Mysterious Moon Gel Found by Chinese

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 Chinese media is claiming that while investigating the far side of the moon, the country’s Yutu-2 lunar rover stumbled upon a unique “gel-like” substance of unknown origin.   

Will we find out what this substance is someday?

I have my doubts. During the early days of formal geo-engineering, the 1990's, I lived near some of the earliest dumping coming from Whidbey Island, WA.  Several times, in October and November, a mysterious gel-like substance fell from the skies during a 'storm.'  It was not a little gel. It was 2 feet of gel falling on places like Casino Road in Everett.  What fell to earth was a translucent ice looking gel yet it warm.  The news said the gel substance was being sent to a laboratory for examination.  Never a word was heard about it again.  And, as I mentioned, it happened multiple times.  

Back to the moon, what we know so far: Yutu-2 discovered as it zipped through an area riddled with small impact craters. A member of the rover’s team noticed a bizarre, colorful luster in one of the mission’s recent images, so the team directed the rover to study it more closely. All we know so far is that the material  is “gel-like,” and that is exhibits an “unusual color.” Why is it that we photograph planets and distant galaxies but moon pictures always shown to the public are in black and whit?  One would think we still lived in the early 1960s. 

What could it be: The best explanation we have is that the material is not a gel,  but probably a glass made of rock or regolith that melted in a high-energy meteorite impact on the surface of the moon long ago. Vitrified rock would not be a gel-like substance.  It is glass, shiny for the most part, sometimes including bubbles from the process of vitrification.  

Yutu-2 keeps punching above its weight: After beating its one-in-two odds of crashing miserably into the surface of the moon in January, Yutu-2 has been rolling on smoothly, studying the moon’s geology as it goes. The rover has already found and analyzed pieces of the lunar mantle. There are big hopes discoveries like these will help flesh out the history of water ice on the moon and give future lunar prospectors direction on how best to harvest it.  —Neel V. Patel

This gel is truly a mystery.  I have to ponder whether it is realted to my crops turning to goo, liquefaction of the earth mantle,our atmosphere becoming the habitation of jelly-fish like sprites, and their relationship to geo-enginnering.  Are we dealing with alien technology here?



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