Mysterious Tendrils from Hell? UPDATE: The plant is identified with a dark back-story


A patron discovered what my mysterious plant is.  Dodder, and since 2012 it has been mysteriously appearing all over the US.  It is supposed to only live in temperate climates, so possibly a mutation.  I had several species of it that just appeared here this year.  It is referenced as Insidious.  

It is parasitic, killing the host plant.  It is also called strangle tare, scaldweed, beggarweed,lady's laces, fireweed, wizard's net, devil's guts, devil's hair, devil's ringlet, goldthread, hailweed, hairweed, hellbine, love vine, pull-down, strangleweed, angel hair, and witch's hair.

In the family: Convolvulaceae  1 Minute, watch it in action. 

I am wondering if this dodder has a territorial spirit attachment much like the curse tapes place alongside American roads by the Muslims used to take the ground of America.

The only way to get rid of it is a toxic herbicide or to destroy the plant.  It makes me sick because these are established plants, but I am going to pull them and burn them. 


As I was doing my gardening this week I discovered something very strange indeed!  There were these bright orange-yellow tendrils strangulating my plants.  I kid you not. 

To my horror, when I began untangling them from my plants that had peculiar characteristics such as:

They moved like the hairy snakes on Medusa of Greek mythology. 

They are not a plant, for I traced the the tendrils and there is no point of origin that I can see.

They strangulate much like a boa constrictor, encircling-round the round about the plant stem until it is chocked to death. 

When taken off their movement does not appear to be a recoil or memory such as when you unwind a hose that has been coiled.  It was life-like in its movements.  I did not leave them sitting around to migrate back to the plants.  I burned them.  There are many more out in the garden.  They do seem to have an affinity to several plants, not all. 

Yesterday, I found the giant version of these tendrils on a Siberian Mammoth Sunflower winding their way around the thick stock. 

One person commented that they look like the fibers that Morgellon's victims pull out of their skin.  Has earth herself become infested with God only knows what type of fibers? 

Are these a type of fungus that I have never seen before?

Are these a chimera between plant and animal?

Are these a hybrid between biological life and machine?

Are these engineered life forms? 

What prompted their sudden appearance?

What is their purpose?

How do you get rid of them easily, as they seem to go forever? 

Why am I sharing this?  Because we are going to begin to see things never seen before throughout history.  Some of these engineered things will not be harmful, but I dare say, most will be weaponized with some degree of lethality.  That was certainly the case with my plants. I also have been seeing various forms in the sky with this same shape or model such as sprites.

It is certainly a mystery.  If you know what they are please let me know. 


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