Make a Mark Has Arrived

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In this article you will learn:

  • Old World has been dismantled
  • Veneer of SynBio Satanic Virtual Dimension Overlay
  • SMART Contracts
  • The Key to Web3
  • Sirens of Eternal Hell
  • Exit Strategy Now

Image above from Blockchains

Mark of the Internet 

The modern technological highway was designed for military use, not for the public.  So too, the internet was also for military communication during a catastrophic disaster.  Some semblances of the original vision did get into the commercial market in the 1990’s, but not the full vision.  That vision included materialization of a different realm, the synthetic virtual twin that pierced the veil between dimensions, control, managed individuality into the hive mindset.  The original vision is about to be fulfilled because you and I are willing to trade our personal and intimate data for platform access giving rise to an internet environment based upon data extraction.  

Our Data is Feeding the Beast

The sad fact is that our data is the food that fuels the tech giants.  In the dawn of the internet to hook consumers it opened us not only to the world but also customer service.  Recently, our global reach has been limited and the tech giants implemented strategies and prioritization of data collection over all else.   We must feed the beast after-all. 

We have all been deceived that the internet is here for our benefit, but that never was the intent of those assembling this system.  The stark reality is that it is a leased space with terms that we have no say to shape or negotiate.  In reality, despite our perception, the system takes more than it gives.  What it quietly seizes from us is invisible.  We either do not know about it or submit blindly, chasing the tantalizing carrots that are dangled before our eyes. 

Sacrificial System of the Internet

Truth be told, the internet system is a cultist sacrificial system requiring our personal data, information, and ultimately demands submission of our unique identity.  It falsely raises mankind as a co-creator, a god.  As we are sucked deeper into the system our conversations, identity, and solution pathway is crafted towards the hive, not rugged individuality. 

Seductions of the New Internet System

As the internet makes more demands from each of u,s a new internet reality is being promised which promises that we can own and shape our experience in the digital landscape.  It promises the democratization of discovery—a platform for open innovation that everyone can access, view, utilize, and build off of.  The caveat is that you must sell your soul and submit to mob rule, for that is what democratization means, rule by the majority, who do not share your values or views.  Only those people who submit will taste of this forbidden fruit. 

Technological Evolution 

By some it is referred to as technological evolution that operates freely from any singularly authority whether that be God or government established by God.  

The Internet prepared us, tilling the soil as it were for the Mark of the Beast, to accept a vaporous currency that will lead to total submission to the Anti-Christ or death.  It is a concept beautifully exemplified within the groundbreaking white paper, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”  A new form of currency and a new payment system within Blockchains. 


Enter the world of Blockchains a disruptive technology extending far beyond tokens, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain overturns the paradigm of corporations owning and governing databases that house our data. While this may sound appealing, the danger is that, in a way, this eliminates traditional forms of currency while eradicating capitalism for virtual form of Communism-Fascism.

It democratizes the data layer, creating a shared asset for the greater public good, free from singular ownership. 

As mentioned previously, one of the pillars of revolutionary technology is to eradicate the individual and to hand over your God -given rights to the Utilitarian Theory, for the greater good.  Another issue arises in that who defines what the greater good is?  Surely not the average man or woman.  With each passing day, that decision is likely to be made by a non-organic silicon entity whether that be AI, Anti-Christ, or robot.  Mostly certainly this decision is not being made by mankind.

Promises, Promises 

What is blockchains offering you to seduce you into their new system?  

  • Absolutely!  Blockchains are SMART contracts.  Everything you do within the system is a locked in contract.  You are never free, you are in bondage.
  • Cryptographically verifiable. This means that the private COMPANY holding your “secure” data uses various mathematical techniques for encrypting and decrypting your data.  They use a sophisticated encryption system.  What are they saying about your identity behind your back?  You will never know except by virtue of being locked out of their system.
  • Digital identity. God gave you identity. Maybe you do not believe in God, nevertheless, you still have a unique identity.  You are like no other person. 

Come Away from Her, My People

Personally, I do not want a digital identity.  This means that as this system moves forward, I will need to retreat and engage in a break-off civilization or return to a historical way of life where mankind is valued. 

Blockchains promises that your identity inherently belongs to its rightful owner, offering autonomy and sovereignty within the digital realm.   Who is the rightful owner?  It is not you because you forsook your God given identity and rights when you took a bite of the digital identification apple.  Notice in their wording you have autonomy (the right to be) and sovereignty (participant if you play by their rules) in a real the digital realm.  Their promises are all conditonal.  Gods promises do not lock you into bondage and they are unconditional.

 Down the Superhighway of Virtual Entities

Where are we headed?  We are on the superhighway rushing us towards the unthinkable, that we have no right to exist in the physical realm!  They are “benevolently” offering us to inhabit the Satanic Synthetic Digital Twin digital realm.  God did not create this virtual synthetic twin; it was engineered by pure evil.  The purpose is to extinguish your spiritual essence. 

Blockchains want to be perfectly clear: this technological breakthrough can and will reshape the internet. They promise an internet built for the people, by the people, but only if you do it their way. A new revolutionary way.  To pursue this path is to revolt against God and it will not go well for you on the eternal spectrum. 

Potential for Future Online Experience 

If you think about your experience with the internet today, you should come to realize that it’s dominated by the exchange and surrendering of personal information for privledge of engagement across the majority of extant platforms.

In the words of Blockchains:

We often find ourselves relinquishing substantial amounts of data to engage with these platforms. Yet, when we depart, we leave empty-handed, only to repeat the cycle on another platform. There’s little to no connectedness to the internet today—rather, it is merely a myriad of digital fiefdoms that confine us, enclosing us without a sense of continuity.   

Web3 technologies provide an opportunity to power an internet that caters specifically to you. It is an internet of open and connected platforms responsive to your presence, desires, and needs. An internet where there is a singularly unique experience for every user. An internet that comes to you on your terms – all controlled by you with your Web3 ID. As Christians, we are not to obsess with self, the flesh, mastering this world.  You already have a unique path and calling that God has orchastrated for you.  To go any further into this synthetic realm is dangerous with many pits and snares to entrap you. 

Blockchain's words:

This new internet transcends mere openness; it’s about interoperability—where your identity travels with you, seamlessly transitioning across platforms. Your Web3 ID isn’t just a login; it’s a digital sanctuary where you can store, manage, and curate your identity, assets, interests, and activities, all enabling seamless movement between platforms and applications.   

In this new decentralized environment known as Web3, the digital future becomes a realm where you’re not simply a passive user but an active demi-god architect of your reality.  

Digital Identity is Key to Web3 

You may have never thought that the internet concept is applied evolution.  It has gone through two “evolutionary” phases already and the third and what may this “Final Solution” will be Web 3 with its mandatory Digital ID.  Technology is what fuels the internet beast. 

Web1, was characterized by static web pages, and digital identity was limited to usernames, passwords, and simple profile pages. 

As we transitioned to Web2, we witnessed social media and user-generated content flourish.  The tech giants like Facebook and Google dominated the digital landscape with their massive user bases, data mining, and targeted advertising.   

The dirty little secret about Web 2 is that the more we shared content across the internet, especially social media, the more money these tech giants made. They sold and shared your personal information collected around the Web2 ecosphere. 

What did they collect and sell?  Digital identities, which comprises all your: 

  • Data,
  • Behavior,
  • Personal information,
  • Transactions, and
  • Contributions
  • Social Media Contact
  • Your Networking Connections
  • Your personal photographs including family and friends 

Behind the scenes a nefarious scheme was unfolding.  The tech giants made filthy amounts of money robbed from you and your life.  These same tech giants set up a system in which they could make money. They prevented you and your business from achieving “conversions” from content into financial income.  

This was done by censorship, ad blindness which is also known as “banner blindness” or “banner noise” where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information thus reducing the income of the content creator to pay his or her platform expenses -driving them out of business.  And then, there are those infamous “bots”. Conducting many “pathological missions”. 

Web3:  A Paradigm Shift to a New Internet 

Beginning in 2018 we took our first step into the Beast System although it was not functional  Today self-assembly of Web3, a new type of internet, integrates and makes a legally binding a contract for everything in your world using blockchain.  Every breath you take, every sip of water, every movie you watch, and all the companies you conduct transactions with will be SMART contractual agreement in perpetuity. 

Web3 ID

At the heart of this New Internet, individuals will be required or mandated to have a Web3 IDs. 

It is claimed that Web3 ID enhances privacy, is portable between systems, and allows people to carry their reputation and interactions seamlessly across the the internet and virtual worlds. 

Web3 ID is built upon deception and flowery “benevolence” language that we commonly see with the United Nations propaganda.  Blockchains boasts the concept of self-sovereign identity—the notion that individuals are empowered to control their own personal information, identity data, and destiny. 

The one caveat to this is that you submit to the Web3 Digital ID.  At presentation, it will appear that this Digital ID is a tangible real-world ID in a device.  It is not.  Tech companies and others have already inserted isynthetic biology with track and trace and IP addesses and operating systems into our bodies. Your Digital ID will need to be verified.  It will need to be "housed" in a location where it cannot be stolen-your body is their choice. The only way they can achieve and verify that you are who you say you are, is to have this Digital ID in your body.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  The Mark of the Beast.

 The Pitch

This is their pitch to get you to buy in: 

Imagine being able to prove age without revealing a birthdate, for example. A user can transact with anyone else on the New Internet without revealing personal identity attributes about themselves—unless they want to. Even businesses have Web3 IDs, which they can use to interact with other businesses in this ecosystem. Ultimately, this concept aligns with the principles of privacy, security, and user empowerment in the digital age, allowing everyone to navigate online interactions with greater autonomy and trust.  

Unfortunately, if your decline their generous offer for a Digital ID which is contractual, you will have no access to the internet or conducting all of the transactions that you do each day for one by one they have all capitulated- surrendered to the Beast system. 

Web3 is “Good for Business” 

Blackchains Web3 ID model asserts that using this Digital ID in the business world will build build trust and loyalty with their customers that was decimated by design using the Great Reset and unleashing of COVID weapon to disrupt the historical world in which we lived. 

Furthermore, they claim Trust brings in new customers.  How is this to happen?  The Old System is presently close to being totally dismantled.  Brick and mortar stores, customer service, most professions except agenda-driven essentials will go extinct.  You will no longer be able to use the internet, your cell phone, or access any public space without your Digital ID. 

You surely remember the days of free content on You Tube.  As You Tube initiated censorship this a component of tearing down the walls of the old system.  This opend the floodgates to usher in the New World Order. 

In this new system, content will be “permissioned” content.  Once you weave your way through the technological bondage gauntlet you will be allowed to monetize your content for some small pittance of a predetermined allotment (planetary rationing) income.    

Another dot to connect is remembering the COVID lockdown, where some businesses could remain open as they were essential, while others had to shudder their doors to customers. This was a Beta test and you my friend and your world have been deemed non-essential unless you join the Web3 fantasy kingdom. 

Transforming the Physical World into the Virtual Synthetic Realm

Today with skyrocketing inflation and the incessant drumbeat of the UN’s Sustainable Goals at our every turn, it should not shock you that due to “cost” factors all business must go virtual to “save the planet”.  Save the planet for whom?  A bunch of psychopaths who want to be gods of the synthetic Garden of Eden after we have all been depopulated or have retreated into our tiny home living out a virtual life through our Oculus glasses? 

The world has become depraved and corrupted at every level and in every nook and cranny while with impressive hubris Blockchains promises that businesses can cut down on security risks and the associated cost of data breaches.   Well, when the fox owns the henhouse, to the fox there is no security breach. Only the beguiled mankind faces security breaches when he or she forsook his God-given identity and rights. 

Mankind is not alone in the Blockchains world, for businesses can have Web3 IDs.  They can only conduct business, as well as monetize their digital assets after the initial sale and enables them to interact with one another in a "secure" manner. 

Since there is no "discrimination" in Web3, I wonder if animals can also have verifiable credentials and what impact that will have for mankind as being dethroned as having primacy on this planet. Since the mid-1990’s animals are now considered as having primacy.  Thank Jane Goodall the big ape lady for that one. Or, can synthetic entities also have verifiable credentials all vying for the "limited resources" in the virtual kingdom? 

Web3 is overfilled with endless verifiable credentials, which now include loyalty programs, discounts, and tickets to their customers and employment credentials to their personnel. The verifiable credentialing is endless.  That is certainly no enticement to me, even if it means I go alternative civilization which draws closer by the day. 

The Difference Between Web 1, 2 and 3

One of the key differentiators between Web3 and its predecessors is that its data is not managed on one centralized service or system, such as Amazon servers. This is why we hear terms like “decentralized” and “distributed.”  

In Web3, however, the puzzle pieces are scattered across different servers or computers. Only the owner of the puzzle has the key to collect the pieces. The owner can share the key to reveal parts or all of the puzzle, which means that the owner has control over it at all times.  

To me it sounds as though they are spreading evil everywhere and it will be difficult at best to eradicate it.  What if you want a transaction to be conducted soley between you and another individual or a company?  True, from a security standpoint,  this sounds possibly legitimate, but who really is holding your data and do you want it in a thousand different locations? Afterall sometimes mankind makes mistakes.  It is difficult enough to face it one or two or a hundred times but imagine having to respond or deal with your error forever. 

Web Digital Identification and the New Internet 

As noted above, Web3 has a host of benefits and advantages for all stakeholders.   

  • Individuals retain data ownership and privacy, as well as access to new services and provenance over the content they create.   

Contrast this in that they lose Old World services, God given ownership, and privacy wjhe the New World system “distributes” across the new web.  What if you want to leave Web3?  What happens to that information?  It is contractual so it will live forever, you will not, but your data and contract will go on and on.  And who will have access to that data do with it once you have passed away?  

  • Businesses can leverage this new technology to improve efficiency, security, and transparency in their operations, as well as open new revenue streams and grow brand affinity.   

Contrast:  Security is in the eyes of the beholder.  As to brand growth and affinity I desire my content to be quality driven, not agenda driven.  As to affinity, unfortunately it has been excised out of the population.  Mankind no longer has perseverance.  It is a rarity to find loyalty which has now transitioned to affinity because people "kind of like something," but not long term. 

The idea that Web3 users can be anonymous while businesses can see enough detailed behavior habits to personalize their experience, is the essence of the New Internet, and it favors businesses and can foster corruption.   


Identity Theft is rampant around the world by nefarious entities.  Government leaders and private industry are turning a blind eye.     

Learn the lessons that lay before us using Synthetic Biology.

The Synthetic Biology PROCESS uses chemical-seeding, social engineering, cultural indoctrination, application of advanced psychological philosophies and theories, quantum physics, novel geometries, and military strategies to CHANGE our FUNCTION and INTERACTION between people, the environment, plants, and animals.  

These are the particulars on what is happening to civilization, culture, spirituality, our daily life.  A veneer of Synthetic Virutal Twin which is entangled with Synthetic Biology has been overlaid over the Old World.  It has cleaved to it because mankind purged God, our protector, Who provided barriers from a plethora of dangers from our world.  

This veneer is solid and transforms us into the Synthetic Virtual Twin which is a dimension of pure everlasting evil. 

Ownership MANDATE   

According to the rich men of the earth YOU DO NOT HAVE OWNERSHIP of your identity.  You will own nothing and be happy (WEF)  including and most importantly your identity.  

  • You will NOT PERSIST through time, this life, or the afterlife.  Bottom Line:   You are a pest to be eradicated and erased as if you never were for all time.    
  • Sophisticated warfare on personal identity structure results in: 
  • "Confused” individuals -notice they do not say human or mankind.   
  • Destroys mankind's PERCEPTION of themselves.   
  • Destroys DECISION-MAKING ability.     

With Web3 ID comes the mandate for individuals (and brands) to truly turn their data and any content that they create, be it behavioral data on a web site, or a photo they post to share with family, over to the global system whether that be AI or the Anti-Christ.

 Code SMART Contracts=Counterfeit Covenant

Code contracts are commonly known as smart contracts, and are a type of self-executing agreement that automatically performs and enforces the terms of the contract when certain pre-defined conditions are met. They are secure, transparent, and immutable.  

Once you enter the kingdom of Blockchains everything in your world is converted in coded SMART Contracts. How does a SELF EXECUTING CONTRACT impact your life?  It removes ALL protective barriers and protections against ENFORCEMENT of the contract whether that be private, businesses, local, state, sovereign nation, or global contracts.  You are stripped of all protections and this contract exists in perpetuity.   This carries the weight that is very much akin to an artificial covenant of God with mankind and to His people. 

Once you enter and become a user the Web3 ID protocols you must PROVE OWNERSHIP prove ownership and PROVENANCE of the content you share, whether they are individuals or businesses. 

Royalty payments can be built into the contract, so that any time someone uses or sells that content, the original owner continues to derive value from it. An example is re-selling books, where the publisher continues to earn royalties each time the book is re-sold. 

And there goes selling a book at a garage sale or reselling a book.  A cut will always goes to the author.  While that sounds appealing to an author such as myself, I do not want to enter that Web3 kingdom.  It will drive prices of all products and services exponentially higher.  No more flea markets, garage sales, second hand book stores.  Alas.   

Web3 and Web3 ID work together to ensure the ownership and attribution of digital assets, to enforce coded agreements such as payments, and to prevent fraud and to lock out any person who does not want to participate in that system.  

Digital Identification 

Digital identity, or Web3 ID, is the reIMAGED individual in this New Internet, including everything from personal data to content ownership.  The word they use reIMAGE should catch your attention. 

Blockchains is going to change their identity management system, filled with grandiose promises to safeguard your privacy and guarantees that you and you alone are in control of your personal identity and the information attached to it, except for their agenda system, naturally. 


Blockchains will change all of that with the digital identity solution that stores and manages your data by a private cryptographically secured digital key that only you have access to allowing you to determine who is privy to your data.  Biometrics, all of your unique personal make-up given to you by God will be turned over to AI singularity to prevent identity theft and ultimately, entitle you to build an enduring online reputation.  

Trust a non-organic silicon entity with your reputation!  Never!  All that you have done in this vein, has been seized and washed away. In the Bible when we repent our sins are washed away.  In this digital system you labor in vain for it gets washed and destroyed time and again. 

Blockchains digital identity system will allow for interaction among individuals, government institutions, private industry, and even smart devices in a manner that everyone involved can "trust" with complete control of your identity. 

Verification of your Web3 digital ID is recorded on the blockchain and can be used to verify your identity wherever you interact in the digital world making the process more efficient.  IBM used a similar verification process in the many atrocities and genocides including the Final Solution.  

In Blockchains digital ecosystem, your everyday transactions need to be attested by trusted entities- not a man or woman but an entity this is part of that legal SMART contract.  If you are a man or woman created in the Divine Image of God and make a mistake, well there is no grace for you.  You are seamlessly handed over immediately to enforcement. 


In gardening at the beginning of the season one tills the earth to plant the seeds which germinate and grow.  The Beast system landed in our lives in 2018.  Futurists have been plowing the field to sow their technology to disrupt the world.  That field is finally near the final stages of preparation.  Soon the Anti-Christ will be revealed and all the prophecies within the Bible will be fulfilled.


My prayer is that you found this information insightful and helps provide you some understanding so that you might navigate the treherous waters that we have in front of us.  The Old World is going down as fast as the Titanic and it is time for you to implement your Plan B or formulate one.

Be safe and well, Psalm 91 to each of you,