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Censored:  Slaughter in Progress

The facts you need to make the decisions between life and death


This article is dedicated to all the victims who were and are being slaughtered as a result of the laws and policies mentioned in this article.

This is no way a condemnation against physicians and nurses, unless you are participating in this depopulation event by" just doing your job."

  • International Stamping Out Manual
  • Federal Regulation
  • State Law
  • ICD10 Codes for Execution in  War
  • Quarantine=Medical Custody
  • Legal Permissiveness


You may have noticed that dealing with the time-honored medical profession is now very different than what you have previously dealt with.  This is a BOTTOM-LINE review of the slaughter in progress.  All original humans, referred to by the military as Old Humans, are being depopulated by 2025.



Asilomar 1...1975

  GMO ALL LIFE:  The Beginning

At noon on February 27, 1975, the curtain descended on the first act of what is likely to go down in the history of science as the recombinant DNA controversy.  LINK 

The decision was made to genetically modify ALL life on earth.

Furthermore, it was decided NO CONSENT was necessary.

Asilomar 1 was followed by two more Asilomar conferences to complete the Evolutionary Trilogy:

Asilomar 2...2010


the Planet

Asilomar 2 Geoengineer or Terraform the earth for new life forms LINK that would populate the new classification of life known as the PhyloCode.  LINK


HHS Communicable Disease Regulation  2016

There is the federal HHS 88-page HHS Control of Communicable Disease Regulation that was introduced August 15, 2016 and went into regulation October 2016 dictating what happens during a communicable disease event. LINK


Asilomar 3...2017

AI Framework, Planetary Management


Two Pandemic Exercises... 2018

Event 201, a normal pandemic exercise

Clade X, a pandemic exercise of a novel life-form weapon

States begin integrating the HHS Communicable Disease Regulation into their respective state laws. 

In other words, it is the law of the land at both the state and federal levels.

Example of how North Dakota implement the federal regulation:  LINK


The SARSCoV2 Release...2019

Everyone knows the story so it does not bear repeating.


Here is How the Slaughter Process Works!

If anyone takes anyone to the hospital or medical facility they will be tested.  

That test will be positive for COVID.

Under current federal and state law that person must be QUARANTINED, either at the facility, hospital, or a United Nations SPHERE DESIGNATED HOME. 

Quarantine is another name for MEDICAL CUSTODY.  If you value your loved one DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR CUSTODY TO ANOTHER PERSON OR ENTITY. 

The 88-page federal (and now in many state laws) regulation MAKES IT A CRIME TO REMOVE A PERSON IN CUSTODY. 

THE CRIMINAL PENALTY uses an Infraction Matrix that can cost you:

  • Millions a day
  • Fines
  • Jail time plus fines, and jail time

It is so much per infraction, per day. It was designed to bankrupt the average American of all assets in less than a week.  I was involved in opposing this back in the day.

These penalties are applicable to the facility or hospital facility, as well as the person removing their loved one from a quarantine facility.

Your loved one will be provided End of Life "Humane" Treatment.  Starvation and dehydration are billable and payable under the ICD10 Codes. Three to five things will happen in the hospital under this using the Hospice Model for End of Life "humane" termination:

  • Dehydration
  • Starvation
  • Injectable drug to slow their respiration
  • Remdesivir
  • Ventilation
  • MISADVENTURE (this is a catch all for any terminating life)

As we wade through the ICD10 Codes, anything bracketed are my comments.  Please excuse my formatting.  I was balancing many documents with embedded formatting.  I did not have time to reformat this material.  Please extend grace, it is the information that counts. 

Military Biological Operation

The current SARS-CoV-2 is a military biological weapon. Let's take a look at the 2022 ICD10 Code:

Things you should note are:

  • These are military biological weapons used against civilians, we the people (a weapon, as recently defined by Dr. James Giordano, is: "something to contend with the people").
  • They advise not billing this code for reimbursement because there are other codes to bury it.  Why?  Plausible deniability.
  • The American version is very different than other countries versions.  Why?  Different operations for different countries as they kick the Directed Evolution depopulation slaughter around to discover the most effective methods.

2022 Legal Interventions "Permissivities" for Slaughter

Read the following and weep.  Only one of two requirements are necessary for your execution:

1.  A military operation

2.  Collaboration of two medical physicians

Dr. James Giordano, intimately involved in technological weaponry and policy, said in a recent presentation, which he admits are operational or close to operational:

  • 3 references to Volatility
  • 3 references to Violence
  • 7 references to Bellicosity (war)

And, at the 47:58 mark, "ethics that may give rise to certain permissivities." The Medical Military Complex has been increasingly taking the high ground of "ethical and moral permissivities," throwing out all morality and ethics without a whimper from the public. 

Stamping Out of the "Animals"

This Stamping Out Manual used to be freely available on the Internet but it has been turned into a book for sale at Amazon.   Here is one sanitized version that remains online: LINK.  Download it now because it may not be available too long if it gets attention.

It should be no surprise to you that the United Nations defines humans as animals. 

Stamping Out Manual METHODS OF DESTRUCTION...2005 

3.1 Firearms (rifles and guns)
3.2 Captive-bolt pistols
3.3 Pithing
3.4 Other physical methods
3.4.1 Dislocation of the neck (can be construed as decapitation)
3.4.2 Electrocution
3.4.3 Decompression
3.4.4 Exsanguination (bleeding out,  think hemorrhagic fevers and such)
3.5 Gaseous agents
3.5.1 Carbon dioxide
3.5.2 Gaseous anaesthetic agents
3.5.3 Hydrogen cyanide gas
3.5.4 Carbon monoxide
3.5.5 Methyl bromide
3.6 Injectable agents

Bottom Line:  Humans are animals in their eyes.  In 2005 the UN tasked Australia to develop a Stamping Out (depopulation) Manual.  Once it was Beta-Tested, the UN adopted it.  As you review the following ICD10 Codes you may want to explore the Stamping Out Manual.

2022 ICD-10-CM External Causes Index  (Legal Human Execution)

Yes, you may have read through this list in the last couple years. but did you examine it in its entirety in the context of the biological-physical war that we are experiencing?  It must be viewed with our current context.

It is my opinion, that Dr. James Giordano is aware that 2022 will be one of violence, volatility, and war.  We would expect to witness considerable fatalities of war mentioned above.   

    Execution by Beheading-Decapitation

    (by guillotine) Beheading (by guillotine)
    Beheading (by guillotine) > homicide
    legal execution

    - see Legal, intervention Beheading (by guillotine) > legal execution

    What About Dehydration?

    Dehydration is cleverly disguised as: Volumetric depletion.  LINK

    Death by Starvation (Other Deprivation)

    ICD-10-CM CodesS00-T88 Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes
    T66-T78 Other and unspecified effects of external causes
    Effects of other deprivation T73

    Effects of Other Deprivation T73-

    Deprivation is not necessarily under the category of execution but is a billable and payable procedure. LINK 

     Misadventures in Medical Custody and Military Ops

    Beware!  Anything can fall into the little known category of Medical Misadventures.  So your loved one dies.  It is a misadventure and buried under other codes so that nobody will ever know the real cause.

    Repealing Regs and Laws

    A MEMORANDUM OF OPPOSITION OR SUPPORT is necessary for your voice to be heard.  A phone call, letter, or email is not counted in to the official record.  This process gets your voice into the permanent official record.  The agency, committee, or politician may not proceed without examining your memorandum testimony.  They are held liable for memorandums using this process.  In other words, they cannot get "lost" or round filed.

    • A memorandum includes the following:
    • Your contact information including email and cell phone
    • Insert the name of the bill or regulation you are addressing.
    • If you are addressing a hearing, committee, or public official put that information here.  (Be specific)
    • Statement of Facts on how and why this impacts you.
    • You may include attachments and hyperlinks in the Statement of Facts.
    • Request for Action
    • Declaration including your name and date


    If you are sending by email or mail get a return receipt to ensure it does not get lost en route. 

    This is food for thought.  Choose your decisions wisely!


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