Pathos of our Great Delusion

I have been working on a project for the last two months and now it is near complete and I am ready to launch.  It is a 16-part Webinar, 'The Pathos of our Great Delusion'. 

Each module will be 1-2 hours of video on a different topic.  At the end, I am including 2-BONUS videos for free.  The entire Webinar series is $2.99. The Modules will be Monday through Friday for the next 3 weeks.

If you cannot make the LIVE broadcasts you have 21 days to view this series ON DEMAND or check out any of my videos at
Live Broadcasts will include a Q&A session.

I will have a printed edition that will be around 600 pages in PDF that you can purchase right here at when it becomes available. This printed version would make an excellent reference guide. 

The printed version includes a Biotechnology Glossary and a Spiritual Toolkit with cleansing prayers, biblical promises, directed spiritual warfare prayers to be effectual.

The Deep Dive launches tomorrow at noon Mountain time! 

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for this intensive & interactive Webinar!