Moving in for the Kill


A special notification by Celeste Solum:  I apologize that I have not inserted many graphics.  They are coming, but there is no time today to insert them.  Possibly tomorrow.  Nevertheless, time is of the essence that you get this information and begin processing it and preparing for the fact that the infrastructure has been established and funded for the depopulation machine to be full bore operational.  This is the modern day Final Solution where the Satan has his limited day to deceive and annihilate God's creation and handiwork is at hand.

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases Strategy to Strengthen Health Security and Prepare for Biothreats

This document was signed included a Presidential Memorandum on Halloween, October 31, 2022, alluding to its demonic content.

The White House Makes Biosecurity a Pillar of National Security. Can Doing So Prevent the Next Disaster?

UPDATE:  President Joe Biden will sign National Security Memorandum-15 (NSM-15) and launched the:

 National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan for Countering Biological Threats, Enhancing Pandemic Preparedness, and Achieving Global Health Security (the Strategy).

CODE:  This is the same Nazi infrastructure machine built for the Final Solution, depopulation.  This time it is biological infrastructure to eradicate all life created by God and shift to a Virtual Satan Digital Twin devoid of God.  Dr. Evil and the elite now refer to this time period as:

New world order, this is what the philosopher and historian Roland Benedict has referred to as the New Global Shift.  Dr. Evil believes that this, "Global shift, I think one of
the norms, is going to be a trend towards cooperative competition.  Cooperation where groups work in clusters, in other words those clusters that are defined for the
enterprise of the engagement."

It defines biodefense as actions to counter biological threats, reduce biological risks, and prepare for, respond to, and recover from biological incidents, whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate in origin and whether impacting human, animal, plant, or environmental health. It is broader than a Federal Government strategy; it is a call to action for state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) entities, practitioners, physicians, scientists, educators, industry, and the international community to work together to elevate biological preparedness and response.

In today’s interconnected world, biological incidents anywhere can potentially have profound effects on physical and mental health and well-being in the United States and globally, cause significant morbidity and mortality, and disrupt livelihoods and economies, including domestic and international trade and travel. Throughout the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, every individual, community, and nation has experienced firsthand the health, social, and economic crises biological incidents can cause and the severe impact they can have on lives and livelihoods.

Biological threats—whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate in origin—are among the most serious threats facing the United States and the international community. As we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, biological incidents can cause extreme harm to the United States, including death, hospitalizations, disabilities, psychological trauma, and economic and social disruption on a massive scale. Biological incidents, whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate, can originate in one country and spread to many others, with potentially far-reaching international consequences.

The health, prosperity, and security of the American people depend on our ability to stop infectious disease outbreaks at their source and rapidly and effectively contain biological incidents wherever they occur. The significant viral, bacterial, fungal, and other infectious disease outbreaks and toxin-related illnesses of recent decades impacting human, animal, and agricultural health, including COVID-19, continue to reveal that the financing cycle of panic and neglect must end.

CODE:  Emergency Clause suspends the Constitution.

Document Link, 53 pages

As the President has said, there are no walls high enough or oceans wide enough to keep out biothreats and protect our communities.

CODE:  According to UN mandate people must be free flowing between countries, that said, the US put their new bioweapon facility in the heart of America, in the heart of agriculture and the heart of ranching country.  The enemy from within. 

The Strategy reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s comprehensive plan outlines a set of bold goals to transform the nation’s biodefenses and health security by launching a whole-of-government effort across 20 Federal Agencies:

  • to detect, (CODE:  surveillance)
  • prevent, (CODE: if you are dead it prevents disease)
  • prepare for, (CODE: post-human world)
  • respond to, (CODE:  Lock down humanity)
  • and recover from biological incidents (CODE: Recover from humans dwelling upon the planet)

In partnership with our international, state, local, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners.

NSM-15 supports execution of the strategy (CODE: The keyword is execution.  Execution of humans, hybrids will die off naturally due to contamination. 

…by strengthening the coordination of biodefense efforts across government.

CODE:  Rockefeller's Lockstep


Infectious diseases that cross borders and disrupt societies are a threat to our national security and global stability. 

CODE:  Globalism planned and engineered these diseases and disruptions that threaten national and global security, but they did it with the most pantheistic benevolence.

COVID-19 is the latest example of how biological threats can devastate communities across America and around the world, resulting in millions of deaths and trillions of dollars of economic losses globally.

CODE:  COVID was the Beta-test of globalists and Darwinian Evolutionists demonstrating they have the technology now to kill humans and the economy  at their command, or so they believe.

In addition to COVID-19, the global community is concurrently fighting outbreaks of monkeypox, polio, Ebola, highly pathogenic avian influenza, and other diseases, stretching thin global resources and demonstrating gaps in our current preparedness. 

CODE:  Lab weaponized monkeypox, polio, Ebola, HPIA, and other diseases are stretching global resources.  Blame it on the humans, because they do not have the technology to reveal via signatures who engineered these bio-weapons.

And, the risks of weaponization of biological agents are expanding. 

Frank acknowledgement that weaponization of biological agents is expanding.  They do not deny it.  It is now in your face.

United States must be prepared for outbreaks from any source – whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate in origin.

CODE: that the Darwinian evolutionists are proposing 20,000 injections per human and that is only 1% of what they want to inject you with.

Urbanization, climate change, and habitat encroachment increase the risk of an outbreak emerging from animal reservoirs.

CODE:  Urbanization is the rural and suburbs not the SMART cities and UN enclaves.  

CODE:  Blame the humans for climate change, even though they are not responsible and all the other planets in our solar system climate is also change.  It is human due reparation to the planet for the "damage" they cause by living.

CODE:  Habitat encroachment, people living near animals causes emerging diseases.  This is CODE for expanding the Wildlands Project to the whole planet.  It is a pantheistic religion and is entrenched with Deep Ecology radicals.  Bioweapons labs using xenotransplantation cause cross-species.  Environmental radicals are using xenotransplantation using the peoples of the world in a giant experiment to taint the human blood supply and then kill them.

Global interconnectedness accelerates the speed at which infectious diseases spread across the world, especially when coupled with overwhelmed health systems.

CODE:  Hyperdimensional pathogens have been on the books. These pathogens travel at hyper speed and can come from other dimensions.  They use frequencies. This is just a code informing you that soon all your travel plans will be canceled, according to the World Economic Forum.

Furthermore, the norm against the development and use of biological weapons has been challenged by state and non-state actors over the past several decades.

If this is the case, why are the countries of the world including the US going at breakneck speed to come up with the most novel and destructive biological weapons?

The Administration wants $88 billion request.

The Strategy sets out to:

Detect pandemics and other biological threats:  It will improve real-time information for decision-making by planning for an:

  • Enduring all-hazards hospital data collection system,

CODE:  This system is not a diagnostic, treatment, or cure medical system- it is for surveillance and depopulation exclusively.

  • Expanding platforms to integrate and share data for response,

CODE:  Expanding those biological surveillance platforms into your body, the response is to depopulate biological life in favor of synthetic life forms.

  • and improving data sharing internationally.

CODE:  to an share what they discover about your body with their international friends.

...Recently launched Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics, which creates the equivalent of a “national weather service” for infectious disease outbreaks, enabling rapid, effective decision-making to improve outbreak response using data, modeling, and analytics.

CODE:  Only the experimenters see the real statistics, but the allusion to something most of you do not know about.  When Doppler weather came into being their put microwave capabilities into that equipment. 

This CODE is the signaling for Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) system that I have been warning about.  This may well be why many people are having increased problems with cognition and memory- as it causes a traumatic brain injury.  However, do not go into the experimental pipeline for diagnosis or treatment. If you do you down the guinea pig rabbit hole.

Prevent outbreaks from becoming epidemics and prevent biological incidents before they happen by:

  • Stopping outbreaks at their source through strengthening global health security: 

Notice that this is not US healthcare but international.

  • The United States will support at least 50 countries to better prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats

This will not be to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness but rather to assist them set up their own surveillance and depopulation tools.

  • The United States will also invest in critical multilateral institutions that further strengthen the global health architecture.

Notice, that we will be investing in global entities, such as the UN, not people.  Global health architecture is not a healthcare system but a surveillance and depopulation tool.

  • The Administration has already accelerated this effort by leading the charge to establish a groundbreaking new Financial Intermediary Fund for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response at the World Bank. 

The United States will be leading the charge to a new Financial Intermediary Fund that redistributes wealth and life as you know it under the guise of pandemic prevention and preparedness.

CODE:  This is a new scheme hatched by the globalists to siphon your money for green and other pet UN projects.  It is happening in many sectors not just medicine.  As Dr. Evil said this year, those who are downstream (you and I) are just going to have to put up with some disruptions for the sake of the whole (paraphrased).

  • The United States will continue to support and strengthen the World Health Organization.Strengthening laboratory biosafety and biosecurity:  include galvanizing support for multilateral biosafety and biosecurity commitments, and establishing international mechanisms to enhance biosafety and biosecurity globally.
  • The United States will work to strengthen international norms against traditional and novel biological weapons, including through efforts under the Biological Weapons Convention to foster greater transparency among all nation-states. 
THIS IS A BLATANT LIE BECAUSE THE ONLY PRODUCTION TAKING PLACE IN America is BIOTECHNOLOGY.  This is Mystery Babylon, the dispenser of pharmakia.

    Prepare for pandemics and other biological incidents: The Strategy aims to transform our preparedness to respond to outbreaks, building on the American Pandemic Preparedness Plan: Transforming Our Capabilities, released by the Administration in 2021.

    It is important to note that while this mentions 2021 this endeavor has been working up to what you see and do not see for decades.

    The United States will work to strengthen and modernize domestic public, veterinary, and plant health capacity at every level, from rural jurisdictions to large cities, so that outbreaks in humans, animals, and plants can be identified and controlled quickly and equitably.

    This paragraph is a UN mandate known as One Health.  Human and animal health were merged at a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in 2012 by MOU, a contractual agreement. 


    New to us this past April (the same month as the release of the Athena Agenda) a new MOU was signed:

    The four international agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO), have signed a groundbreaking agreement to strengthen cooperation to sustainably balance and optimize the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment.


    Although the term “One Health” is fairly new, the concept has long been recognized both nationally and globally. Since the 1800s, scientists have noted the similarity in disease processes among animals and humans, but human and animal medicine were practiced separately until the 20th century. In recent years, through the support of key individuals and vital events, the One Health concept has gained more recognition in the public health and animal health communities.

    In 1821:  Virchow Recognizes the Link Between Human and Animal Health

    Rudolf Virchow, MD, was one of the most prominent physicians of the 19th century. Dr. Virchow was a German pathologist who became interested in the linkages between human and veterinary medicine while studying a roundworm, Trichinella spiralis, in swine. He coined the term “zoonosis” to indicate an infectious disease that is passed between humans and animals.

    In addition to his medical career, Dr. Virchow served in several parliamentary posts and advocated for the importance of improved veterinary education. He emphasized, “Between animal and human medicine there are no dividing lines—nor should there be. The object is different but the experience obtained constitutes the basis of all medicine.”

    One Health Timeline

    This effort includes recruiting, training, and sustaining a robust, flexible, permanent cadre of essential critical health infrastructure workers, outbreak emergency responders, public health laboratory scientists, technicians, data quality managers, and animal disease epidemiologists in our territories and all 50 states.

    CODE: According to global sources these will be Synths, synthetic humans who will be working in all health areas as they are “smarter and impervious to pathogens.”

    This Strategy will also enhance the coordination of evidence-based public health information campaigns across Federal, state and local governments, with the goal of reaching 80% of the American population.

    The is CODE for government messaging.  If you are in media you give the government agenda or you will find yourself not in media any longer.

    This is the Backstory

    Pit of Hell: US Farms get Federalized
    War Against Food

    Maybe you were unaware, or maybe you were not even born yet, but some 60+ years ago a war was declared against ‘threats to [global] peace’, breaches of peace and acts of aggression which includes American agriculture and food.  Maybe you have not considered your dinner plate or your domesticated farm animals an ‘Act of Aggression’ but that is precisely how the UN views them.  We need to look at the particular UN Articles.  You need to understand America is a participating member and signatory of the UN.  The goal of the UN is to unite the world to a Utopian time of ‘peace’ under UN control and by their definitions.  A task force was set up in the early 1960′s to evaluate the best way to make transition to world peace.  Peace equates equal’s control.  Because there is human suffering and poverty the UN believes it is its task to bring about a ‘peaceful order’.

    Here are the facts, nothing but the facts.

    • Only 2% of Americans grow food.
    • There are more prisoners in America than farmers.
    • Many farms are now foreign owned thanks to the overly intrusive regulations that each state and the federal government has passed and our lackadaisical protection of our borders.
    • America used to have hobby farmers who grew food and companion animals for their own family, but those farms are rapidly becoming extinct with high prices and restrictions.
    • The global import/export market is growing at a quantum 6% a year.  It will not take long before complete dependence upon foreign products to take place.
    • The bioterrorism act of 2002 requires that all producers of food, retailers, and restaurants maintain records for traceability.

    Many local farmers have been sounding the alarm that a famine is headed thanks to international treaties and contaminated foods.  Upon the revelation that the food supply was in grave danger small farmers got involved in legislative and the regulatory process.  They took time away from their families and took to the airwaves to educate folks on what was coming.  You say you didn’t see it on the front page of your local newspaper or on the 5 o’clock news?  For quite some time there has not only been dirty food, but also dirty politics.  Farmers successfully got many organizations and people on board.  Testimony and hearing rooms were filled to overfill capacity but farming issues were considered ‘contentious’ and Agricultural Committee Chairmen, Editors, and Producers shied away unless they ran a “farmer fringe” column, beside the black helicopters.  The result was that your local farmer, the folks who bring you nutritious, good, local foods were marginalized and rapidly became endangered.  This past year the pace for completion of the UN dream has escalated, taking a dramatic turn for the worse.  Contaminated food at an all-time high despite an ever-growing bureaucracy supposedly tasked with food safety and other facets of agricultural regulation.

    The Constitution & Public Health

    The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution reserves all powers for the states as the primary authority and protector of the public health.  The Supreme Court has understood that the federal government has a role in environmental protection, occupational health & safety, food and drug purity.  The federal government contributes to public health in six ways:

    1. Setting health goals, policies and standards
    2. Financing
    3. Protecting public health
    4. Collecting and disseminating information about US public health and health-care delivery systems
    5. Building infrastructure of public health
    6. Managing services

    The federal government has had a limited direct role in public health deferring to state and local government until recently.  Our Constitution equally divides public health responsibility.

    1. The Executive Branch establishes health regulations although not directly and ENFORCES public policy.
    2. The Legislative branch of the government at all levels enacts laws, develops policy, and allocates authorization and funding for policy.
    3. The Judicial branch is to interpret the laws and adjudicate disputes (Gostin, 2000).

    In the words of Lord Ashton, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Powell, 2001)  With the new health-care reform it is obvious that the checks and balances established by our Founding Fathers are out of whack.

    State Departments of Health are responsible to develop codes, determine what diseases are notifiable, sanitation standards for local commerce and health issues.  Each state clearly enacts health laws and regulations.


    Federalism is the term that defines the pattern of relationship between national, state, and local governments in America.  The Constitution of the United States reserves certain powers for the federal government and delegates the remainder to the states.  Although the Constitution is silent on local government, it has created a situation in the United States in which:

    • The federal government has the money
    • The State government has the authority
    • The local government has the problem

    This problem is traced back to Thomas Jefferson and the Federalist Papers.  What this means is that the money appropriated by the federal government will have to pass though several bureaucracies each with slightly different rules until the money gets to the local level.  It is a given that the person writing the check has the control, whoever they may be.

    Constitutional Cracking

    The United States is a Republic, not a democracy, despite what you hear everywhere from the marbled halls to the news venues.  We have a solid Constitution and Bill of Rights which are bestowed upon us from God and cannot be taken or altered at whim.  We can all see that our form of government is under assault.  Can the Constitution and Bill of Rights be cracked?  The gauntlet was thrown down to professionals, to lawyers, to educators to find a way or means to shatter the United States of America.  Two breaches were found that could accomplish this task:  environmentalism and the historic loophole of emergency management, particularly as it applied to human and animal health.  Both methods involved exploiting a series of created and natural events seizing the opportunity to turn a minuscule hole in the dike into a dam breaking experience.  For years these events have incrementally reduced freedom, privacy, and ownership in countries around the globe including the US.  A gigantic breach to liberty appeared after the events of September 11, 2001.  Today, in 2010, we are seeing the UN vision of total food control come into view.  An agricultural conference was held in the middle of March 2010, the NIAA.  The theme for this year was the rising tide of the One World, One Health Initiative that seeks to unite medical, veterinary, and food sectors into one.  When it was first presented it was introduced as a think tank theory to a group of students.  Unknowing to most it was in fact the UN vision coming together.  One of the power points presented at this conference was an Private sector Business Continuity Plan for an Animal Health Emergency.  These plans are typically known as Public-Private Partnerships.  They create a commingled hybrid of government & business following the fascist model.

    Devil in the Details

    The United Charter was created in 1945 and signed in San Francisco.  A subsequent UN Human Right Resolution containing 30 basic human rights were agreed upon by UN members.  These UN rights, contrary to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights with many other founding documents, would confer by UN.  This document was signed at the 183rd plenary meeting on 10 December 1948 to resolved to create a UN with muscle:

    • Justice
    • Tolerance
    • Unity
    • Peace

    United Nations Charter, Chapter 7: Action with Respect to Threats to the Peace, Breaches of the Peace, and Acts of Aggression

    Chapter 7 of the Charter of the United Nations

    Article 39

    Anything that threatens peace, breach of peace, or an act of aggression

    The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.

    Article 40

    Call Upon the Parties to Comply

    In order to prevent an aggravation of the situation, the Security Council may, before making the recommendations or deciding upon the measures provided for in Article 39, call upon the parties concerned to comply with such provisional measures as it deems necessary or desirable. Such provisional measures shall be without prejudice to the rights, claims, or position of the parties concerned. The Security Council shall duly take account of failure to comply with such provisional measures.

    Article 41

    Baby Teeth of Decisions

    The Security Council may decide what measures not involving the use of armed force are to be employed to give effect to its decisions, and it may call upon the Members of the United Nations to apply such measures. These may include complete or partial interruption of economic relations and of rail, sea, air, postal, telegraphic, radio, and other means of communication, and the severance of diplomatic relations.

    Article 42

    Demonstration of the Rule of Force by Blockade, Air, Sea or Land

    It will unite world government, economy and religion creating a New World Order

    This Declaration is one of: Interdependence

    Should the Security Council consider that measures provided for in Article 41 would be inadequate or have proved to be inadequate, it may take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade, and other operations by air, sea, or land forces of Members of the United Nations.

    Article 43

    UN Armed Forces and Right of Passage

    1. All Members of the United Nations, in order to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security, undertake to make available to the Security Council, on its call and in accordance with a special agreement or agreements, armed forces, assistance, and facilities, including rights of passage, necessary for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security.
    2. Such agreement or agreements shall govern the numbers and types of forces, their degree of readiness and general location, and the nature of the facilities and assistance to be provided.

    When you have a global government, you must have a global police force that is omnipresent and virtually omnipotent to maintain freedom from war, living Disarmed in a Peaceful World.  This police force will cause kill people and cause much suffering.

    World Health Organization, OIE, FAO & Member States

    Global organizations, entities and member States began bio surveillance some time ago though the word has not been defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.  Leaving the word undefined technical experts must understand the term intuitively and calls for a broader synthetization of multidisciplinary professions.  As bio surveillance went global member state budgets escalated.  In 2005 the budget for the CDC was $8 billion and the median state health budget was $2.9 billion.  The total civilian biodefense funding in 2005 was estimated to be $7.6 billion with $452 million allocated for agricultural labs, monitoring and the like.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) stated its objective in 1969:  “The attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health, defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  (WHO, 2005b)

    International Health Regulations are two tools, IHR established in 1969 solely for the purpose of controlling yellow fever, cholera, and the plague, but was difficult to enforce.  IHR that was amended in 2005 expanding its power to “prevent, protect against, control, and provide an international health response” that takes into effect risk, economics, traffic, trade and tourism IHR 2005 became effective in 2007.  These regulations harmonized with the OIE, FAO, and Codex.   They see their role (as opposed to member states):

    • Daily surveillance and international intelligence
    • Determining an international health emergency such as what we saw with the 2009 H1N1.
    • Provide technical public health assistance.
    • Guidance documents
    • Contain and control (Command & control)
    • Risk verification & assessment
    • Respond to state needs regarding interpretation and implementation of their regulations.

    Biosurvellience Military Operation

    The bio-surveillance system is like a military commander who cannot see the threats he faces.  The commander relies on ‘surveillance systems’ that include reports, reconnaissance, and sensing systems to make tactical decisions.  Both military commanders and biosurveillance organizations are high-stake decision makers. They both work under pressure, with incomplete and uncertain information.  Like a military commander, a biosurveillance entity, is primarily action oriented and conducts biosurveillance as a means, not an end. Biosurveillance is a means to the end of protecting health quite in alignment with the UN.

    Just a Tabletop Exercise?

    Emphasizing Business Continuity in an Animal Health Emergency

    Speaker: Bruce Spence, National Pork Board, PPT given to the NIAA 2010

    Spence, Bruce

    Government began a new and different mode of operations after the attacks on September 11, 2001.  Government and the private sector merges with the surge of “Volunteerism”.  Reminiscent of Russia’s underground police, one would not know if the person one was standing next to was working for the government or an ordinary person who had taken the “incentive”.   After 911 the name of the game was “blend in”.

    Who are the Fed’s?

    You may have heard of the federal government’s Continuity of Government (GOG) plan.  A plan that ensures government continues in case a disaster befell America, everything else may collapse, but the government will continue.  You may not be aware but after the year 2000 businesses began adopting or harmonizing their Continuity Plan with local, state, US and international plans.

    Just before the year 2000, as America was opening her borders to the world, an epidemic of foreign animal diseases (FAD) emerged.  Are these diseases real?  Yes.  Some are natural and some are created or novel, made in many biological warfare laboratories strategically placed around the world.

    Suddenly your local farmer was thrust into a battle to fight for clean and pure local food.  The local farmer was in the best position to determine if his or her animals are healthy and if there is any impending danger to you or your family.  The government has promised to keep you safe, yet cases of food contamination are off the charts. Government officials have no answer except more control and larger government.

    Your local family farmer knows when an animal is sick, what is normal and what is not. We are always interacting with our animals, and we do not have any international conflict of interests.

    Signs a Farm Has Been Hit by Foreign Animal Disease (FAD)

    Surely, we trust veterinarians to tell us the “truth” regarding Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) threats?  In years past, the public could trust their local veterinarians.  Sadly, these days- most vets are a part of a Veterinary Association.  Veterinary Medicine merged with human medicine into One Discipline in 2012-signing a MOU Agreement in Thailand for the world. 

    The politics of those “veterinarian” associations, often adopting the policies presented representing big money, compromising their ability to tell you the truth.  Many vets have signed paperwork to turn you and your private information into the government for a mere $10.  Ten dollars, can you believe it?

    These forces need your voluntary help.  They want you to call into your vet all cases of disease.  Your vet will then call your animals problem to the Area-Vet-In-Charge (AVIC) who are under UN control.

    The UN has Determined that the key to any infectious recovery is to maintain biosecurity surveillance that will establish “Proof of Freedom.”

    You may ask, “What is proof of freedom”?  You can only obtain “freedom” by:

    • Being inspected to UN standards
    • Being tested to UN standards
    • Being vaccinated to UN standards
    • Being electronically identified to UN standards

    You must then pay for a permit or license and are verified that you are in a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  (WHO, 2005b).

    Simple enough?

    Your Constitutional absolute right in property and to do what you choose to do with your property is suspended during a foreign animal disease event.  You might think of the suspension of commerce as martial law.  For all general purposes the UN has declared “war against disease” and intervention for threats to “peace & security” and “acts of aggression” many years ago.   The UN has been ratcheting up those declarations thereby removing more and more freedom your lives.

    The Census Bullseye: It is about Getting Your Information

    The UN Military Operation Against FAD to Eliminate ‘Threats to Peace & Security’ and Eradicating ‘Threats of Aggression’

    Let’s read that again, slowly…….

    In their own words, the US and UN in tandem, are going to use your census and ‘other’ information to:

    • RESPOND, DETECT, CONTAIN disease.  The UN clearly states complete physical, mental, and social well-being. This includes all of us.
    • Eradicate and control disease.  Since we all have some ache, pain or disease- are they going to eradicate and control the disease or the host?
    • This joint response is going to regionalize and compartmentalize us into sectors-diseased or “verified free” to ensure physical, mental, or social well-being.
    • Joint response will prioritize money over people.  At the beginning of the environmental movement, it was fish over people.  That was successful with no public outcry.
    • The recovery must be quick.

    US Farms Decline into a UN Federal Para-Military Police Force

    You can almost see the international grins with this next sleight of hand.

    This was accomplished in 2006

    You can see in the Tabletop Exercise above that the Incident Command System is being set up on federalized farms.  The Incident Command System was first used in California after a disastrous fire.  Communication and organization was a real problem and the Incident Command System (ICS) evolved.  After successful implementation by Fire Services, Emergency Management adopted, refined, and perfected, the ICS System.  The ICS became NIMS after September 11, 2001.

    Each federal farm will be in a zone.  Zones are not our traditional boundaries of local, county or states.  They are based upon your threat level for disease.  The ‘hot zone’ is the ‘infected zone,’ while the ‘disease free zone’ is known as the ‘free zone.’  To accomplish this the US and the world has integrated the UN SPHERE program.

    Enter the components of the mandatory UN Traceability that was adopted by US regulation. 

    • The first pillar is Premises Identification.  Each premises is given a unique number with country asset code that is geocoded (GIS/GPS) Longitude-Latitude as we are also discovered from the 2010 Census geocoding. This unique number associated with your property transfers the first position of your property to the government and you are the slave second who takes care of the property for the government.

    These Premises Identification (PIN) numbers are for quickly:  communicating, tracing, and surveillance.  Remember, according to the powers-that-be they consider speed a success!

    • Second pillar is electronic identification of all biological life on this property.
    • Third pillar is 24/7 surveillance.

    International Federal Emergency Management Farm Premises Identification

    Below is the information flow chart on who and how communications interact between property owner, producer (farmer), and the ‘emergency’ government.

    Phase III of NAIS: Tracing

    All your information is going to public health officials.

    Now that all the pillars are in place- coordination & communication will be needed.  That means farmers and property owners will need to follow the Incident Command (NIMS) structure. 

    All of this takes Coordination: NIMS for Farmers

    This Incident Commander (IC) has her 2x4 Policies and Procedure Manual:

    The Federal Farm Enterprise

    Federal Farm Regions

    Notice that these regions are not states.  These regions also deviate from the biblical definitions.  New regions originated in the land of Shinar home of the famed Tower of Babel were men rebelled against God.

    Region:  Biblical

    2256 חֶבֶל, חֶבֶל, חֶבֶל, חֵבֶל, חֹבְלִים, מַחֲלֵב [chebel, chebel /kheh·bel/ translates as “sorrows” 10 times, “cord” 16 times, “line” seven times, “coast” four times, “portion” four times, “region” three times, “lot” three times, “ropes” three times, “company” twice, “pangs” twice, “bands” once, “country” once, “destruction” once, “pain” once, “snare” once, and “tacklings” once. 1 a cord, rope, territory, band, company. 1a a rope, cord. 1b a measuring-cord or line. 1c a measured portion, lot, part, region. 1d a band or company. 2 pain, sorrow, travail, pang. 2a pains of travail. 2b pains, pangs, sorrows. 3 union. 4 destructions.

    Federal Branch

    These branches do not follow counties.  The biblical definition of a branch gives us some interesting insights.

    Branch: Biblical

    6780 צֶמַח [tsemach /tseh·makh/12 occurrences; translates as “Branch” four times, “bud” three times, “branch” once, “that which grew” once, “spring” once, “springing” once, and “grew” once. 1 sprout, growth, branch. 1a sprouting, growth, sprout. 1b growth (of process). 1c sprout, shoot (of Messiah from Davidic tree).

    Federal Division

    Divisions are getting a little close to you.

    Division: Biblical

    4256 מַחֲלֹקֶת [machaloqeth /makh·al·o·keth/]43 occurrences; translates as “course” 33 times, “divisions” eight times, “portions” once, and “companies” once. 1 division, course, class, share, allotment. 1a division, part. 1b division, class, course. 1b1 of priests, Levites (technical term of organization).

    Federal Sectors

    Sectors are getting down the city level.

    Federal Farm Areas

    These areas could very well be your neighbor or your local family farmer.

    Area:  Biblical

    4256 מַחֲלֹקֶת [machaloqeth /makh·al·o·keth/] 43 occurrences;  translates as “course” 33 times, “divisions” eight times, “portions” once, and “companies” once. 1 division, course, class, share, allotment. 1a division, part. 1b division, class, course. 1b1 of priests, Levites (technical term of organization).

    The Federal Farm

    This is how the farms would be organized in your area.

    Farm:  Biblical





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