Hydrogel Deep Dive

Here we go on the deep dive into the world of hydrogel.  There are many facets, many scriptural that I am exploring and will present in the days to come.

This is an older video but it helps you to gain an understanding of the technology although it is much more advanced.

Glossary of words used:

How can all the ingredients in Morgellons could come in the same package? Hydrogels, Micelles, Dendrimers. It comes with its own super glue. Drug delivery systems involve polymer that biodegrades and some form permanent networks which use the hydrogen and oxygen from the victims own body to reassemble continually by synthetic control.


Amorphous: Materials with disordered structure

Condensation growth: Two molecules combine to form one single molecule, with the loss of one small molecule.

Controlled degradation: The polymer comes apart gradually (biodegradable). 

Copolymer: Two polymers in a matrix (tripolymer-3 polymers).

Cross-linked polymer: Bonds that link one polymer chain to another to promote a difference in the composite matrix.

Glycolic acid: Used for face peels.

Hydrophilic: Loves water

Hydrophobic: Hates water

Lactic acid: Produced during rigorous exercise.

Ligand: Substance able to bind to and form a complex with a biomolecule to serve a biological purpose.

Lower toxicity: Less damage is done to body.

Molecular Synthesis: Creating synthetic molecules

Monomer: See Video at 1:00 minute 

Polymer: Many monomers attached (linear at 1:00 min) Specific absorption: Only specific molecules cross cell membrane. 

Stepwise growth: Monomers react to form first dimers, trimers, oligomers and eventually long chain polymers.

Time Release: Drug delivered over a period of time instead of all at once in a burst.





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