DHS New Lab Reveals Graphic Images of Insect Vector Death Squads

The Plum Island replacement  center, the The National Bio & Ag Facility is open for business to share lethl pathogens, natural an man-made into the heart of America, the heart of ranching county, and the heart of American agriculture.

NBAF will have the capacity to house insects for insect studies in high containment.BSL 3 and BSL 4 experimental areas.

This is an important new capacity considering that many of the new emerging
diseases are transmitted by insects, the perfect "plausible deniability" vectors of choice.

This space will allow scientists for the first time to be able to study these high containment diseases in the vector as well as in the host and conduct transmission studies which will provide novel control [Final] solutions.

Here is a sampler of these weaponized bad boys.

Oh, and by the way they are putting some of the most lethal (weaponized) animal pathogens that they have beta-tested around the world into animal feed as well to kill off animals protein food supply.

You will just *love* the end-products of the NBAL! And they want you to eat these little insect devils.  I choose to pass.  These images should provide you incentive to double-down your food supply preparations.

Before i depart, they also have cadres of weaponized biting insects.  Remember the 10 Plagues in Exodus?

The third plague is somewhat nebulous. Exodus 8 tells how Aaron, at the behest of Moses, struck the ground with his rod, which turned the dust to lice. In its analysis of the plagues, the paper "Origin of the Old Testament Plagues: Explications and Implications" points out that the Hebrew word kinim has usually been translated to mean gnats, mosquitoes, or lice. Basically small biting insects. In this theory, atmospheric warming created warmer swamp-like conditions that these insects thrived in. 

LiveScience proposes that all the dead frogs from the end of the second plague certainly would have led to an increase in insect activity. The New York Times reports that this could have been culicoides (some of the wretches at the NBAL), small biting insects that lays their eggs in the dust, and whose larvae feast on corpses, such as dead frogs.

The pharaoh, of course, didn't get the hint, so it became obvious that the plagues needed to be intensified.


The Fourth Plague of Wild Beasts could well have been a mixture of insects including the common  housefly, which they are also weaponizing..   The Hebrew term used in the Old Testament, arov, means "mixture," so it has been hard to pinpoint exactly what this plague was.

Most importantly, He gives food to every creature.  His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of heaven!  Psalm 136:25

May you and yours be safe from the insects unleashed upon man and beast as the shadow of judgement falls upon the land.


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