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                       2018                                                        2019

2017, this is only a portion of the harvest

Lest you think my garden is a disaster and God is not shining favor upon me, the good Lord has provided a harvest.  It is my custom to journal my success and failures as I enter hostile territory that will lead to famine.  This years harvest is minimal, but He impressed upon me to be grateful for every morsel, however small, of food.  The UN is looking at selling food by one-thousandth (1/1000 of a calorie) and DARPA is looking at the potential to sell food by the molecule.  Yes, you heard me right.  Needless to say access and abundance are extinct. 

Armchair agriculture pundits, backyard gardener's, and farmers market vendors make growing your own look easy.  It is not an easy feat and since the fall of man it has never been easy.  When we had God's blessing we did have abundant food for our tables.  These days when you see You Tube's or purveyor's of easy agriculture, they are the exception-the anomaly, rather than the norm.

The slippery slope to famine began in 2011 with Fukushima.  In the last five years, the speed of decline of productive crops has been increasing at an alarming rate.  The anti-floral and anti-fauna agenda is coupling with the cyclical celestial cycles that God put into motion.  You will not see the mutations in your grocery store because the marketers know that you would not purchase them, you prefer uniformity.  Irregular mutations are tossed out.

We are at War

We are at war. Our predators are not your typical garden predators. These are the bad boys that prevent you from gardening the way your parents or grand-parents, or frankly, anyone in history has ever experienced. Meet Goliath's of our day! More importantly, what you can do to mitigate these trials and be successful in your gardening!

We will will scrutinize how to garden in spite of geo-engineering, Climate Change, HAARP (frequencies), spraying for Invasive Species with herbicides, GMO, Nanoparticles, Novel technologies-such as synthetic biology, Fukushima radiation and solar radiation.  This is known as a CBRNe.  You will see increasing assaults. (I wrote this in 2016)

Who would go to war against life, as we have known it?  Here are some of the actors:


By 2025 binary bio weapons and sensors will saturate the nations agriculture and food distribution system.  Binary Bio will be in your vitamins, clothing, food, and more.  Terror Bio's such as aflaxotoxin (fungus) will cause men's heart to fear as in the days of old.  Everything will be cheap and nano-particle infested.

Surreptitious nano-tagging will include everything and everyone.  

Our survivability on or near any killing zone requires us to understand our adversary.  Whoever or whatever he believes he is ubiquitous (omnipresent), utilizing multi-physics, deploying hyper-spectral sensors, precision strikes, volumetric weaponry, swarms, and hardened munitions.  Kind of sounds like a war, doesn’t it?

This presentation is to encourage and Sow Seeds of Hope for you and your loved ones.  We begin with Purity.

Choose your seeds wisely.  Heirloom, organic seeds, preferably adapted to your climate and include diversity from other periods and hostile places on earth so that you can weather the relentless storms.

Hybrid collected seeds will not be true.  They may be resistant to one disease but will be vulnerable to other diseases.

Pick Your Poison

My GRAPHIC photographic journal of damages on my organic farm.


Scarlet Runner Beans



                 Normal                                         Damaged





 Twinning comes primarily from radiation exposure-man-made or natural.

Normal Squash

All crops and flowers had twinning in 2015.  Some twinning is natural but not to this extent.  Other farmers and gardeners said the same.  From tomatoes to sunflowers twinning was rampant beginning in 2015.

Normal sunflowers are not two-faced which is known as twinning.

Sunflower Leaves


               Normal                                                   Damaged


Normal tomato flowers


What I call the decapitation phenomena began about five years ago.  Decapitation flowers are not from the pollinators.

2019 there is something new that looks like marbling or the cyclopian stone architecture of the ancients.  All my upper tier tomatoes have this pattern.


Normal is about 100 pounds of beets in my fardens

2014 no damage


2015 failure to germinate (3 plantings) and plants damaged.  The carrots are struggling, but, at least they are surviving.  The soil was sterilized by invasive weed spray operations with Agent Orange cocktails, at all levels of government. Land remains sterilized for 7 years.   Not much to eat this year. 

2019:  No beets-zero.

Pepper Damage


Normal is a full production of 100 varieties of peppers to make all my spices and sauces, and other uses.

This damage is from herbicides, particularity in the Agent Orange family.           




Normal crop of potatoes, about 200 pounds
Fiddle Head potato plants began in 2011 and is a combination of radiation and herbicides.



 Normal green and wax beans

Mutations from herbicides and radiation



Beginning in 2013 hard skinned plants started showing symptoms of flesh-eating fungus or virus-possibly the Mosaic virus.

 Fungal Pathogen that Glows

This began probably five years ago.  It is perhaps Serratia marcescens, a pathogenic, gram-negative aerobic bacteria that can live in your gut or urinary tract, causing havoc.

Year of Pink 2013

 Normal Celery


Squash Damage

Some species sustain damage others do not, depends on herbicide & radiation, 2019 has broadened to wild vegetation as well as domestic crops

Many species now have silver leaves including my parsley in 2019

The coating indicates a Climate Ready GMO species or uptake of heavy metals from geo-engineering.


 Speaking of squash, I planted heirloom, uncoated, pure white squash seeds on June 11, 2015.  On June 16, 2015, this metallic aquamarine squash seed came to the surface.  What would cause a seed to do this?  I now know, it is a nano coating.  Most seeds are coated including your sprout and micro-green seed stock.

Rose Damage



 The new roses on this bush hit during an herbicide and high-temperature event, low humidity, wind event

The roses dried paper-dry in 1-day, as did all tomato flowers (pollinated or not)

 2019 update:  Only one rose left out of 40.

Soil Microbe Damage



When the soil microbes are killed due to geo-engineering and environmental factors,, ,,the plants cannot uptake the nutrients they need and they wither, and die.

An evil plan by chemical companies who are now selling your microbes to replace the ones that are killed.  These are called biopesticides, and they come with biotechnology which is either GMO or nano-particles.       

Biblical 1/3 Size Reduction


Normal cosmos are about 4-5 feet high, and sweet peas (below) can reach 10 feet.  Most crops now are knee high, even corn.  Several years ago they were reduced by a third in size; now they hug the ground, which is what they do in cold weather.


Cosmos & sweet peas & tomatoes were 2 feet tall in 2015; they should be six feet-1/3 the size reduction from 2015 than 2014


 A 4-month old potato plant-3 inches tall

2019 Update:  I have many plants that are 1 inch to 1 foot tall.  These are food crops and they should average 4-10 feet tall.

Leaves in Mission Mountain Wilderness Area


 These look just like my pepper leaves  

Devil in the Details


This sign only needs to be posted at trailheads, not the public or private roads.  The drift can go everywhere.

The Brutal Reality of Fukushima Radiation


 Vaginal/Rectal Prolapse in Goat                                                   

 Dead Kids

This small goat died after having four kids.  Two were delivered by C-section.  Two kids were delivered vaginally, the next day, one dead-one alive.  These KIDS GREW OUTSIDE OF THE UTERUS.

The vet has been in practice for over 30 years has never heard of such a thing, ever.




These poor chickens were born March 5, 2011, and they have all died from horrible deaths.  Before they died, they laid mini to large eggs weighing 6 ounces!

2016- We are now experiencing large eggs with triple yolks

2019-Few eggs and the chickens almost always hide them.

 2019 update:  A chicken a week dies.  This little girl was only one year old.

These are some poor examples of my bloody leaves.  I have better pictures, but they are not labeled.  In the unlabeled ones, somewhere on my computer, your can see the plants dripping blood form their chlorophyll veins.

2019 update:  New mutations in stems and three-leaf clover looks that should be single leaves.  The image is a citrus tree.

Parasitic Invasion

Scale began to attack my citrus in 2016

Dodder attacks the farm for the first time in 2019.  Crops had to be uprooted and burned.  Scale and Dodder are parasitic and suck out the life blood of the plant, killing it.  It is not symbiotic which is beneficial to host and victim; it dies.  You will see more of this so keep your eyes open as parasites fill the earth.

Fungal Liquefaction

In 2019, I noticed a massive surge in fungus on the farm due to humid conditions which I typically do not have. Not only were there man mushrooms but everything was rotting everywhere.  It is challenging to preserve the precious little food that was produced this year.  I do have a video of the liquefaction which aligns with what is happening in the heavens and earth.  One important note, if you see fruit or veg like this do not eat it or give it to your animals.  The spores penetrate deep into the fruit, and many of the fungi are toxic.



I hope that my visual diary of the farm provides you with some insight on just how precarious our food supply is.  If I am struggling when I m able to give TLC to my plants, I cannot imagine what commercial growers are going through as waves of environmental chaos hit their farms.


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