Jesus or the Jab Handout

The Jab is a Danger to Your Body & Soul

Humans are created in the divine image of God according to the scripture (Genesis 1:27) 

Jesus' sacrifice for salvation for the atonement of our sins was exclusively for humans as opposed to humanoids either hybrid or synthetic human-like. 

In the Bible, something unblemished was not to be presented to the Lord.

You are to be unblemished through the blood of Jesus Christ1 Peter 1:18,19

The Catholic Church within the last two years made the decision that they would baptize aliens into faith. 

Did Jesus Die for Hybrids & Aliens or Mankind? 

These vaccinations change your DNA and RNA from a human to a hybrid.  You are no longer an unblemished human. It changes your blood, its function, and communication.  In the Bible, everything is about the blood.  Jesus' blood and man's blood. Remember messengers can be angels, the Angel of Death: Messenger RNA (mRNA), 

Vaccination violates the 10-Commandments. 

The vaccination violates the sacrificial system established by God. 


The vaccination is a combination of xenotransplantation - which is the merging of man and animal - nullifying God's handy work in the creation of mankind. Xenotransplantation | FDA, 

Vaccine Human-Animal Chimeras, 

Vaccine merges human and machine - which engineers a synthetic entity. - Iron and clay don't mix (Book of Daniel),,

This was not bad enough!

Vaccines: Aborted babies - is it biblical to secure your health from an aborted baby? 

Vaccines:  African Green Monkey Vero Cells. 

Vaccines: Chimpanzee and Gorilla feces, known as ChAdOx1 

Vaccines:  Sterilization chemicals 

Vaccines:  Genetic material from Neanderthal or Denisovan humanoids known as OAS1 called p46 in Subunit 

Vaccines:  Hydrogel which is a track and trace system known as RBD or “natural” Fatty Lipid

Vaccines:  Quantum Dot - which is a fluorescent track and trace system 

Vaccines:  Humanized Mice 

Vaccines:  Nano particles that change the magnetize of the body and the spin of atoms in your body wreaking untold disaster in your body. 

The following systems deal with the outer membrane protein and surface proteins: 

Vaccines:  SpyLigase (in preparation for universal vaccine) 

Vaccines:  SnoopLigase 

Vaccines:  Snoop Tags and Dog Tags 

Vaccines:  SpyCatcher 

Vaccines:  Purification Tags! ,Science fiction becomes reality.  See X Files, Purity Virus.  Link 

Vaccines: Genetic material from Fireflies-Luciferase for encoding and multigenerational tracking & tracing 

Vaccines:  Genetic material from Tardigrades to change humans for hostile environments,

Vaccines:  Genetic material from Moths known a Matrix M 

Vaccines:  Genetic material from Plants hosting Baculovirus known as a Protein Subunit,

 Where did the technology originate from?  Not from God. 
What should Christian response to be?