NASA's Mission to Blanket the Earth with Lasers

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Fire from Heaven Continues 2024...

The following is a dated video but is understandable for even a small child.  NASA has been experimenting with laser optical communications at least publicly since 2013.  Fast communications sound great!  What are the risks?
  • Precision weaponry
  • Precision fires as we saw with Paradise and Maui
  • An intergrated communication with the Synthetic Biology inserted into our bodies without our consent.
  • The ability to manipulate or destroy the whole or any part of a biological system.
  • Precise Direct Energy Weapon
  • Nanowire lasers engineer a mimicry of original coherent light, but by-pass, God who makes light and His original Light.

Nobody knows the dangers of this, and yet we may well live to see the consequences of man interfering with Divine Light.

May your light be found in His Light,



Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine going where angels fear to tread.

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