Why Coronavirus is One World Governance for All of Us

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Coronavirus, One Health, Global Governance


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     “The time has come," the walrus said ...” Lewis Carroll

Maybe you believe that global governance is a good thing, but I do not hold that view myself.  I have been writing and speaking on One Health for two decades.  The stage was set by the One Health Congress in 2011 (yes, the same year as Fukushima) and the next year began the annual Davos One Health forum to translate ideas into action. A cascade of invisible actors jumped on board including the USDA, World Bank, Bill Gates Grand Challenges, the National Park System, the US military is under One Health Command, and even the field of medicine, merging human and veterinary medicine through a Memorandum of Understanding, LINK, signed quietly in Thailand in November 2012. 

Yes, the stage was set and all that was needed was the release of a bioweapon.  What you need to keep foremost in your understanding is that Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease meaning that it can pass from animal to animal, animal to human, or human to human.

The management of zoonotic diseases is governed by the United Nation in a tripartite called the Terrestrial Animal Health Code, Aquatic Code, and Manual for Diagnostics and Vaccinations.  Each document originally had 1500 pages, but under the Living Document principles, it has been added to each May. 

Yes, it is time the powers that be feel for global governance For All of Us.  The same NIH and CDC who is managing the Coronavirus in the United Stated.

As a new year and decade dawned I clued you in that on Sunday, December 29, 2019, by Senator Dianne Feinstein, the U.S. Senate Passed a Bipartisan ‘One Health’ Awareness Month Resolution for January 2020, declaring the Linkages Between Human, Animal and Environmental Health.  What the resolution does is publicly promote the collaboration between public, animal and environmental health scientists.

After Feinstein's announcement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came out of the closet declaring, One Health: It’s for All of Us, LINK.

One Health is a relatively new term being used by health experts – including at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – to better focus on the linkages between human, animal and environmental health and the need to develop comprehensive solutions.

“Our resolution will hopefully draw attention to the need for holistic approaches to addressing human health that take into account changes in environmental and animal health. With diminishing resources and a growing human population, fighting problems with a ‘One Health’ approach must be encouraged now more than ever.”

What you are probably unaware of is the roots of One Health and that during the 1990's it was determined by the United Nations and academia that humans lost the primacy given to them at creation and are now legally below any creature, even lower than a single cell organism. 

Sociologist on 'Synergy of Project Save the World' and the One Health

On January 18, 2020, the One Health Initiative website published the work of Professor Emeritus Metta Spencer, Ph.D.   Dr. Spencer is president of Science for Peace, a Canadian organization of natural and social scientists based in Toronto.

Millions of people around the world are actively working to save humankind from six global catastrophes: war and the proliferation of weapons (especially nuclear); global warming; famine; pandemics; radioactive contamination; and cyberattacks. Since these disasters are causally interdependent, we would benefit from addressing them as a system, rather than as separate problems. Indeed, a brief set of policy changes could greatly reduce the risk of them all.

 In May 2018, a two-day forum met in Toronto with the intention of compiling just such a list of proposals. After listening one day to experts on the six threats, the participants gathered in break-out groups and chose the 25 that became the “Platform for Survival.” This list resembles the platform of a political party or the currently popular “Green New Deal,” except that it is global in scope.

In order to ‘Save the Planet’, resources have been determined to be scary.  This is a fraud perpetrated upon humanity.  The modern Dr. Mengele runs a scientific mathematical algorithm that includes your value, production, age, risks, problems, consumption.  This formula will determine if you get medical care or the neighbor’s goldfish.  You can look forward to the day when you go to your doctor you will sit next to your dog in the waiting room. It is known today as Precision Medicine. But who will get the ‘scarce resources’?

Activists and researchers addressing these problems also need a common “meeting place,” for sharing ideas and developing actions. Hence Project Save the World was formed after the forum.

There is a great similarity between Project Save the World itself and “One Health,” in that both approaches are alert to the common origins of a problem in “inter-disciplinary” factors. For example, One Health physicians and veterinarians can jointly work on diseases caused by the same pathogen or by a common environmental hazard.

Likewise, Project Save the World recognizes that famine and pandemics go together, and is often caused more by political factors than by nature or technology or the economy. Moreover, they believe war and weaponry can both cause, and be caused by natural fluctuations of weather although these groups ascribe that humans cause all the woes to the world, including the weather.

All of these global threats are linked. Cyberattacks are obviously but a new form of warfare. Radioactivity from such sites as Chernobyl, Hanford, Fukushima, the Marshall Islands must be addressed either by shutting down all nuclear power and plutonium production plants.

Hence we see great overlap between One Health and Project Save the World. Both pay attention to the connections among phenomena that may go beyond the professional expertise of the practitioner. Each requires, therefore, partnerships with other professionals.

Project Save the World and One Health are transnational and transdisciplinary approaches working together as United Nations puppets, communicating and mobilizing their activists to save the world.

In a nutshell, what do these extremists want?  To change your behavior and then kill you for the utopian post-human world.

Raw Power Emergence

The mighty force of the UN is about to exert their power as fearful people clamor for anybody or anything that might save them.  Today the UN has the following powers that can and will disrupt your life:

Health officials have the authority to enter your property to inspect to UN standards.

Health officials have the authority to test everything on your property to UN standards.

Health officials have the authority to vaccinate all life forms on your property.

Health officials have the authority to electronically identify all life forms on your property.

One Health will be achieved through: Fear of bugs…super bugs


.......and integration of human, veterinary, and wildlife services…

  • Merging medical schools and Departments of Public Health
  • Joint communication
  • Joint clinical care, assessment, treatment and prevention of cross-species disease transmission
  • Joint disease surveillance & control
  • Development and evaluation of new diagnostic methods, medicines and vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases cross-species disease transmission
  • Joint efforts to persuade political leaders and the public through manipulated media.


Very soon the UN and its signatory nations will require ‘Proof of Freedom’ to interact in society or travel.  Notice that “freedom” is associated with good husbandry typically associated with the care of animals by humans.  These “freedoms” will blur the distinction between humans and animals as they are equally, or unequally, applied.

Think about it for a moment…..  Each is unique and has various traits that make us and we all have pain, injury, disease at various times in our lives.  Hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, normal behavior, fear, and distress are NOT BAD traits.  We were created with these for our protection… and to live.  One Health drivers intend to eliminate these…does that mean they tend to eliminate by justification, life?  We know for certain that they intend to alter life on planet earth through various mechanisms some of which are exposed.

One Health Manhattan Principles

These twelve pillars were established through three Asilomar Framework Conferences to genetically modify all life on earth (1975), geo-engineering component (2010), and lastly the artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the planet.

1. Link people animal, wildlife, food supply environment and economies into one package.

2. Land and water. USE impact of disease emergence & spread manifestation to garner control.

3. Wildlife must be considered preeminent in cross-disease prevention, surveillance, monitoring, and mitigation

4. Human health must fit into the conservation box

5.Take all species into account and adopt a holistic (primitive) and sustainable approach to cross disease prevention, surveillance, monitoring, and mitigation (UN Traceability program)

6. Fully integrate conservation into all human needs (environment first, then people)

7. Develop novel pathogen-host relationships AND apply to agriculture, health, conservation trade, and the economy

8. Restrict mass culling of wildlife if they pose a threat to humans or their food (Read that twice)

9. Increase investment in human & animal infrastructure especially surveillance

10. Collaborate between government, local people, private and public sectors towards biodiversity conservation

11. Provide resources to support for global wildlife

12. Influence policy to integrate health & the ecosystem for a healthier planet

The Dialectic Process

How do the people molding One Health (Agenda 21 (2030) get other people to buy-into One Health and other radical ideologies? Our culture is immersed in the Dialectic Process, it is subtle and it is dangerous.  You enter the “Dialectic Compromise Zone” each and every time, anytime; you take an absolute value and apply the words, “I think,” “I want,” “I could,” or enter a conversation about your absolute value.

You Have Entered the Dialectic

                                 Compromise Zone

Let’s apply this dialectic process to a red apple.  In the past, with your traditional value system, your experience would say, “This is a red apple” (absolute).  What if someone came up and asked you, “How do you feel about this apple?”  You would go off in another direction than your absolute belief system to describe your feelings.  It is a snare.  Quite simply, this Dialectic Process causes a paradigm shift or transformation and lays the foundation for you to embrace the Dialectic where there are no absolutes, everything is relative and controlled. What would happen if the person talking to you about the apple challenged that the apple was red?  Would you say, “I think it is red.”  Or would you say, “The apple is red.”  Period, no discussion.

The way to overcome the dialectic process is to keep your absolute value system.  Do not yield.

Game On

The struggle over for legal primacy of animals over humans has been achieved.   For the last 100 years, there has been a blazing legal battle, animals vs. humans.  The result is the One World, One Health battle that now lies in front of us whether or not it triggers is the Coronavirus or another zoonotic pathogen.

What you need to do is is smile and remember Who is in ultimate control, and it is not the crafty engineers and planners who have spent millennia bringing us to this moment in time and history.

Do you know Jesus?





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