Local Libraries Partner with Researchers to Snatch Your DNA

A partnership has been established between the NIH, National Library of Medicine, and AllofUs to create a library as grand as the great library of Alexandria.  This library will not be filled with literary works contained in books and scrolls this library will be filled with the DNA of millions of people.
You blood is unique and very precious. 
The bible says the life is in the blood.  Most cultures of the world value blood as priceless.  This is why researchers are desperate to get control of this priceless commodity.  Leaving no stone unturned the NIH through their AllofUs research program have partnered with your local library in their quest.
“We want to reach participants where they are. For many people in the country, including those with limited internet access, one of those places is the local library,” said Eric Dishman, director of the All of Us Research Program.  The collaboration effort has received a $4.5 million award to improve participant access.
Bookend Genetics
 How precisely will librarians work in collaboration to garner access to your DNA?  First, you need to understand that this operation named Precision Medicine, although AllofUs sounds friendlier, to acquire your DNA for research purposes. 
Your local librarians will be called upon to improve your health literacy.  Health literacy is to indoctrinate you on the value of genetic medicine.  Genetic medicine will be based upon your DNA though you probably will not be able to afford it for any health condition you may have. One round of precision antibiotics runs more than $100,000.  
Local libraries will become hubs of luring information designed to ensnare you into the AllofUs program.  When you go fishing you use a hook to catch your fish and that is exactly what libraries will be doing, luring you in for the big catch. 
Using libraries as a research tool is experimental therefore each library will be evaluated on participant enrollment and retention. 
Local libraries are being used to reach people across the digital divide, people with no digital access.  Once the AllofUs program has seized your blood they demand continual surveillance using a myriad of technologies such as wearables, you phone, your computer, and even sensors sewn into your clothing.  Without a technology node many people would not be able to participate in the program. 
Once researchers have your blood they can use it for any purpose.  It can be used for good or for evil, it can be weaponized, it can be altered, clones can be derived from it, and other uses so foreign to our minds that we cannot even comprehend or envision the nefarious applications.  Your blood might be used for healing or it might not.  There is no accountability.  Once you let your blood out you opened Pandora’s Box and there is no way to reclaim your own unique blood.
Man does not know where the physical body ends and the soul begins.  We need to take seriously the things that God says are holy unto Him.  There may come a time when your eternal life depends upon how well you preserved your blood. 
Do researchers really care about you and your health concerns?  No.  To them you are two things, Big Data and money.  God freely gave you your blood, He sacrificed His blood for you, but that does not mean you should freely give your blood to those unknown researchers who could potentially pollute it. 
The next time you are at your local library you might educate the librarian and their staff on the dangers of their participation with this insidious program.