Naked Climate Chaos

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The photographs in this article were taken about a week ago around noon.  The sky had been blue and clear.  I am not sure why I stepped outside, but what I witnessed was incredible.  I saw many of the geo-engineered 'normalized' cloud formations that have been entered into the Cloud Atlas.  The sky quickly became a surreal chaotic swirl of cirrus clouds and nimbocumulus clouds with some clouds- utterly not recognizable marching across the sky blotting out the light. They had a dark and foreboding appearance to them with an uncomfortable energy. The sky went from sunny to dark as midnight in less than a half an hour.  It was much more dramatic than the solar eclipse three years ago.  Geo-Engineering was in high gear but it was far different that anything I have ever seen.   I would say that what I saw this day were alien skies.  Over the next five days we experienced intense thunderstorms.  Afterward, many of my plants had been damaged or stained, like orange paint splatter upon their leaves.  

Climate Chaos is here. What you are seeing is re-enchantment.  Not what God created a pristine environment but rather a refashioning of God's order and sensibility that has taken on an ecology emergency, a hybrid of crisis and that which emerges.  It is a bridge between nonhuman agency in all of its manifestations and a crisis of biblical proportion.  You see the weird weather and the abnormal skies, the freezing, hail, torrential rain, and scorching sun.  These changes have severe geopolitical implications and human security threats whether they are in the form of water resources, food supply, or regional weather patterns that will determine if you can shelter in place or must flee.

Climate Change was originally discussed in terms of its ecological and environmental impacts rarely touching that it is a direct national security threat. The DoD has formally recognized the weaponized weather with references to it in the Air Force 2025, a research paper entitling weather as athreat multiplier.

Just as weather has many forms, unique micro-climates, and niches we begin to include this diversity of climate chaos into the context of conflict and other global events.   

Climate Chaos is not isolated, a stand alone event.  Just like wildfires create their own micro-climate Climate Chaos intensifies threats and becomes a major threat in its own right.  We can neither ignore the spiritual, environmental, nor the other factors that are key pieces to the puzzle of global events. 

Image by Celeste

The Competition

From government to media we have been informed that we had entered an era of competition, much like the gladiatorial Colosseum's of Rome. The baring of natural resource wealth in the polar regions lure profiteers to explore, extract,  militarize, and for a select few- access to untapped vistas.  The poles are rapidly becoming the modern Gold Rush. 

The 2019 DoD Arctic Strategy explicitly expresses our desire to maintain supremacy in the region and counter Russian and Chinese incursions. Multiple Arctic nations are proactive Climate Chaos.  While it is being touted that American inaction will grant these states the opportunity to insert themselves and gain a foothold it is not that straight forward.  Back around 2006 a Washington State cattlemen delegation went to Australia to in a nutshell determine the best way to implement the animal version of the beast system.  When Americans struck up the conversation with the Australian's they said that if the, "US does not want to participate in Saturnalia, giving tribute to Rome, then we will gladly garner their position in the global markets."  Now we see the same model playing out with Climate Chaos.  What behind the scene tributes are being paid?  To whom are they being paid, to participate in the global market?  Is this why America is not taking an aggressive Climate Change role?  Nothing we can do will solve Climate Chaos.

Image by Celeste

Bugged to Death

As I live in the wilderness, on a farm, I am beginning to notice surges in certain troublesome populations such as rodents and insects.  Just today I saw an unnatural swarm of ants.  Many of the surging populations are vectors for infectious diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, cholera, and Lyme disease.  These are all expected to worsen with the extreme Climate Chaos.  The increased precipitation will increase the life expectancy of vectors such as mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents.

The global health infrastructure is deteriorating due to the United Nations demand for universal healthcare.  This will only amplify the spread of these and other diseases.  Global connectivity, by design, will change the geographic distribution of pathogens and their hosts.

Melting permafrost in the Arctic is releasing diseases that we have not encountered in hundreds or even thousands of years. Earth's ancient life forms are awakening after 40,000 years in the permafrost according the Nature (even though the article time frame only goes back a little over a hundred years). 

The permafrost acted as a protective barrier for the globe against viruses, bacteria, and other unknown life forms. 

In 2016, thawing permafrost in northern Siberia melted to reveal an anthrax infected reindeer carcass leading to dozens of hospitalizations and the death of a 12-year-old boy, as well as over 2,300 reindeer.

This is a lethal portent. 

Image by Celeste

Swallowed by Raging Waters

Yesterday I was watering in my greenhouse when the thunderstorm rolled through.  It was accompanied by severe hail followed by torrential rain.  It was as if the fountains of heaven had opened up.  When I was in Emergency Management, we kept a keen eye on the increasing threat of urban flooding and destructive rains.  These are the kinds of rain where you get a year of rain in a day or maybe an hour.

Did you hear that the White House, Pentagon and other installations and agencies were just flooded?  While this has the signature of Climate Chaos it could also be part of the ongoing weather warfare.  It is interesting that before these events took place government began decentralizing them and scattering them across America for purposes of continuity.  In 2018, extreme weather events damaged one Marine Corp base and two Air Force bases costing over $8 billion dollars of repairs.  Norfolk Naval Shipyard has experienced nine major floods in the last ten years. 

Image by Celeste

Mass Migration

A report by the World Bank found that climate change increases migration through various existing drivers, such as “depressing rural wages, raising agricultural prices, shaping exposure to hazards, and stressing ecosystems.”  We need to keep in mind that the World Bank clings to the Global Warming agenda distancing themselves from the far greater threat of a Pole Shift with the likelihood of an Ice Age in the not to far future.

Nevertheless, the World Bank report that by 2050, more than 143 million people across these regions could be forced to move within their own countries to escape the impacts of Climate Chaos. This massive amount of migration will compound resource scarcity and aggravate the potential for civil unrest.

Engineered rural to urban migration will continue to increase as population growth and resource scarcity compel more and more people scramble to survive. Urbanization itself has significant military implications. Large masses of disillusioned, economically disadvantaged people vulnerable to disease and unrest will gather in dense urban areas.  It is an absolute certainty that the military Army will conduct operations in dense urban environments.

Image by Celeste


We read in the Bible about the earth wobbling like a drunkard but that instability spans in the spiritual, physical, psychology, and sends shock waves throughout the Laws of Nature.  The collapse of the magnetosphere impacts our mental and physical well-being amplifying the impacts of Climate Chaos. 

We can expect an increase in conflict, violence, and horrors we cannot yet imagine as people being to do anything that it takes to survive. 

Already, some countries must have a military escort for food supplies.  Once famine goes global:

  • It will be nearly impossible to secure food at any price
  • Growing food will become near impossible

We will see uprisings such as never been seen before. 

Image by Celeste

These are only a few of the geopolitical implications Climate Chaos brings. Climate Chaos will continue to act as an accelerant for instability. 

As Climate Chaos deepens you should be mindful of your Creator and His son Jesus who gave His life that you might have eternal life.  The next few years will not be a enjoyable.  Find your strength abiding in Jesus Christ for there is more security with Him than with armies of men. 


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