Iron, Nano Particles, and Regulated Death of Your Cells

I have been noticing in the journals many references to iron and these are not positive.  When I read Holy Scripture, I can interpret it many ways:  literally, by the words, concepts, allegorically, metaphorically, mystically, and so forth.

Let us hear the Word of the Lord first and then go to the journals:

and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as the vessels of the potter are broken to pieces, as I also have received authority from My Father; Revelation 2:27

Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron; inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these in pieces. In that you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, it will be a divided kingdom; but it will have in it the toughness of iron, inasmuch as you saw the iron mixed with common clay. As the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of pottery, so some of the kingdom will be strong and part of it will be brittle  Daniel 2:40-43

I urge you to study briefly the passages in the Holy Scripture on Iron.

Now, on to the Journals:  this one is in regard to kidney damage but there are others.

Ferroptosis is a type of programmed cell death dependent on iron and characterized by the accumulation of lipid peroxides, and is genetically and biochemically distinct from other forms of regulated cell death such as apoptosis.  In this case, they use your body's iron, tetrahedral nano-particles,  and the superhighways within your body, to cause regulated death.  It is one thing for the living God to call you home but quite another at the demand and command of TPTB.

Iron can cause cancer but it is also a part of our make biological makeup. Anything in over abundance can be a bad thing.

This citation is specific to kidney injury but I am noticing more and more references to Ferroptosis in the terraforming (much like geo-engineering) of your body.

If you have a relationship with your Creator, this should cause you no undo alarm, for Jesus has this.  It is all contained within His Book.



Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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