Manifestation of Catastrophe

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Global Risks are

Out of Control

Untold harm to humanity has been accelerating since the mid-twentieth century. Around the world and in your community trends in demographics, information, politics, warfare, climate, environmental damage and technology have skyrocketed an entirely new level of risk.

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These emerging risks are varied, global, complex and catastrophic. And if even only one manifests – through nature, accident or intention – it can devastate your security, prosperity and potential on a scale never before seen in human history.

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On the current trajectory of the climate and environment, you and most of the world will face major shortages in the food, water and energy required for survival by mid-century. Weather wars are playing a crucial role in our atmosphere today. In the report there was much discussion about rising sea levels. I do believe that sea levels may rise but not from their global warming perspective. I did, however, find one statement glaring revealing:

More people will be crammed into shrinking tracts of habitable urban space

What instantly came to my mind were the ghettos of Europe during World War II as a stopgap until the population was euthanized by various means.

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These are the ripple ripple effects – such as competition for resources and sacrifice as seen in the Hunger Games. People will be stirred into mass migration as ancient civilizations that vanished from the earth have done in the past. The lack of morality, ethics, truth, etiquette –as well as selfie indulgence will lead to inter- and intra-state conflict.

Technological developments are likely to bring about massive societal, economic and political upheaval. The pace and ability for technologies to cause harmful shifts is growing. And technology is outpacing society’s capacity to respond.

Image of the Beast?

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The domain of artificial intelligence (AI) is being amplified. AI is the set of digital technologies that enables machines to make complex decisions and act on them.

As AI systems become more powerful, they function as force multipliers and accelerators for other technologies. There is exponential risk to each of us as we become more reliant on AI and the technologies coupled to AI.

The deployment of AI is increasing rapidly in the domains of health, knowledge and security. AI could also intentionally or unintentionally cause harm, or lead to unexpected and rapid societal shifts.

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AI could be hijacked by actors with malicious intent, who could build and use AI to carry out attacks. Use of AI could present a particularly concerning threat if it is used in conjunction with weapon and surveillance systems to target critical societal functions or specific groups. Early stages of deploying new capabilities ensure our digital, physical and political security will probably be at ever-increasing risk.

AI experts believe a more powerful AI system could potentially take extremely harmful, and potentially unstoppable, actions, even if designed with benevolently intended goals. Such an outcome could arise if an AI system is engineered and trained that are not fully aligned to our own goals and values. When the AI system has the ability to pursue those goals autonomously and creatively, the unintended consequences could be catastrophic.

Over history, naturally occurring pandemics have been the largest mass killers. Modern trends are only increasing the likelihood and impact of a global pandemic. There is little one can do to mitigate weaponized pathogens. Our era is marked by growing human and animal populations in greater densities, greater global travel and connectivity, and increased disease resistance to treatment.

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With gene editing technology, biologists promise to improve crop yield, increased resistance of crops, humans, and livestock to disease. These scientific endeavors are failing. The ability to precisely engineer existing biological systems and even create new ones, known as synthetic biology, have their own catastrophic risk.

Outbreaks since 2000 have been described as a “roll call of near-miss catastrophes”

Poorly engineered microbes can spread to the wider environment before their full consequences are known or considered. Handling and engineering diseases with pandemic potential – whether for defense or research purposes – is an area ripe for intentional or accidental release as has been the case in all bio-weapon and pathogen experimentation laboratories.

Nefarious actors develop pathogens and toxins to spread through air, food and water sources. Through democratization and ever-cheaper prices and the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated with the ability to quickly kill.

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Nuclear warfare is the original human-generated global catastrophic risk. The first nuclear weapons demonstrated awesome destructive power. Various nuclear weapons have hundreds of times the destructive capability of those early weapons from nuclear winter injecting their lethal soot into the air blocking out the sun for over a decade, leading to global cooling, mass drought and subsequent loss of agriculture and mass starvation. Fallout or EMP each having vast political, economic and societal implications.

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Lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) bring their own risks. In principle, LAWs would be capable of autonomously identifying, selecting and killing targets without meaningful human intervention or control. When combined with highly lethal chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive weapons (CBRNe), LAWS could morph into weapons of mass destruction. Cheap to mass-produce LAWS could change the speed of wars destabilizing the globe in mere moments.

Specific natural and cosmic events are well underway. Super-eruptions, meteors, comets, super nova and cosmic radiation - present an extremely rare risk to civilization. These events are already seeding biological life with certain catastrophic aberrations.

Super-eruptions are a hundred times larger than typical volcanic eruptions. They lead to major climate cooling from the volcanic dust in the air and mass environmental damage due to cooling and lack of sunlight. Similar global consequences would be felt by a relatively small comet or asteroid. If a Tunguska size meteor or a comet fragment hit a high density population one could imagine that the entire globe would feel the impact.

Changes in solar activity would also drive changes in our climate. A present concern from the sun’s activity is solar flares, which are major bursts of energy often accompanied by geomagnetic storms. In today's technological rich environment a solar flare could potentially knock out power grids and telecommunication networks, flowing onto risks to food, water, energy and personal security.

Life on earth was once mostly protected from major radiation threats, such as solar flares, gamma ray and cosmic ray bursts. These particles and waves now threaten human extinction. In addition, there is a solar-earth magnetic connection that can increase the chance of extreme volcanism, earthquakes, and devastating health impacts.

No amount of technology, law or regulation will overcome a lack of empathy

Ultimately, the most effective weapons, as the military has discovered, are not the distant imperceptible threats- but those that are up close and personal. For those who are designated to survive, it is the hearts and minds that the global system demands. Much is discussed about well-being although well-being is not the traditional understanding but defined by global entities such as the United Nations.

According to the Global Risk Report there has been a significant emotional downturn towards the negative. People are becoming increasingly anxious, violent, unhappy and lonely in this world.

One recent study demonstrated that technology is a major cause of loneliness and social isolation. Social media is turned to as a "meaningful way to connect with others". That said, technology is always a major stressor and is blurring the lines between human and technology.

Anger is increasing and has been associated with loss of status. Recent research also suggests a strong link with group identity. As the church plummets in its failure to reach out to lost and hurting souls the normative biblical group identity has fallen. What has replaced it is the Assyrian model that that shakes a person's core identity to the core. Once erased, this identity will be a suitable node for the beast system.

Global Catastrophe

Each of these risks could cause a global catastrophe. Added together, these risks present a unique challenge to the human race. The synergistic effect of two or more presents an unknowable challenge. Various risks could combine and feed off each other in unpredictable ways.

There will always remain the risk that we will create or discover technologies and capabilities that are currently unimaginable or inconceivable, but create their own global catastrophic risks. There is one answer, Jesus. He is in control and loves you. Whatever the risks He will see you through.


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