimes, we eat foods that are out of season in our area, but are available to us year round through global trade exposing ourselves to poor sanitation, pesticides, and chemical preservatives to keep product 'fresh' while allowing for extended shipping.

What might you imagine that future of food would look like?

Vertical Farming

This particular Green Tower is battling pollution in Milan, Italy but the concept is being promoted and embraced by agriculture

On my own farm I love my vertical gardening!  It allows me to grow allot of food in a small space. 

I will be doing some articles very soon on MegaCities and the huge drive towards moving people into dense urbanized metropolis and what is in store for these MegaCities.  But for now let's look at how these MegaCities might get their food.  

Imagine the nearest MegaCity near you, where the skyline is marked with 50-story tall vertical farms in downtown locations.  Food is no longer grown on farms but within 50 miles of your residence.  That may sound pretty awesome. 

The very concepts that are revolutionizing our lives have crashed into the food sector.  You are going to begin to see emphasis on delocalized farming which is relocalized, the food version of redistributed wealth. Delocalization is a value-added product which means that there are several middle-men making a profit which drives up the costs of the food products.   Instead of going to the pumpkin patch in the country the pumpkin patch might just be on the top of a skyscraper.  Farmers, businesses, and consumers are 'buying into' engineered talking points to sell all of us the benefits to Green Towers.

If these vertical towers were about real farm food, I would be for them, but they are to designed for technological foods that are not even real foods, in their true essence.

In the vertical food towers 'farmers' control the exact conditions of their plants year round.  Reliance upon God and His provision will be eradicated as His favor with weather and soil conditions are no longer necessary.  Technology will dictate crop quality and yield.  Lights will be LED to ensure perfect lighting 24/7. 

Tomorrows 'farmer' will employ a vast array of sensors to fine-tune optimum conditions while robots tend to fertilization needs and harvesting.

What of pollinators and trace minerals found in the earth which add life to your food?  Walmart is patenting autonomous robot bees for future.   As for the minerals they will bee synthetic and not bioavailable to your body, in fact, they will harm your body as many are in oxide form. 

Precision farming pridefully boasts this system can generate 200% to 400% increase above normal.  Nobody really knows how much foods these towers will provide.  As they say, the benefits are all on paper, an untested theory.

CRISPR and Genetically Engineered Foods

If you thought it was confusing when genetically modified products (GMO) began begin flooding stores in the United States back in the 1990's, then hang on to your hat, because crazy technology has been deployed into the food system.  The most recent, synthetic biology, released to an unsuspecting public 2 years ago.  No tests, no labeling, no idea about the long term side effects.

What do we know for sure?  God created the plant and animal kingdoms, each unto its own kind.  Any tampering is sin and infringes upon God's authority.  Man in his foolishness went from God's provision, to evolutionary Darwinism (mans wild imagination), and has taken the final step to create a world in mans image,  evolution by human direction.

What is CRISPR? The short answer is that it’s a revolutionary new class of molecular tools that scientists can use to precisely target and cut any kind of genetic material. CRISPR systems are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest methods scientists have ever had to manipulate the code of life in any organism on Earth, humans included.  Rather than our crops being subject to nature’s random, environmental whim, CRISPR unlocks the capability to modify our crops to match the available environment.  CRISPR promises to silence allergic reactions but demonstrations thus far have resulted in increased allergies not less.

Do not look to the USDA or the FDA for any protections  because they support wholeheartedly the effort (for profit) of engineered food and recently announced that genetically engineered crops will not be regulated promising entrepreneurs 'windows of opportunity' to cash in on the technologies released.

What is gene editing?  Genome editing of crop plants is a rapidly advancing technology whereby targeted mutations can be introduced into a plant genome in a highly specific manner and with great precision. For the most part, the technology does not incorporate transgenic modifications and is far superior to conventional chemical mutagenesis.  Gene editing is the cut and paste of the genome world.

What is genetically modified (GMO)? Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.  Most GMOs have been engineered to withstand the direct application of herbicide and/or to produce an insecticide. However, new technologies are now being used to artificially develop other traits in plants.

What is Synthetic Biology?  Synthetic biology, or Sybio, aims to make biology easier to engineer. Synthetic biology is the convergence of advances in chemistry, biology, computer science, and engineering that enables us to go from idea to product faster, cheaper, and with greater precision than ever before. It can be thought of as a biology-based “toolkit” that uses abstraction, standardization, and automated construction to change how we build biological systems and expand the range of possible products.

CRISPR applications have superhero qualities:

  • Opportunity to help a billion people and become a billionaire in the process.
  • Protect crops against volatile environments
  • Combat crop diseases
  • Increase nutrient values
  • Tool to help feed the world’s rising population.
  • Not to mention an effective tool for drug delivery and vaccination

 Alt-Protein/Lab-Grown Meat Revolution

Parody or fact?  When this Onion Taco Bell parody first came out my husband and I saw on the Taco Bell billboard in town which read, "Absolutely nothing from nature!" A year after that, while in Missoula, Montana, we saw a Burger King billboard which read, "So good it will grow hair in your mouth!"  Hair growing in ones mouth is a side effect of eating genetically modified foods.  And just a couple years ago, while looking for a burrito tortilla, one brand package touted a label that read, "Nothing from nature."  Like this is a good thing?

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.    Amos 3:7

Always the imitator, the Evil One also has his code, and that is to reveal to the people what his evil plans are, before accomplishing his wicked ways.

As pantheism and GAIA creep into our lives there is a movement to prohibit the raising of livestock for consumption.  It is said that livestock waste too many of the earths precious resources for what they provide, namely our food. 

Today you might discover that your meat is grown in a laboratory from a single muscle cell.  The grazing land would then return billions of acres back to wilderness areas.  This fits in perfectly with the United Nations Agenda 21 (2030).  The agenda is anti-livestock and anti-human.  We are being sold on the Dark Mountain Manifesto.  Two of the prime investors of laboratory meat are Bill Gates and Richard Branson.  I seriously doubt that Bill Gates will be eating the lab meat. 

Laboratory meat is engineered,.  Engineers say it is packed with nutrients and is supposedly healthier than real meat.  Some laboratory meat is based upon creative plant design by creating plant substances to look and taste like meat. 

I have struggled with the less-no meat agenda until one day when I was reading in the Book of Daniel:

But Daniel said to the overseer whom the commander of the officials had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, "Please test your servants for ten days, and let us be given some vegetables to eat and water to drink.  "Then let our appearance be observed in your presence and the appearance of the youths who are eating the king's choice food; and deal with your servants according to what you see."… Daniel 1:12

Could it be possible that as the Day of the Lord approaches, with various trials and testings, and that the food supply is increasingly tainted, that God is showing us a biblical example, possibly even being the manna of Revelation?  Possibly this is the key for how to proceed and remain vibrantly healthy during these times.

Why eat anything?  Meat flavored waters have been on the market for some time, so now, you can have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a bottle, no eating required.

Once again, mans ego and pride deceives him into thinking that he can make his food better than God. 

Commercial startups and entrepreneurs are poised to transition production of the of our majority protein source to a carefully cultivated lab environment allowing for technology to optimize inputs (water, soil, energy, land footprint), nutrients allowing for synthetic taste for synthetic intelligence.

Back in the day, if a steak was bad you went to the farmer, or the mom and pop grocery store.  A system called COOL was temporarily passed to provide consumers country of origin (labeling).  It was promised (more promises) that consumers would not only be able to know the country, but the farm, the type of breed, humane issues, what the animal was fed, and so forth.  It was quickly rescinded because laboratory meat was already in the pipeline and they did not want you to hear the horror stories about laboratory meats.  Lab meat might include:  excrement or human tissue to overcome cannibalism taboo.  What other disgusting and vile thing can they put into that synthetic meat?  We can't ever forget the movie Soylent Green.  The people integrating this' food system' at the very least are mentally unbalanced and worst in complete rebellion against God and His anointed.

Farmer 3.0


It is not a mystery who the next bred of farmers will be under the new 'food system'. 

Let’s look back at how farming evolved through history.

Farmers 0.0 (Early man, around 9000 BCE): The hunter-gatherer to agriculture transition gains momentum, and humans cultivated the ability to domesticate plants for food production.

Farmers 1.0 (until around the 19th century): Farmers spent all day in the field performing backbreaking labor, and agriculture accounted for most jobs.

Farmers 2.0 (mid-20th century, Green Revolution): From the invention of the first farm tractor in 1812 through today, transformative mechanical biochemical technologies (fertilizer) boosted yields and made the job of farming easier.

Farmers 3.0: In the near future, farmers will leverage exponential technologies (e.g., AI, networks, sensors, robotics, and drones), CRISPR and genetic engineering, and new business models to solve the world’s greatest food challenges.

An important driver of the Farmer 3.0 evolution is the delocalization of agriculture driven by new agricultural farms. New agriculture is empowering a new breed of agriculture entrepreneurs.  For instance, last year my Farmers Market booth was next to a lady who bought a van and converted into a mobile garden.  No kidding.  She grew vegetables that never see the sun, no soil, and 100% artificial nutrients.  No matter how precise the system is there are always factors that God throws in which elude mans ingenuity.  These techno-foods may have the image of real food but can they compare to picking fresh grapes off dusty vines under the beating sun, packed with naturally sweet flavor and a plethora of nutrition?  Nothing artificial and imitate that taste. 

Stepping it up a notch, there is an innovative incubator called Square Roots that uses 8-foot x 8.5-foot x 20-foot shipping container contains an equivalent of 2 acres of produce and can yield more than 50 pounds of produce each week.

Training a new breed of entrepreneurs to apply exponential technology to growing food is essential to the future of farming.

One of our massive transformative purposes at the Abundance Group is to empower entrepreneurs to generate extraordinary wealth while creating a world of abundance. Vertical farms and cellular agriculture are key elements enabling the next generation of food and agriculture entrepreneurs.

Food for Thought

There is Russian proverb loosely translated, ‘the new is simply the long-forgotten old’.

It is time to pay particular attention your food in this technological food era in which we are now embarking.  There are many bold promises but nobody knows for sure how these practices will impact your body.  In addition, essential long-forgotten food provisioning basics which were once common knowledge are being exploited into niche markets and privileged knowledge databases.

You eat ever day.  While we pray over our food not many of us pause for a moment to consider the role of food during the periods of trail or during the times of Revelation.  Maybe you have not thought much about the food you ate today, but at the Inauguration of Plum Island the biological warfare facility off New York, they had this to say:

“Our plans for the future must include an ever-abundant supply of food if we want our people to be strong and our nation to endure.”  Science will make the difference in the battle between Good and Evil.  The crown jewel of this blossoming, futuristic agricultural empire will be Plum Island.” 

That message sends chills down my back.

Those were long days my friend.....but technology food will never replace the sweet aroma of cherry and apple blossoms in all their blushing glory; the sweet peeps of baby chicks with their mom clucking her babes to her bosom; the wild taste sensations of heirloom hundreds of varieties of tomatoes and peppers; digging for your 'pot of gold' potatoes which develop secretly beneath the warm earth, always being a surprise at what the harvest will be; or meandering down a forest path with goat kids bleating and kicking up their hooves on a sunny day following you like the Pied Piper. These are simple gifts that farmers enjoy and technology will never be able to imitate. 

Yes, we worked and we never snoozed, but despite the You Tube account, few were truly ever hungry.  In those days had a grateful heart and family all pitched in to help with chores.  Most importantly, God's Word- the teachings of the Bible, and His provisions were honored.


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