Perplexing Powers of Heaven Have Begun to Shake

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And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  Luke 21

Heartbeat of God

In the beginning, God created all things He used His breath.  It was said of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, the dwelling place of God on earth at the time, that if one watched the tent would breathe in and exhale out.  With this breath, there is what one might call the Heartbeat of God.  Not as our heartbeat, but distinct from something that does not have breath or heartbeat, in essence dead.  As we approach yet another cycle in the template of creation the supernatural calendar is coming alive.  You can sense this familiar pulsing of life. 

Solar activity is carried out into the solar system by the solar wind. The solar wind interacts with the Earth's magnetic field and generates measurable ground level and atmospheric effects. For example, from the Earth's surface, using the array of observatories, in near to real-time the ultra-low frequency (ULF) geomagnetic field line resonances known as 'pulsations'. Observations of pulsations help remotely diagnose activity occurring in the plasmasphere, or one might say the condition of life.e of the scale, the grander scale of time is winding down like the recent Kp flatline days, where the sun goes silent, a still reminder of the silence of death.  One skywatcher and scientist stated that it is, “Otherworldly, outside of Earth.  It is a cosmic signal, a cosmic catastrophic signal, that we are just now beginning to understand.”

Cosmic Lightning


Consider the lightning bolt in Sennacherib in the biblical account in Kings and Isaiah.   This translation (NKJV), though technically is correct in its translation, “Surely I will send a spirit upon him”, may have considerably missed the literal impact of the event.  The most literal word should be “Blast” as in Hebrew, the word translated is ruach  (Strong’s 7307) means a wind resembling a violent exhalation, a tempest, an angry breath and by extension a region of the sky such as an air blast.  

What a difference this meaning takes!  God does not send his ‘spirit’ as some would consider his Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh.  As Sennacherib had ‘utterly destroyed’ the lands in this scorch earth massacre, so also the Lord of hosts would treat him: the king and his forces would be utterly destroyed.

Sennacherib did not bring his forces to the walls of Jerusalem on 701 B.C.E., but more than likely about 684 B.C.E.  On that day the mighty forces of Sennacherib, the king of Assyria were annihilated by a mighty bolide, “Blast”, the electrical bolt or flue of millions of volts of electricity that was heard across the land.  It incinerated the entire military force of 185,000 warriors, who were camped outside the walls of Jerusalem.  The army, lying with the ground strewn with the iron helmets, iron coats of mail, iron javelins, and iron leg armor, became a vast grounding site for a cosmic electrical bolt.  According to the prophecy of Isaiah,

Isaiah 37:6 - “And he shall hear a rumor and return to his own land, and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.’”          

Isaiah 37:36 -  “Then the angel of the Lord went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand; and when the people arose early in the morning, there were the corpses-all dead.  So Sennacherib king of Assyria departed and went away, returned home, and remained at Nineveh. 

There are other accounts from ancient men thousands of years ago, around the world, describing frightening scenes in vivid detail petroglyphs planetary lightning from the cosmos. Electricity from the heavens that sharply cut gouged and etched depressions across the face of the earth.  Each lightning bolt discharge was running wildly across the landscape producing interwoven scratches or grooves. Dr. Robert Schoch, famous for his weathering hypothesis on the Sphinx, has found both the scarring of the earth and ancient accounts from Egyptian witnesses. 

Electrical Discharges with Power to Turn Earth into Glass

Robert Schoch’s research, he discovered vitrification, superheating of the rock and sand that it turned to glass as it carved down into the surface of the earth.  The ancients described as a giant lightning bolt that knocked off the back of the Sphinx during a time of great upheaval. Furthermore, he demonstrates that this could not have been ordinary lightning, a meteor, or other vitrification mechanisms.  The bolt was particular in that it only damaged the back of the Sphinx while leaving other monuments on the Giza Plateau untouched. 

The Discharge Mechanism

What would cosmic look like, and how severe of a blast did the ancients see?   Is there any realistic physical mechanism we can identify to explain this kind of electrical discharge?  The answer is straightforward, yes, and it's like how a magnetar burst works. A magnetar is believed a type of neutron star, with a strong magnetic field, that was made during a supernova explosion, a supernova is a powerful and luminous stellar explosion of a star, such as our sun. Mostly so much energy goes through its lowest level L shell magnetic fields


 The L-shell, L-value, or McIlwain L-parameter (after Carl E. McIlwain) is a parameter describing a particular set of planetary magnetic field lines.

Return of Cosmic Lightning Described by Ancients



The discharge pathway strikes directly to the ground because it is the least resistant pathway. It has the power to literally cracks the surface of the star. The earth is set up magnetically precisely like the sun.  We have the poloidal field wrapping around the planet from pole to pole, but also the lower level shale fields at those lower latitudes the weakest of which was the recently examined by numerous plasma physicists.   Does earth face the significant risk of a micro-nova or even a superflare? It is quite possible as we share a similar electrodynamic; instead of a surge from the surface of a magnetar, the surge of energy would come from the outside.  It is worse because it would compress and push the L shells down into the atmosphere.  This is not unimaginable because this happens to a small degree with both the fields and the Van Allen belts.  Relativistic electrons have been detected from the Van Allen Belts being pushed into space weather events we see today.  In the most severe ones, the lowest level L shells need only to reach threshold energy and they will begin to discharge down to earth surface.   This is the cosmic lightning that ancient conveyed in their petroglyphs.  It is what the Egyptians witnessed, a lightning vitrification event.  Dr. Peratt, a specialist physicist in this field, agrees it's a solar disaster on the scale of a micro-nova or some form of superflare.

Explosive Display Ends Grid and Communications

This is virtually inevitable when our magnetosphere field (barrier) drops to 50% percent. The hits intensify as earth magnetosphere plummets to 30% or even 10%.  At those percentages small and frequent solar outbursts that today inflict no harm may produce arc discharge effects that threaten power grids telecom and transportation industries.  This scenario also presents a dangerous secondary for anything with copper wire that can catch fire.  CME could potentially come in your house, jump your circuit breakers contact, with those high-voltage sparks jumping small switches.  You do not have big enough switches.  Once the big power substations break their switches, we will see big arcs span through the sky. Long story short, if you are on the grid, you in danger of your house burning down.  I saw this scene in a smaller degree during the 1900s in Washington State when a violent electrical storm hit for over a week. The streetlight flashes, strobe-light power, circuits and breakers sparking, and substations going up in flames produced a surreal apocalyptic landscape around the region.  It was terrifying, and it is nothing compared to what is coming.

Consider that as more flares bombard the earth, much smaller eruptions could do considerable damage as a more significant flare would have done earlier.  Take, for instance, the 1859 Carrington Event or the May 1921 Railroad Geomagnetic storm during Solar Cycle 15 that small for a flash could potentially take out the modern power grid today right now.  A much lower event, like the one that took place in March 1989 in Quebec, or even one smaller yet, still might take out our entire power grid.

Spoiler alert:  There is an over a 50% probability that a solar flare in the next two to three years will be equivalent to the 1989 event Earth-facing that is literally going to take the grid out to one-third of the planet.  We must remember that biblical judgment often comes in thirds. 

Faith Lesson:  As the heavens light up with your signs I will give glory to your holy Name Jesus!  I shall not walk in fear but in reverence and awe of you. 

Magnetic Pole Reversal

The World Magnetic Model (WMM) just updated early our of necessity. It is a standard model of the core and large-scale crustal magnetic fields. It is used extensively for navigation and in attitude and heading reference systems by the UK Ministry of Defense, the US Department of Defense, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the International Hydrographic Organization. It is also used widely in civilian navigation and heading systems. WMM2020 consists of a degree 12 spherical harmonic model of the Earth’s main field (MF) at 2020.0.  The WMM is a model of the core and large-scale crustal fields only.  The model excluded small-scale crustal, external ionospheric and magnetospheric and their induced counterparts.

This blast itself could be the trigger that sets the magnetic reversal of earth into finality through a tremendous electromagnetic injection of the polarization of an entire body.  This was confirmed in 2019 laboratory simulations.

The harmonic song of the earth and cosmos should not come as a surprise to us, especially when associated with the number 12: 

Does not God say to Job in 38:7:

On what were its foundations set, or who laid its cornerstone, while the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

and also, in Psalm 148:3:

Praise Him, O sun and moon; praise Him, all you shining stars.

Faith Lesson:  If the very stars and earth sing praises to God how much more ought I sing praises to the God of my salvation?  My song today is:


Dangers of Electromagnetic Injection in Low Magnetosphere Conditions

The best working theory is that if the current galactic sheet exists, which the mainstream now even believes is part of the large-scale coherent galactic structure, then it will cyclically impact our solar system, just as the Sun's current sheet hits the earth every two weeks.  As the current sheet crosses the Galactic equator, it is not something that we are going to be able to avoid.  As our solar system deepens into the electric sheet, the earth may begin to react magnetically.  In this situation, the sheet affects the Sun and can produce that massive electromagnetic injection, with lightning not only inducts current to the mantle but all the way to earth’s core.  In a natural sense, this is problematic because some cosmic rays are infiltrating earth’s crust with strangelets that bore down to minutes, but we also have strangelet’s being engineered by CERN-like facilities also gravitating to the core of our planet. 

Spoiler Alert:  Potentially, one cosmic flash is all that would be needed to explode earth into a neutron-like star. 

Magnetic Excursion

Earth's transition from high-field magnetic strength to the descent of the field has been slowly edging downward in the 1800s.  An acceleration in this process began in the late 1900s.  This caused the European Space Agency, in the last two decades, to declare we had gone from:

Magnetic loss of 5% per century to Magnetic loss of 5% per decade.

Spoiler Alert:  What this means is that this is the most significant shift and deviation trend since the Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion about 12,000 years ago!  We have entered a 12,000-year cyclical event. 

Within the various scenario’s the diminishing of the magnetosphere can accelerate the collapse, pushing us over the edge.  We have had three such accelerations in 200 years.

You are Here

Extinction of the Neanderthal at 40K years when the magnetosphere was down to about 7-10% percent.

The magnetosphere quickly recovered about 20K years ago. 

During the Younger Dryas Event with the magnetosphere hovering between 25-30% percent where it remained for 3K years when it began dropping off.  It has been 12,000 years since the major reversal, and the magnetic field is changing like it hasn't done in thousands of years, making it entirely possible and something that we cannot ignore, a 12,000-year event.

We have had three accelerations already in the last 200 years, why would we think that there wouldn't be any more?

At 50% magnetosphere loss, things get way too bad to ignore.

When the dipole strength drops down below 10-15 %, we have grid failure and have life-threatening solar flares.  All biology on earth is severely impacted. 

We are at a 75% magnetic field today. The magnetic field has stabilized for now, but within 18 months it will jerk and continue its fall downward.

Spoiler alert:  Depending upon the acceleration in the rate of decline, we have 50 to 100 years, but based on the information and math, we know it is probably 10 to 30 years until things get very bad as far as the magnetosphere and life on earth.

Tracking the Magnetosphere

I do not endorse evolution but scientists do

What that means and at what point things might get worse before the full reversal is under discussion currently. This decline is much like the stock market that is in large stocks goes up and down but within the broad strokes, there are the mini-strokes that also go up and down.  The same is true with our magnetosphere. Individual regions of the world 2011 saw a downturn in the magnetosphere, which then recovered in 2012.  There was another drop in field stability in 2015.  Today the magnetic field is riding an upswing.  The unknown is precisely when earth the next downswing occurs, such as 2015, where we saw tremendously weak space weather able to inflict tremendous disruptions to the airline, telecom, transportation, and power generation industries.

Two questions should be foremost in your mind regarding the weakening magnetosphere:

1.  At what point things get too harsh for ordinary life to overcome? (anyone’s guess right now)

2.  When does the degrading magnetic field become too much for the weather to overcome?  (also, anyone’s guess right now)

At about 10% field strength, they say it may not be until the next century if there are no more accelerations.  But the pattern suggests another acceleration of the shift is due soon.

This why it is critical to track as time progresses.

Another way to view the acceleration of the shift is in the position of the magnetic poles.

In the first 73 years of official data, we saw less than a hundred kilometers of movement meaning there was less than one-kilometer motion every year.

In the last 44 years,  the distance has crept into the kilometers plural per year range.

From its starting point in 1962-1994 (32 years) having more than a decade less time, the magnetic pole exceeded the shift that took place in those four decades in the previous creeping closer to north pole motion of ten kilometers a year. I find the date of this acceleration intriguing as it was the year that the government began to purge prayer from schools.

Then things went crazy as we approach the new millennium where acceleration jumped to dozens of kilometers per year.  

Spoiler Alert:  Currently, we now stand around 40 to 50 kilometers of motion per year.  At this pace, it means that we supposedly have another 80 years or so before the magnetic poles immediate effect range would cross into the tropics, meeting at the Devil’s Triangle, near Indonesia.  This presumes we don't get any more accelerations which do increase as we head towards the collapse.   We must also factor in what the effect will the Sun have, with Sunspot Grande Solar Minimum.  At this rate of progression (with no accelerations) you are less than 20 years to zero-day was it a matter of survival for biologic life and the atmospheric weather. In the next decade, it could increase to 500 kilometers per year, demonstrating an excursion event.

We have seen both the entrance of the Grand Maximum and to drop out the last 20 years, both enduring accelerating field losses.  A dropout in solar activity is all that we forecast for the remainder of the century after this upcoming sunspot cycle.   What this scenario indicates is the visitation of a Mini Ice Age.  The Grand Solar Minimum in the early 1900s reveals that in 1911 cold events.   The Grand Solar Maximum in the 1900s and the lone dip in the middle of it is when the ice age fears tore across the globe like the global warming mongering of today.   

Harder to find information about the temperature side it wasn't as severe as the Mini Ice Age in the 1600s and running into the early 1700s.  It was not as well documented.  Being in the early 1800s, it does precede the time of modern climate records, but many county historical books and newspapers do document the cold streak.  Today, a dip in solar activity at that time is called INSERT minimum.  You can look this up on the NOAA database and the Nordic, both clearly show that drop in the early 1800s. 

It appears now that we now expect one more sunspot cycle (11 years) before a tremendous drop-off that ends the most active solar activity period in the last 11,000 years.  That does not mean that this next 11 years will be a cakewalk.  These are just approximations as there are only multiple factors in play; the Sun sunspot cycles the Earth's magnetic field.  When and to what degree the shift evolves over time, and when and at what point, does it really get bad remains elusive and why all of us need to stay vigilant keeping an eye out frequently.  Do not become apathetic relying upon the five-year updates.  The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. The government knows about this cyclical catastrophe in the making and has prepared itself while obfuscating all data and records that would help you to prepare for this climatic eventuality.  I saw the preps personally and know my father, while in the employ of Naval Warfare, was involved in many aspects of this historic transition. 
  1. Secondly, space weather effects tell us how the magnetic field.  The timing of the electromagnetic harmonics resounding singing of magnetic fields through the earth, solar system and sun remains a mystery.  This next 11-year sunspot cycle, Cycle 25, which is just beginning to animate upon the face of the sun, could be the last sunspot cycle before the Grand Minimum.  If this is the case, it will be our last chance to hear her song before the descent.

Faith Lesson:  What measures am I taking for my spiritual future and if I am lead by the Holy Spirit -physical survival, specifically addressing what my body will need to endure as the magnetosphere collapses?

Signs in the Sky

 A cosmic clock and calendar are embedded within the heavens and in the Bible.  Therefore, we can understand that previous civilizations have lived, although they were not created in the Divine Image.  They came, and they went extinct as the clock and calendar progressed until its final moments.  The sun has spent 60% of her time going through the spiral arms of the Milky Way. 

As indicated in Holy Scripture, we cannot just look at the earth, sun, and moon. To get a thorough understanding of where we are at regarding cosmic catastrophe, we must examine the grander scale in the physical heavens.  Do we see evidence outside the Sun and the earth of such a cataclysm?  Those gazing into the heavenly see numerous nova events, superflares, as well as galaxy gamma bursts, and Type 1 X-Ray Bursts from pulsars. These events are the unique Biggest-of-the-Biggest and are so distant and obscured by dust clouding our vision that we can only broadly see the heavenly landscape and not small individual things such as a solar flare.  The general has nova characteristics.   Every star will be triggered differently.  Some of the colder dwarf stars are perhaps only increasing in luminosity.

We are blessed when we have a star that flares in the closest system to our own and in the general direction of the center of the galaxy.  Much as we watch inbound weather systems astronomer track the Galactic current sheet as she hits various constellations.  In this case, the Galactic current sheet would disrupt the Alpha Centauri system or the tiny Proxima, known for decades as the ‘Beast,’ because it is a flaring star.  Recently scientists have begun detecting the most energetic flares ever there.  They are quite unlike the decades before when maximum x-ray energies from the system are now routinely hitting ten times the previous ceiling with one burst being 10 times higher and approximately a hundred times greater than the previous roof.   How does this work?

The Alpha Centauri system appears to have entered the Electric Current Sheet creating a superflare in 2012. It was four light-years away from earth, so it took until 2016 to see with telescopes.  Peer journals and news did not begin their discussion on the phenomena until 2018.   How close is our sun to entering the Electric sheet nobody knows so we watch for signs in our nearest neighbors in the heavens?  Star flaring is a sign that the Electric sheet is coming closer to our solar system and earth. 


Solar System Heliosphere plasma ripple in the 22-year cycle

As this sheet approaches our solar system, are we seeing evidence that it is already beginning to affect the magnetic field of the planets, including earth? We may not be able to say the culprit is the galactic current sheet interaction. 

Mars, we are seeing seismicity surging.

Earth is showing geomagnetic and pre-seismic electromagnetic anomalies.   

Saturn, there was the once every 30-year superstorm that arrived a decade earlier than it was supposed to arrive a couple of years ago.  Also, there was a coronal mass ejection (CME) that hit the planet during the last solar cycle maximum

Uranus had record-breaking solar storm activity complementing the brightest auroral activity seen on the planet during the last sunspot maximum.  This should indicate to us that there is a change in its magnetic field interactions with the solar winds. 

Venus has shown changes in numerous ways from accelerating winds, planet rotation speed, to extreme brightness again during the last sunspot maximum which we do expect to see again as maximum sunspot returns in the coming Jupiter has seen the most changes in that the atmosphere has changed more than the combination of Saturn-Venus-Uranus and most importantly, it's radio signal is changing something never seen before!  This is produced by its magnetic field and resulting radiation belts.  Electrons caught in the magnetic fields, accelerated to high energies, emit those electromagnetic frequencies resulting in a change or new never-before-seen event.   


Galactic Electric Sheet Ripples

There is no way to tell for sure if our planetary anomalies are associated with Proxima Centauri super flare or from more massive magnetic shifts such as getting hit by the current galactic sheet.  If our planets are being influenced by the sheet, then we would soon be expecting changes to our sun. 

If you want to drill down, one can look to the second closest star to us in the direction of the galactic center.  The next star in line to get hit with a sheet that we should be seeing, in a line, if this theory is correct would be Barnard star.  It is just two more light-years away than Centauri and it was long thought to be quiet and non-flaring in its old age.  It is believed to be much older than the Sun and without much energy, having a rotation speed of a hundred and thirty days.  But in 1998 (actual flare date -1992), it unleashed the first-ever detected flare at that star. It was an extraordinary event that more than doubled the normally stable temperature of its spectral emission.

Was this the Galactic sheet?  As if in a line from the galactic center- star systems are showing signs, our solar system planets are showing signs, earth has indicators.  These appear to be signs of how a super galactic wave would present to us.   

If such is the case, our sun is next in line. 

The evidence points to a horrifying story that the CIA’s Chan Thomas wrote about in The Adam and Eve Story.  Once declassified, Suspicious Observers, Suspect Sky, and Oppenheimer Ranch -citizen science teams doing due diligence, to expose the stories, share the scientific truth of the situation, and what lies on the horizon.  

Faith Lesson:  What can I do to prepare my mind to not be perplexed at this situation that seems so large.  Help me Lord Jesus to go into this with the faith of King David when he went against Goliath and help me to have the courage and the face of Stephen who was martyred for your Namesake if I must meet the cosmic Electric Current Sheet outbursts.

Extinction and Practical Considerations

There are discernible six extinction cycles that match magnetic excursions. Whether it is extinction or disruption level event, you want to be in good shape when the radiation rises. 

Extinction does not mean that every man and woman will die because people have survived through these events.  What is evident from antediluvian civilizations is that civilizations, kingdoms, and empires do collapse.  Other life forms may go extinct, while others may flourish in the newly formed environments.  Nevertheless, it is a horrible catastrophe beyond anything you might imagine.

While some people differ on their take of an extinction-level event history show, some people and species make it through.  As we begin to formulate preparations in our minds, we must think of physical practicality but more importantly, keep our spiritual destination in our plans.  In the first stages of an extinction-level event, some people will make it, as in the past.  This may be the last cycle of which the Bible talks about where life takes its first step into supernatural eternity.  Therefore, it is critical to stay out of the beast system hive.  The United Nations knew this cycle was coming and prepared for it by driving people away from preparations of any kind by giving them false information and setting up a massive global empire and tax system during the cosmic changing of the guard.


Carbon 14 and Beryllium increase with cosmic rays and when it gets colder

Research on extinction-level events correlated explicitly to spikes in Beryllium-10 (10Be) a radioactive isotope of beryllium. It is formed in the Earth's atmosphere, mainly by a cosmic ray of nitrogen and oxygen.   A recent paper which just came out in July has extrapolated it further.  Antarctica beryllium data have a direct correlation with ultraviolet light and so-called Mini Extinction Events and the much larger 41K year extinction of the Neanderthal – that saw the highest spike in UV on earth for five million years.  This is a UV spike that clearly is UV A&B and would see on the surface of earth trouble for plants.  UV A&B will affect the food cycle. I am already seeing plants literally burning up from ultraviolet radiation outside which is one more reason that I recommend indoor gardening.

Back when the internet first came online, one of the first web pages up was the UN Desertification and Biodiversity website.  The UN knew certain species were going to be directly affected, especially in arid climates because when we enter these magnetic excursions, there are areas that get desertified, while other regions get incredibly moist. Weather patterns shift to extreme and chaotic.  Isolates of whole groups of a biome will die off while others will survive by adapting or through mutations.   

The primary consideration for these types of events is to consider your eternal destination.  If your plan is to survive and thrive physically during a solar proton storm raining down on earth, ancients, elites, and others have sought refuge in subterranean labyrinths.  You will need to have seed saved besides your food storage.  When your food runs out what do you want to eat you will need to replenish.  Monsanto has bound most of the world’s commercial crops into locked-in contracts where only the company can provide seeds.  They are working as partners with the US government which is why despite substantial public support for organic foods, the US government turns a blind eye.  They know what is coming.  Commercial agriculture will be over because working infrastructure the power grid and everything else will be gone.  You cannot turn to farmers as in other extinction events because they have been stripped of their seeds.  Many farmers are giving up farming and with each day- and year-old skills will be lost. 

Have you accounted for the nuclear radiation from defunct power plants that will be unleashed once the grid goes down?  Radiation, from power plants and cosmic rays, will kill or mutate plants and animals.  Hunting game will be like playing Russian Roulette as wildlife has been seeded with diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease to depopulate any small human enclaves who manage to survive. Are you familiar with wild eatables?  Do you know how to store and eat roots and vegetables indoors?  Can you grow microgreens and mushrooms? Do you have a plan for a UV proof home?

Faith Lessons:  How do I protect myself from absorbing and believing fake news and especially DeepFakes? 

The Gravity of the Situation

You must understand the gravity of the situation that we find ourselves in.  We need to prepare spiritually and physically for the signs in the sky that Jesus said would occur just before His return.   The redemption clock is ticking, and you need to act quickly to ensure spiritual and physical preparations.   Try growing and live off a small backyard garden, grow food in container gardens on your porch that can be moved indoors when needed.  Grow food in your windowsills.  Avoid large cities, especially SMART cities, the military has plans-terrible plans.  I can assure you, you do not want to be there closed in.   

We live in a breathtaking period in history where calendars, clocks, prophecies, and history are converging.  We have the opportunity to see the grandeur of God at work as He purges evil or we can take the perspective of only seeing the doom and gloom of the moment while missing the panorama of redemption. The cosmic and planetary situation is very fluid.  We must all be vigilant in keeping our eyes open on the changing situation.  Look up my friends, for our redemption drawth nigh. 

Blessings for a safe and uneventful 2020,



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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