Lessons of Faith from the Hurricane

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All prayers and eyes are on Hurricane Dorian.  I have my hurricane going home as I transition from summer to a brutal winter and a time unknown in human history. All of a sudden, it struck me like lightning!   The Lord purposely designs hurricanes in our lives during the busiest season of the year.  Whether you engage in agriculture, back to school days, prepare for winter conditions, or brace yourself for the bombshell news that will be leashed upon us all in the next 90 days, it is a busy time.

Hurricanes are potent vortexes that shake our world.  It can level everything we own in the physical in mere moments.  Hurricanes will buffet you no matter your preparation.  You need to stand firm during these seasons of your life.


Hurricanes are in the shape of a ram's horn, the shofar.  The shofar emits three differing sounds from an alarm to a wail.  Tekiah – a long, continuous tone; Shevarim (parts) – a Tekiah broken into three parts; Teruah – a Tekiah broken into nine sections. They are blown for many reasons but are primarily blown at the commencement of the f a war or to get our attention.  My old dog, the Moshe, upon hearing the shofar, would stand quietly at attention. 

Faith Lessons:  God is trying to get your attention.  What is He saying to you?  Are you taking action on it?

Storm Frequencies

Scientists are beginning to understand that solar and terrestrial frequencies are a factor in the size and strength of the hurricane. In the days to come, we will be examining frequencies in our lives, so let's begin with the shofar.  Let us learn about frequencies from the single ram's horn of the bible:

Standing waves are formed in wind instruments, but rather than by vibrating a string; waves are created by vibrating a column of air inside the tool. In some wind instruments, like in the clarinet and saxophone, this is achieved by vibrating a reed on the mouthpiece, and in others, the players vibrate the air using their lips, like on the trumpet, the trombone – and the shofar.

The sound produced by a wind instrument depends largely on the length of its tube. Like in the guitar string: The longer the wavelength of the standing wave, the lower the frequency – and the lower the sound produced. This is why when clarinetists cover the holes along the body of the instrument with their fingers, they effectively increase the length of the tube and produce lower-frequency sounds. But unlike other wind instruments, the shofar has a fixed range. Therefore, from one specific shofar a player can typically produce one sound (known as the resonance frequency), which depends on the horn’s length – the longer it is, the lower the sound produced by it. This not only explains why the long Yemenite shofar will usually produce lower sounds than a short shofar but also why it is so challenging to produce a sound from a shofar: The players must use their lips to vibrate the air in the shofar exactly in the resonance frequency of the specific shofar.

In addition to a shofar’s length, its angle of bending also affects its sound. As mentioned earlier, shofar manufacturers usually straighten the naturally bending narrow end of the horn. The precise degree of bending changes from one shofar to another, resulting in a unique sound in each shofar. If we compare it to a similar length, but straightened shofar, it will usually produce a lower pitch. In general, however, the effect of an instrument’s bending on its pitch is more complex, and in some cases may lead to the production of a higher pitch.  Davidson Institute

Faith Lessons: What frequencies am I emitting?  Are they positive or negative?  How is my frequency impacting others?  Is it healing or destructive?   

Learning to be Free

When we see the tell-tale form of a hurricane on a weather map, we know, that high winds, heavy rains, and destruction will ensue.  All of us can identify a hurricane.  Job talks about the whirlwind, and we see the impact of the galgal in other places in scripture such as Jonah and the Seven Thunders of Revelation.  We become enslaved to the battering of the weather. 

In one way or another, we are all enslaved.  It may be our mind, body, finances, attitudes, responsibilities, or relationships. 

We need to identify damaging patterns and personal biases in our life.  It is an essential step in our journey from bondage to freedom.

Faith Lessons:  Yes! Lord, I love your freedom!  Help me to identify my destructive patterns and harmful biases.

Leaving Egypt and Babylon

Leaving Egypt or leaving Babylon are examples that the bible uses for freedom. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim, which means narrow and represents all forms of enslavement, be it dependency, conformity, subjectivity-whatever it may be in your life that sets up obstacles, limits or constraints.

To be free, we must leave our personal Egypt permanently.  But freedom is not enough.  You can be free for a while and then return to enslavement.  

We need to look at our lives.  There were times you felt free and inspired.  There were days you could achieve anything, but then you let old destructive patterns take over.  You resolved to strive for freedom, but you could not sustain it.  We have all been there many times. 

Faith Lessons: Today, I will confront this destructive hurricane in my life: _______________

Integrated Plan to Overcome

We all need an integrated biblical protection plan.  You may be curious to know that it includes:

  • The bible as the Word of God
  • Holy Spirit for guidance and comfort
  • Spiritual armor found in Ephesians 6
  • Using other biblical protections that He provides

With these tools, you can achieve freedom in every hurricane of your life.

Many people get bogged down in the question, "Did God create this hurricane or storm?"  He created the forces and Laws of Nature by which these storms operate. Technically, the Creator is the bottom line.  We must view the forest through the trees, to search deeply into the lessons that He has for us during the hurricanes of our lives.


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