FRBS: Communication from God or Aliens?

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Most of us know that for some time scientists have been scanning the heavens for frequency communications (FRBS) of intelligent life.  You have seen the images of the dishes aimed skyward.  A huge, shocking, and groundbreaking announcement has just been made from the astrophysics community about eight new repeating fast radio bursts (FRBS) sources having been detected by the Canadian radio astronomy center known as CHIME . Repeating and solitary (though they may repeat at longer intervals) have been detected.  Recently, an additional eight FRBS have been added to the signal list to the initial two.  So now the vast majority of FRBS that have been detected have actually originated from repeating sources.  They appear to originate from primarily three constellations:  the middle of Orion's Belt, Cassiopeia, and the Pleiades-all mentioned in the Bible and intimately known to ancient advanced civilizations.  These FRBS have unique signatures indicating a supernatural origin.  FRBS are linearly polarized which means that they hit the earth from a straight line from their transmission source.  What they are not is some random propagating bubble of energy that is being released going out in all directions.  These are very linearly focused, very straight, on target, types of transmissions.  Think about it for a moment: earth's movements are quite minuscule compared to the movement across billions of light years of time and distance.  Yet, against all odds, these communications are intentionally being directed at us now.   Are they from Holy God communicating to His creation and to us or an artificial alien artifact?

God's Intelligent Communication

Adding to the intrigue and mystery is that oftentimes the FRBS repeat at 72 pulse intervals.  As we will see the number 72 indicates a supernatural signature. Other FRBS detected repeated sixteen times and the dispersion measure (DM) numbers are a mystery as to their precise origin by seems to appears to be coming from in the sky that point to camel oak ladies as being the constellation.  This is determined after entering the right Ascension and declination  of the repeater the one of the new eight repeating sources of FRBS.  One with the ten repeated instances is actually coming from an area near Cassiopeia. In brief, we have now eight new repeating FRBS sources to be of a category which repeats more often than it doesn't repeat.  We do not know which ones will repeat.

There is a fundamental feature of the universe that operates much like how the neural synapses of a brain fire off electrical outbursts.  Perhaps FRBS are some sort of version of that on a universal scale.  Could they possibly be God's self-replicating intelligence behind the universe?  Just as in prayer, might actually be picking up the neurons of this intelligence in the universe firing off?

72 as a number is known, in esoteric numerology, to be one of the master numbers within Judeo-Christianity and other religions. Why is this number so highlighted in relationship with religion?  By definition, a master number is one that encompasses patterns that replicate the frequencies and vibrations of certain energies of the manifested Universe.

We can find the reference to this numeric vibration in many of the ancient texts:

The Bible:

The number 72 is used four times in the Bible.

In Judaism, it is associated with the Tetragrammatron, the unpronounceable Name of God.

There were seventy -two old men of the synagogue.

Seventy -two is also the conventional number of scholars translating the Septuagint, according to the legendary account in the "Letter of Aristeas".  The 72 Jewish translators (six of each tribe) that Ptolemy II, king of Egypt (283-246 before J.-C.), asked Eleazar, great priest of Jerusalem, to send him to translate into Greek the books of Moses, written in Hebrew, for his library in Alexandria. It is the oldest Greek version of the Old Testament written in Hebrew. It is designated under the name of Septuagint because according to a legend these 72 translators would have produced separately the same translation without consulting each other and this in 72 days. This translation is recognized officially by the Church as well as the Vulgate.

The Bible, 72 numbers written in their cardinal form are multiple of twelve.

The Bible:  Old Testament

There are seventy -two races resulting from Noah. Genesis 10

72 were the number of people in Moses’ Council of Jethro.

Seventy -two of the Elders received the outpouring of the Spirit of God from Moses.  The 70 ancients were accompanying Moses plus the two absent ones who had remained in the camp, Eldad, and Medad. Numbers 11:25-26

The Bible:  New Testament

 “After this, the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.” ~Luke 10:1-3

“The seventy-two returned with joy and said, "Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name." ~Luke 10:17

“Then he turned to his disciples and said privately, "Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it. ~Luke 10:23-24

One of the things that scientists examine is the correlation to multiples of 187 point 5 which is this sort of supernatural number it has to do with a fundamental truth related to thermodynamic models.  One theory has been that it is a hydrogen line that we as a human civilization broadcast.  The hydrogen line happens to be right around 1400 megahertz.  This is the frequency at which hydrogen resonates- a fundamental truth of the universe. It is a way to cut through some of the potential background natural stuff by picking numbers and displaying properties of signals by using these numbers that relate to fundamental universal truths one of which one 87.5 might be about four of the eight new repeating.  The 87.5 model may be associated with the harmonics of these numbers and other fundamental truth numbers like Phi or some other type of frequency code or other fundamental truth number. To date, these supernatural numbers so far have they detected any Berkeland current synapses taking place that are like within the filaments of the Berkeland currents other firings taking place in there that would look like an FRB.  Could be synapses of the universe itself, these FRBS, possibly be energy or synapse-like communication form?  The areas of the sky that these are coming from I know at least off the top my head three of them one it's passing through Orion's belt the most recent large repeater is coming through Cassiopeia and the Pleiades which are mentioned in both Scripture and ancient civilizations. 

Perhaps, if we could check records of those electromagnetic sheets and filaments and things where they are coming from perhaps we might be able to find some correlations. This is the biggest cosmological mystery that we are dealing with today

Artificial Alien Source

In the artificial sense of the signal it almost makes you feel like in some way they're being projected to us or perhaps there is some special relationship between the earth and these very distant origin points of FRBS. The fact is that we have so many repeaters that the likelihood that as we move around the universe relative to the origin point you know billions of light years away how likely is it that we would keep getting repeatedly hit by FRBS.  It is very strange and almost statistically impossible and again we also seem to have found one of the close closest nearby FRBS that is the one with a dispersion measure of 103 so this is one of the closest FRBS and may even be so close as to be right on the edge of the galaxy.

One particular reason to consider the is that there are famous scientists very popular very credentialed scientists, such as Abraham Loeb of Harvard University of Astrophysics, who are talking very seriously that these signals potentially could be artificial in nature.  We have discussed a number of possibilities of what these could be.  Could these signals be emdrive  technology which is something that NASA is presently researching right now at the Eagle Works Laboratory?  Whereby they use RF signals radio frequency signals to somehow create a cavity thruster they call it a resonant cavity thruster that actually produces thrust without any propellant.  Whether this is taking advantage of some type of vacuum energy or something nobody really knows, but apparently it works, and it works by using radio frequency signals fast radio bursts are fundamentally radio signals.  The possibility that FRBS could be the signatures of emdrive technology of space ships is basically that they use these devices every once in a while. We just happen to be in a vantage point capable of detecting such a signal.

They could also be simply transmission style of signals communicating messages back and forth or even perhaps the outline of something like a galactic Internet sort of an ISP provider that is extremely powerful.  Fast radio bursts are one of the most powerful signals ever detected from space to put it into perspective one millisecond FRBS, that's how short of duration they are, yet they contain as much energy as the Sun can produce over 80 to 100 years so these are incredibly powerful signals!

 Natural Sources

Natural possibilities of what are creating FRBS are slowly whittled down the list of potential candidates.  Over the years scientists began with these things called flaring white dwarfs.  These potentially caused it.  Then it was realized that couldn't be it because they were they were originating from much too far away for us to have detected.  Then there was a magic shell theory too that was involved whereby it was assumed that FRBS were being created very near us, but passing through some type of magical field that made it just appear as if they were had very high dispersion measures.  Scientists have put that to rest, as well over the years the leading candidate theory.  This theory holds that some sort of cataclysmic events caused this tremendous outburst of radio energy.  These things would be like black holes merging or neutron stars imploding and supernovas. These huge cataclysmic events were causing these FRB bursts.  Scientists are probably in the realm of having to put that to rest because there have just been now so many repeating signals detected, and now an additional eight to the initial two, so now the vast majority of FRBS that have been detected have actually been from repeating sources.  The leading natural theory now is that there are one or two asteroids impacting neutron stars which is possible in the sense that it would sort of help to explain why the repeated instances of FRBS that seem to cluster together, rather than being sort of very cyclical periods of time between each burst- such as are seen with pulsars. One possible theory and another leading theory is that magnetars by their very nature can periodically and not necessarily in a synchronized way, can potentially produce this type of burst in these types of environments so those are the two leading natural theories at this time.

Whatever emits the mysterious FBRS, we can know with certainty, that He Who place the stars in the heavens and names each star, created the signals they transmit.  And if they are of evil origin and intent, He is well able to deal with that situation also. 


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