Police Powers: The Dreaded Door-to-Door Knock


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On July 6, 2021, the U.S. president announced his administration has launched so called “strike forces” to go door to door in local communities to assist with vaccination efforts.

This effort is a manifestation of global powers to GOVERN YOUR HOUSEHOLD for the global political economy.


Historically, governance is achieved through two means:

  • Self-autonomy, based on biblical principles
  • Law & police

Governing from self-autonomy means the father exercises his authority over all his household, which includes his dependents - wife, children, and slaves. In Latin this is called mund (protection or guardianship). The father’s mund was not absolute nor permanent. For instance, when sons came of age they were no longer under his authority.  Instead, they were sui juris meaning that the father was no longer liable for the harm they may cause as adults.  Religious institutions also have their mund. 

The householder’s authority to extinguish external threats to his home was unquestioned and originally unlimited.  As such any household owner could require compensation for any violence of any kind (to include verbal violence) occurring within the confines of his home. 

From the perspective of law, the state institution is a manifestation of free and equal persons. The function of the law is to manifest and protect the autonomy of its constituents, all aspects both private and public.

From the police perspective it is to manage and govern your household.  The police state sees itself as the paterfamilias (male head of the household) and seeks to maximize the welfare of itself (global governance) rather than your household.

So, what constitutes governance and obedience?


The godly father:

  • The superior should be obeyed as a father with respect due him so as to not offend God in his person.
  • But it shall pertain chiefly to the superior to see that these precepts are all observed and, if at any point has been neglected, to take care that the transgression is not carelessly overlooked but is punished and corrected.
  • He must show himself an example of good works toward all.

Let him admonish the unruly, cheer the fainthearted, support the weak, and be patient toward all.  1 Thessalonians 5:14.

Let him uphold discipline while instilling the fear of God.

We must understand the concept of an outlaw:

  • Outlawry is self-inflicted; something you do to yourself.
  • Its punishment merely recognizes a state of affairs created by the outlaw, through his actions.
  • The outlaw is outlawed because he has revealed himself as or transformed himself into an outlaw.

Outlawry is exclusion. Although a community may exclude the outlaw, the outlaw himself has caused his own exclusion. It cements his status as an outsider.  He belongs nowhere and to no one (in the physical at least).

Outlaws are not merely lawless, but lordless as well.  Any lordless man, anyone of whom no right can be had, poses a continuous threat as a suspicious and dangerous person.  He must be viewed as a rogue and vagabond. 

Let us listen and take note:

Breach of the king’s (king as in the head of household) peace was an act of personal disobedience, and a much graver matter than an ordinary breach of public order; thus, making the wrongdoer the king’s enemy. The notion of the king’s peace appears to have had two distinct origins.  First, the special sanctity of the king’s house, which may be regarded as differing only in degree from that which usage is attached to the homestead of a free man. Second, the special protection of the king’s attendants (his family) and servants, and other persons who he thought fit to place on the same footing. 

After the Norman Conquest this became the general safeguard of public order. More coming on this topic in Part 2…


It might surprise you to know that non-humans are property under the law in all fifty states.

The legal thinghood of a non-human can include animals that have existed continuously since the dawn of law in near eastern and western legal systems.  Slavery is considered a thinghood.

Animal’s rights emerged of late from an ideology known as the Great Chain of Being.  Animals are not humans nor inanimate objects. 

Presently the law has two clearly separate categories:  1) property and 2) juristic persons (a body recognized by the law as being entitled to rights and duties in same way as a natural person). This has somewhat changed since the new century with humans being usurped by animals placed in a position of primacy, reversing the biblical order of life.

What about genetic material of a living creature and patent law?  What about research animals injected with the genomes of human beings such as the humanized mice? The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has patents on chimera, which are hybrid animals created from the genetic material of more than one species. 

The goal was not necessarily to engineer chimeras but to OWN THE PATENT and therefore, prevent others from doing the same. What this means is that if you become a chimera you would be patented and owned. At first the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declined the initial patent citing that chimera contain human genetic material, thereby violating the rule for the patenting of human beings.  Yet, Baylor University succeeded in getting a patent for humanized mice – mice genetically modified with human material. 

The very first patent application was for the use of microorganisms to clean up oil spills. At first, a ruling determined that the microorganisms could not to be patented; however, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected that ruling and consequently allowed living creatures to be subjected to patenting. 

As science progresses, human/non-human distinctions are going to become blurred and ancient precepts will become arguably irrelevant. Any change in the current order could greatly influence the curse of genetic engineering and other biotechnological endeavors. We are already there.

I must note at this point that the word “person” includes nonhuman entities, such as corporations and ships. Be very careful in your speech!

Our Legal System

Our current legal system originates from Roman-Greco ideology.

Western civilization:

To be political, to live in a polis (city) meant that everything was decided by words and persuasion and nothing through force and violence.  In Greek understanding, to force people by violence, to command rather than persuade, were pre-political ways to deal with people. It is a characteristic outside of the polis of home and family, where the household rules are uncontested. Despotic powers or barbarous empires were frequently likened to the organization of a household.

They also believed that autonomy was a communal attribute and hence, played an important role in international politics. (In global governance autonomy is a communal attribute and does not belong to self).

Autonomy was applied subjectively (no equal application of laws) in a hierarchical system rather than by recognizing all parties as being treated equally. For example, the mayor receives different treatment than the ordinary citizen.

Only property heads were allowed to participate politically while all others were deemed incapable of politically contributing.  Women and children were considered chattel (tangible movable personal property).  Furthermore, the United Nations has defined ordinary citizens as chattel and thus, cannot participate in justice.

In the Greek mind during the time of Aristotle, the state was made up of households.  Each household was under the management of a chief (the politician).  The head was entitled and obligated to maximize the welfare of his household.  To this end every member of the household was at his disposal.  The whole household was considered instruments, used in the skillful operation of household management.

What we are NOW seeing is a long, slow eradication of biblical, patriarchal rule and the rising of a Greco-Roman tyrannical rule.  Therefore, all tyrannical, political creatures believe they have the right to manage your body, life, and household for the common good.

In Greco-Roman law, paterfamilis enjoyed unlimited authority to practice with virtually unlimited authority, maximizing the welfare of his household.

  • Familia means everything and everybody under the authority of Patria Protestas of the household head, namely our politicians.
  • Familia can also mean all persons are subject to paterfamilias, to include the biblical family, offspring, slaves, the political or household chief, etc.

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships are a form of global fascism.

This process began a series of complex acts determining who was a human being. Once defined, the bureaucratic government determined that a human was to be progressively deprived of all personal property and citizenship rights.  The final step in the process comes when all humans are eliminated by depopulation. The destruction process requires cooperation from every sector in society, which is why we see the Public-Private Partnership beast transform into the leviathan it is today.  The bureaucrats (along with the complicit Church) drew up the definitions and decrees and confirmed government messaging despite the contradictions to God’s Law.

Until the 20th century, only two policies were attempted in a systematic way:  1) the conversion of a person to another religion or 2) the expulsion of a person from a place/country. In the 20th and 21st centuries we see depopulation as a systemic policy of eliminating humans.  Previously, slaughter often occurred by famine and plague, but in the last century we have seen the use of technology as an instrument of human violence to escalate depopulation.

The global planetary managers have determined that you and your loved ones are expendable.  Institutional extermination programs have escalated to rid the globe of undesirable humanity. Programs, such as comfort care, are sold as compassionate and merciful killing of our elderly (believing God’s work is being done) with rarely a soul questioning the value of the soul and life of the person being exterminated.  From the marbled halls of government to the Church, all sing in unison the necessity of such extermination programs.  In WWII Goebbels wrote in his diary that “war has made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.” It was so effective that the model was used for the current pathogen policies.

In the days ahead you will see long-term, hard violence, and privation.  Be ready for it.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Through a series of technological policies, you have been made stateless, which means you can be exterminated anywhere on the planet with no refuge. 

Membership within the political community no longer guarantees you the most elemental human rights.  Your governments have sold you out because you are not good for the planet, in their opinion.  One of the first signs that you are a stateless person is the use of mandatory surveillance.  This was introduced to the world on Halloween 2005 through the National Animal Identification System, now called Traceability Program.  The Traceability program was made mandatory by the United Nations and implemented in all countries. It has three pillars:

  1. All property (including you) belongs to the government, includes an alpha-numeric asset code. Any property that has potential to earn $1,000 issues premise ID which has asset code.
  2. Electronic identification of all biological life, including an alpha-numeric asset code on your property.
  3. 24/7 surveillance

Once we were stripped of our citizenship as a human, it became legal for the state to confiscate persons and their personal property.  Furthermore, it is legal to transport humans to depopulation centers. 

We, my friends, have lost our right to life, human dignity, and God-given autonomy.

Global governance understands that no person has rights unless they have an organized community and the power to defend those rights.  This is why we see the Second Amendment war. 

FEMA Camps & Depopulation

Most of you are familiar with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Camps.  The model originated in WWII in which detainees were transferred to German “protective custody.”  Today, humans who do not die from natural means such as plagues, famines, etc. will be placed in protective custody in these now-called Public Reception Centers until all are depopulated.

Under the dominion of the government, “prisoners” are imposed a death sentence the minute they enter the system with their masters calculating the exact rate of disposition – it is all metricked out! This was first seen in the Health and Human Services Department, Control of Communicable Diseases document, dated August 15, 2016. This is why you will never know the exact numbers of people dying from SARS-CoV2 or other diseases as the statistics can and will be manipulated. 

In the bureaucratic mind, you are considered a superfluous population, the living dead that will soon be eradicated. In their mind, you are draining planetary resources to be used for their purposes.  

This process is similar to farmers who must eradicate surplus populations of, let's say cattle, due to resource issues.  Today each person is triaged against the United Nations value system and if you are not productive in their minds, you are to be eliminated.

Under this system there must be no hope that any person might eventually return to normal.

From the bureaucratic perspective, extermination - the Final Solution of humanity, is rational and cost effective. 

Advances in a new social organization (technological) allows for effective, new weapon deployment (such as the covid “gene editing tool.”)

In bureaucracy, the principle of sine ina ac studio applies (without bias or scorn).  Its specific nature is welcomed by capitalists because it eliminates from its business all elements of love, hatred, personal, and emotional elements which escape calculation…the “I am just doing my job” mentality.

This technological mechanism operates with precision, speed, unambiguity, knowledge of the files (meaning YOUR dossier), continuity, discretion (supposedly), unity, strict with absolute subordination.  Efficiency of the operation is the ideal construct.  It is indifferent to all personal elements relying on calculation known as an algorithm.  It has finally achieved dehumanization, catapulting us into the post-human era.

Since the task is mass extermination, only amoral individuals will be chosen for the task.  Through trial and error, the government machine has learned that improper organization and publicity of their attacks of individuals and small groups hinders the administrative governed massacre. The turning from sporadic bullying to systematic, anonymous terror reduces resistance to the mass extermination. (An example is a cyberattack, which is anonymous and faceless, used to advance systemic terror and the depopulation program).

To take part in the bureaucratic organization one must: 

  1. Exercise strict obedience to the system and
  2. Overcome all personal feelings regarding mass murder, eliminate compassion, and achieve utopian objectivity for the cause.

There will be no arguing with these people.

As the elimination process unfolds, a series of graded "punishments” are implemented including solitary confinement (Lock Downs), as well as other corporeal and capital punishments.  Due to the impersonal nature of the operation, human enforcement actors will comply with any and all orders, no matter what they were.  Within a brief time, they will say, “I was just doing my job,” the same mentality we saw reemerge last year with absurd pathogen orders. 

Societally, cruelty is accepted as long as it is disciplined and systemized. This is very troubling, to say the least!

Systemic starvation has been calculated and the operation is well underway.  Starvation is known in elite circles as “clean violence.”  As starvation proceeds the victim’s appearance is drastically altered so that by the time death finally releases the person, he or she hardly seems human at all, and certainly is not worth saving.  The bureaucrat will not lose any sleep over the loss.

Over the next months the quality of commercial food nutrition will drop precipitously, and you will pay extra value-added costs for every nutrient, mineral and vitamin in food.  Contrary to popular belief, starvation is a painful death, especially if prolonged.  Through hydrogel, Quantum Dots, and other technologies your vitality will be regulated by the same bureaucrats that have sentenced you to a starvation diet while they consume the best resources on earth.

It is only possible to overcome the moral barrier that had once prevented systematic riddance of surplus populations when the project of eradication was taken out of the hands of bullies and delegated to bureaucrats and artificial intelligence.

Bureaucracy is a structure and organizational expression that processes secularization, playing upon disenchantment with the world and rationalization.  (You cannot rationalize with these people because they have already rationalized what they are doing). The secularization process involved the liberation of even the wider areas of human activity from the religious domain; in other words, we distanced ourselves from God opening the door for the grim reaper!

In the biblical world, all human activity stands under the judgment of a righteous and omnipotent deity. In the modern world, the righteous and omnipotent deity has disappeared for all practical purposes. 


Devoid of all religion and morality, we have become slaves.  And as slaves we are an animated tool, separate and active instruments of other men.  A slave's humanity is not allowed nor permitted to interfere with the slave being an instrument.  You as a slave are expected to be instrument of govt and do as they say. EMBRACE YOUR HUMANITY NOW!

The fundamental principle of Roman law was that all men are equal, yet paradoxically, because each person was treated subjectively, they were unequal. Hence, equality was only a pretense.

In America, all men are created equal but progressive laws and regulations have eroded that equality.

Slavery, when linked to capitalism, is semi-feudal and less humane.  Slavery as an enterprise, and all governments are now enterprises, requires a monetary economy. The slave (being a thing) is a monetary commodity, thereby dehumanizing the human.  Corpses of those who perish are no longer allowed to rest until the Resurrection of the dead at the Second Coming of Jesus, but are instead recycled in the circular economy, making money for the wealthy and their idol GAIA, Mother Earth.

After the Civil War the “wage slave” (a person dependent on wages earned from a job) was created. This progressed to volunteerism and free slave labor after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. At the dawn of the 21st century the wage slave transitioned to being dependent on universal basic income (government program in which every adult citizen receives a set amount of money regularly). 

Through technology you will soon be classified as subhuman due to genetic manipulation and the patent and intellectual property rights that course through your veins. You are an instrument akin to digging your own grave - being shot and rolled into your own grave in which your death will usher you into the Pearly Gates of Recycling-Circular Economy.  It is your reparation for being born a human, your duty, in this brave new world. 

Total dominion of humanity is the bottom line.


 The Healthcare Enterprise

It should come as no surprise to you that the bottom line for the healthcare enterprise is YOUR BLOOD.  There is an all-out effort to obtain your DNA by any and all means necessary.  Heralding back to biblical days, Satan has always desired to taint humanity’s blood line thereby making him/her ineligible for salvation.  This means that right now an operation is underway to taint your blood supply via pharmaceutical editing tools that you choose to take.

Part of this model is mass sterilization of the “post-humans.”  This began in WWII and is rampant today. 

In the minds of the global elite, total security can only occur through biological means.  The enemy (all you humans) must be sterilized and killed.  No Christian morals must interfere.

In the past, human guinea pigs were used for experimentation.  As of 2016, when you participate in Precision Medicine you are the guinea pig.  You no longer have control over your destiny, physically speaking.  Once a victim is categorized as belonging to different species (e.g. an animal) according to the new classification of life system called PhyloCode, the task of transforming him or her into a thing is immensely simplified. Chimera hybrids are formed from the mixing of human blood with different species of animals, plants, and humanoids. 

Uprooted people were forced to move from the countryside to the city living on subsistence wages.  There will be no money or time to uprise against tyranny.  Today there will be no personal relationship between the employer and employee, as Marx said, “as machines become more human, men become more like machines.”

Life expectancy of a slave is about three to four months. 

Once again, you have become an inert commodity. You cannot organize or fight back. You have been reduced to things like automatons capable of fulfilling assigned tasks but incapable of any effective protest on your own behalf.  The perfect rationalized system of dominion has been achieved.  

We began to see nuances of multinational enterprises relocating their businesses with indifference to social consequences.  Only one incentive is necessary to keep everyone in line and that is terror.  If one fails to obey orders, they know the consequence is death.  Terror can replace all other incentives (to persuade people to take the “gene editing tool”) in human exploitation.  Fear replaces debate and persuasion.  

The healthcare industry is using pharmaceuticals to rid the world of the human vermin.  The persons carrying out the euthanasia are no hoodlums but are highly competent, respectable, well-dressed “health officials” doing the job that they had been groomed to do.  There is a professional and legal leniency bias for those conducting advance technological depopulation; they are not only permitted to perform their unacceptable behavior but are rewarded for it.  

These are the type of people who will be knocking on your door!

The bureaucratic machine has commenced for extermination and every person to some extent is an active participant, an accomplice.  Everyone must be compliant to the elite.  The system was created, which makes it legal in the laws of man but not God, to strip away your inalienable rights and dominate each of you unto death. 

Mercy deaths for certain categories of peoples such as senior citizens or retirees continues the trend where man – instead of Almighty God - determines which humans will live or die. United Nations Agenda 21 (2030) promises to eradicate crime, poverty, drugs, and heralding immorality and utopia. 

I know that as this horror awaits us, along with our family and friends, some secretly within their own hearts want to choose to grasp a pathetic delusion rather than face reality.  The only cry allowed into the cyber wilds is that our demise be humane.  People will be categorized making it easier for the government to ritually sacrifice various population groups.  The only discussion allowed is how to make death more expedient and easier for the victim.  Just as the Germans documented death and destruction during WWII, so too, the technocracy will document the destruction that is already in progress from inside your body to societal upheaval.

What to do when the Strike Force Team knocks on your door

Each of you must be commended for keeping your cool and not resorting to violence against this tyranny, but we approach the day when your action will be required. We enter this day where you cannot just comply with tyranny to survive but you must war against it. 

We are facing Goliath, a machine with excellent leadership and organization.  Collaborators and infiltrators are everywhere.  Compliance appears to be automatic as we saw with pathogen orders in 2020.  Only an organized group has hope of effectual damage to an overwhelming demonically empowered enemy.  We saw how easy it was for the German global governors to successfully organize an entire people for its own extermination.  We only need to peer into the past to see liquidation of humanity: Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and so many more. 

In days gone by men and women genuinely stood in awe of the punitive wrath of God, but is this true today?  As the shadowy technicians of violence inflict death upon us is there anything we can do to resist? 

This current genocide will bear witness to the advance of civilization in which a large-scale massacre is no longer a crime, and the states sovereign powers are such that millions can be stripped of their rights and condemned to the world of the living dead, for a brief time. 

The secular state has dethroned the mystifications of power and morality except for itself.  The state becomes the only true god on earth with the power to define realistically what is good and will be rewarded, and what is evil and will be punished. This sovereign god also has the ultimate power of divinity in its own eyes to determine who shall live and who shall die.  (The Cunning of History: The Holocaust and the American Future)

We have examined the history and the power behind the forces that will soon be knocking at your door.  We did this so that you can fully understand the situation you face and in your prayer time, taking counsel with God, make a wise strategy for yourself, family, and friends.

What to do when the Strike Force Team knocks on your door

  • Post a Constitutional No Trespassing Sign, one each on the 4 corners of property. If you live in an apartment, post one on your door.
  • LOCK YOUR DOORS at all times.
  • Have 20 Copies of Public Servant Questionnaire near your door for chain of custody purposes.
  • Have a recording device on or near your door at all times.
  • Don’t answer the knock. This is your first line of defense.
  • If you answer inadvertently, do not permit entry. This is called “Knock & Talk” by law enforcement, and it is a way to gain entry.
    • They may walk around house looking for infractions to justify entry into your home.
  • If they ask you questions, you do not need to answer.
  • If you are not able to remain silent then declare your HIPAA privacy and complaint rights, which are totally legal. No one has a right to your medical information.
  • Require their photo ID and photograph/record their license.
  • Tell them you practice STRICT BIOSECURITY (must be in these terms) measures and require them to follow your measures. Turn the table on them trying to intimidate you!

Take Away

Unless invited:
  • The person on the other side of the door wants is usurping your biblical headship.
  • They want to replace the family head with their own structure.
  • They want to manage your household.
  • They operate under outlaw principle.
  • They should not be permitted into your home.
  • The should be considered a THREAT, SUSPICIOUS, DANGEROUS, ROGUE and a VAGABOND.
  • They are coming to disturb (breach) your peace therefore they should be considered your ENEMY.
  • When you allow yourself to become a chimera you lose your rights as a human, you are patented, owned, and confer Intellectual Property.
  • You can be seized under Eminent Domain.
  • Once genetically altered, you are under " legal thinghood," not human.
  • You are considered chattel and therefore cannot participate in justice.
  • Opening your door, places you and your family, under politicians and their rules.
  • Public-Private Partnerships has deprived you of all rights and citizenship.
  • Opening the door you become stateless and can be depopulated as surplus.
  • Unless you resist, you are a slave, and merely an instrument (tool) of the government.
  • They healthcare Enterprise wants your blood and to taint it.
  • Healthcare officials are at your door to dispense "tools" to rid the world of human vermin.

Look for Part 2, more to come!

Blessings of safety from Almighty God to each of you and your loved ones,





Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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