Prayer of Thanksgiving


I bow my head before parking of any of the bounty that You have provided to praise the Holy Name of Jesus.  I adore Your Name.  I glorify You in all You many facets!  You are the Master of Universes, Worlds, and Dimensions. 

You are the Master of Legions Who goes before me and behind me.  Lift your eyes on nigh all you peoples and see the One Who created all things! 

I join with the heavens to declare Your glory and Magnificence. My garden, let its spices flow.  Let my beloved Jesus come into His garden and eat its precious fruit. 

Praises to You Who created the earth with wisdom and established the heavens with understanding. Glorify Jesus Who lifts the clouds on high from the ends of the earth.  I join my praise as the rivers clap their hands and the mountain exults together Your majesty.  My songs and music wellsprings are in You my precious Jesus.  The day and the night declare the vastness of Your knowledge.  Your kindness is my dawn and You light up my nights with my faith in You, O benevolent One.  You bring forth the winds from Your treasuries.

Soon You will come to judge all the earth, Righteous and True Judge Who alone is worthy!  You allow me to flourish like a date palm.  I swoon and pour forth my supplications before You the Almighty. May Your glory endures forever. 

Rise up your heads, O gates and be uplifted, you everlasting entrances, so that the King of Glory may enter.

Who is this King of Glory?  Jesus, mighty and strong; Jesus, strong in battle.

We confess, that I and my house, have sinned against thee.  I repent and turn from my wicked ways. 

We join in fervent prayer for loved ones, friends, and acquaintances-ye even all the earth that each would know Your salvation.

We beseech Your good and perfect will in marriages and in families-that truth be taught, Your Word honored, restoration and healing be applied as a soothing Bam of Gilead.

O, You, Owner of the Cattle on a Thousand Hilltops, Who uses the earth as Your footstool, we humbly pray for financial provision for those in desperate need.  For You open Your hand generous to the poor. 

Healer and Lifter of our Heads we ask that you heal us of all our afflictions and those of our family and friends.  Your compassion knows no bounds and as You knit is in our mother's womb You alone know what touch is needed for healing.  Nothing is too great for Thee, O Jesus.

You are our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer from any fiery darts of the enemy for at Your Name, Jesus, the devils must flee.  We stand alone on You, knowing You alone have the power to save.

Comfort Your people, O my Master.  Whether it is emotion, the grief of loss, the tortures of the mind. You brooded over the waters and calm the waters.  Let it be so in accordance with Your plan.

Each of Your creatures has a home.  We pray for those who are homeless.  They are not truly homeless in You but they need physical shelter from the elements.  These are outcasts in our culture, and we pray that You the Good Shepherd will take them and shepherd them and provide all good things under the shelter of Your wings.

Minister to us of little faith Jesus.  Help us to hear only You.  Help us to see the miracles and angelic protection that You provide for each of us every moment of the day.  Help us to know in our hearts and mind that the battle truly belongs to You.  Help us to remove the obstacles in our life that prevent us from having the intimate relationship that You desire with each one of us.  Help strengthen Jesus for these days that are filled with wickedness.  Impart courage, faith, stamina, and perseverance.

Let me take these morsels which I eat today and may you transform them into nutrition, health, and blessing.    

Direct me, guide me, and bestow upon me and my loved ones this day, Your grace.