Proof that Kingdom Wars Really are Operational, Part 2

Part 1:

  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Kingdom of Darkness
  • Kingdom 3:  Carbon skeletons call forth anti-life Super-Kingdom
  • Kingdom 3:  The core of the demonic Novel Super-Kingdom
  • Kingdom 4:  Scalable Mutations and Replications
  • Kingdom 5:  Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) of Directed Evolution

Part 2:

  • Kingdom 6: Breaking the Barrier- Xenobiological Hell
  • Kingdom 7: Experimental Evolution
  • Seven Heads of the Unified Dragon
  • Is there hope?

The Kingdom of Satan - The Kingdom 2/6 (David Pawson ...

Sixth Xenobiological Kingdom 

In 1998, Cavalier-Smith published a six-kingdom model.  A revolutionary order occurred in 1990 when the rank of domain was introduced above kingdoms. 

Shortly thereafter, the PhyloCode grew out of a Harvard workshop.  In 2004, the First International Phylogenetic Nomenclature Meeting took place in Paris, France.   

Cavalier-Smith no longer accepted the importance of the fundamental true bacteria–ancient bacteria divide. The kingdom was divided into two sub-kingdoms according to their membrane topologies as a bimembranous-unimembranous transition was thought to be more fundamental.  This particular kingdom introduced “innovations of biological significance” or “biological niches,” and radically reclassify all kingdoms using the PhyloCode using phylogenetic traits.   

Beginning in 1996 with the UN Convention of Biological Diversity their came a clarion call to "take nothing from nature.”  Not air, not water, not food, no life.   Plans evolved over decades until 2 years ago, under the guise of a pathogenic weapon, they began to operationalize their plans - "nothing from nature allowed.”

Cavalier-Smith's belief was that cells lost their mitochondria, typically by transforming them into new organelles called Hydrogenosomes. This “evolutionary” lineage is crucial for organisms living in oxygen or water-deprived environments.

Today, there is a serious endeavor to modify human genetics with creatures that can live in hostile or austere environments without food, water, and air.  Creatures such as Tardigrades, bacterium such as Shewanella putrefaciens that use metal atoms in its metabolism in the same fashion as we use oxygen atoms, and extremophiles.  Expect behavior change mandates to come your way, including breath reductions, dietary reductions, and water restrictions.

Cavalier-Smith sketches his hypothesis using an organizational chart rather than an ancestor chart or “evolutionary tree.”

Provocatively, the PhyloCode went into effect with the publication of the companion volume, Phylonyms, in 2020.  The first deployed operation of an engineered bioweapon was the 2019 release of SARS-CoV-2 utilizing the PhyloCode and managed through cladistics.

The operationalization of the PhyloCode cannot be understated.  For instance, according to the International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature (PhyloCode), Chapter 6 of the 6th Kingdoms, contain the rules for hybrids under the cladistics system.  Clades mix and match, plug and play, and associate different species lumping them together with no regard for the rationality of the association.   

Article 16. Provisions for Hybrids 
Hybrid origin of a clade may be indicated by placing the multiplication sign (×) in front of the name. The names of clades of hybrid origin otherwise follow the same rules as for other clades.

An organism that is a hybrid between named clades may be indicated by placing the multiplication sign between the names of the clades; the whole expression is then called a hybrid formula. 

Recommendation 16.2A 

In cases in which it is not clear whether a set of hybrid organisms represents a clade (as opposed to independently produced hybrid individuals that do not form a clade), authors should consider whether a name is really needed, bearing in mind that formulae, though more cumbersome, are more informative.

The International PhyloCode does more than just open up the classification of life for hybrids.  It also:

  • Breaks given barriers between species.
  • Claims the right to semantic trickery, such as defining what is ‘natural.’
  • Creates distinctions between kinds/classes and individuals by what they contribute.
  • Defines what is ‘real’ and what is not ‘real,’ in essence, reality itself.
  • Treating species as kinds or nominal classes will entail that they have no real existence and that they are purely conventional groups of organisms.
  • Rejects the issues of reality and spatiotemporal localization and the metaphysical (God, afterlife, etc.) concerns of individualism.
  • It establishes a war between classes and individuals.
  • Eliminate traditional ranks so anything can be related to anything.
  • Holds that individuals are unsatisfactory.
  • Abandons typological thinking, which the Bible clearly endorses.
  • Exterminates what it means to be human with a new convoluted system.
  • Initial argument for individuality of species and taxa was given free reign in the systematic literature becoming intertwined with a number of more or less related issues, making it virtually impossible to discuss in isolation.
  • Establishes ‘systematization’ consisting of the ordering of particular things into systems. Systems are more inclusive wholes, based on the relationships that their parts exhibit one to another due to a natural process.
  • Darwin views species as concrete entities denying the metaphysical and timelessness.
  • Purging of the metaphysical in order to unify the sciences.
  • Contrary to the Bible, the nominalist view is that although nature makes things similar and different, the classification of them into kinds or classes is the workmanship of men.
  • Species are considered as individuals.
  • Urges us to reconsider the standard conception of ‘kinds’ (i.e., question Genesis 1:24)
  • Changes what is true and what is false in light of reversibility of ‘kind’ definitions by empirical science.
  • Adoption of homeostatic property clusters (HPCs), which are defined by the associated property clusterings understood as ongoing phenomena in the world.  An example is the recent emphasis on syndromic clusters in medicine. 
  • Homeostasis is imperfect and by definition, can evolve over time.
  • A pre-Darwinian biologist categorizing species IS NOT considered because he would have used fundamental units of God and His creation.  He is predetermined to be offering a false and revisable definition reflecting posteriori judgment.


Xenobiology (XB) is a subfield of synthetic biology and involves the study of synthesizing and manipulating biological devices and systems. 

The name "xenobiology" derives from the Greek word xenos, which means "stranger, alien." Xenobiology is a form of biology that is not found in nature; it is manufactured. In practice, it describes novel biological systems and biochemistries that differ from the canonical (biblical) DNA–RNA. XB explores xeno nucleic acid (XNA) analogues as information carriers. It also focuses on expanding the genetic codes. 

"Astro" means "star" and "exo" means "outside." Both exobiology and astrobiology deal with the search for naturally evolved life in the Universe, mostly on other planets in the habitable zone. Astrobiologists are concerned with the detection and analysis of life elsewhere in the Universe, while xenobiology attempts to design forms of life with a different biochemistry or different genetic code on planet Earth. Xenobiologists also have a proclivity for experimentation with hard shell-like membranes with various materials, but chitosan, is one of their favorites. They insert these shells to allow control over access of various nutrients, water, air, treatments within your body.

What is the Purpose of Xenobiology?

Xenobiology has the potential to drive the narrative on the origin of life. Rather than studying the Word of Scripture for the truth related to the origin of life, scientists want to know:

  • Why life evolved via a DNA-RNA-protein system?
  • What is the universal genetic code?
  • Was it an "evolutionary accident" or were there constraints that ruled out other types of chemistries?

Scientists research and test biochemical "primordial soups" to better understand the principles that gave rise to life.

Xenobiology is an approach to develop industrial production systems with novel capabilities by means of enhanced biopolymer engineering.

A special encoding process is used in all organisms with 20 canonical amino acids for protein biosynthesis. Biotechnology using xenobiology uses a translational mechanism to alter proteins. It is a metamorphosis of the body called Metacode and it aims to insert metathesis, a useful catalytical function, not known in living organisms into bacterial cells. Researchers know that XB cells no longer provide suitable host cells, known as containment.

Xenobiology is an engineered "genetic firewall," a novel biocontainment system, which may diversify current bio-containment approaches. Researchers want a system that does not have horizontal gene transfer to the environment and the possible risks to human health.

Alternative biochemistry also allows for new synthetic auxotrophies, which is the inability of an organism to synthesize particular organic compounds required for its growth.  It is a regulatory tool between an organism and the environment. It is advised that auxotrophies should be avoided for any metabolic selection, since selection would be strong for harnessing supplements as nutrient sources (feeding off the host). The idea is to create an orthogonal biological system that would be incompatible with natural genetic systems

What does this mean?

Xenobiology genetically alters your body so that it will be incapable of interacting with your environment.  This global biological experiment is operational right now through medical/food/water systematic disruptions. 

Another long-term goal is to construct a cell that would store its genetic information not in DNA but in an alternative informational polymer of xeno nucleic acids (XNA).  In essence, an alien genetic code that would be one with the external master.

Although XNAzyme studies are still preliminary, this study was a step in the direction of searching for synthetic circuit components that are more efficient than those containing DNA and RNA counterparts.  In other words, a synthetic you. 

Expanding the Genetic Alphabet 

What is a Chromosome? Simple definitions for understanding ...

While XNAs (xeno nucleic acids) have modified backbones, other experiments target the replacement or enlargement of the genetic alphabet of DNA with unnatural base pairs.  

In 2013, researchers applied the Ds-Px pair to DNA aptamer generation by in vitro selection (SELEX) and demonstrated the genetic alphabet expansion, significantly augmented DNA aptamer affinities to target proteins. 

In May 2014, researchers announced that they had successfully introduced two new artificial nucleotides into bacterial DNA, alongside the four naturally occurring nucleotides, and by including individual artificial nucleotides in the culture media, were able to passage the bacteria 24 times.


Novel Polymerases

Neither the XNA nor the unnatural bases are recognized by natural DNA. One of the major challenges is to find or create novel types of polymerases that will be able to replicate these new-to-nature constructs.

Through PCR amplification of a modified variant of HIV, reverse transcriptase was found to be able to PCR-amplify an oligonucleotide containing a third type base pair. 

The evolution and design successfully led to the storage and recovery of genetic information from six alternates based on simple DNA architectures not found in nature.

Genetic Code Engineering 

Genetic Engineering by Madison Joyce

One of the goals of xenobiology is to rewrite the genetic code. The most promising approach to change the code is the reassignment of seldom used or even unused codons. The genetic code describes the relationship between the sequence of DNA bases in a gene and the corresponding protein sequence that it encodes. Some shortcuts can be applied as "code engineering."

This Xenobiological Kingdom fulfills the prophecy to genetically modify life on earth in 1975 by policy makers at the first of a trilogy of Asilomar conferences.

We find ourselves dominated by the actors promulgating directed evolution by any and all means available to them during this sixth-kingdom period.

How does this Sixth Xenobiological Kingdom impact my life?

Just as the biblical Tabernacle was constructed from the inside out, xenobiologists seek to change the language of your DNA, turning you into a hybrid, then into a synthetic entity that will be used as a habitation or garment for evil entities.  They will use any means necessary at the atomic level to accomplish their goal.  You must be ever so observant and vigilant on what you allow into your body from this day forth. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord I cry out to you.  Build a wall, a barrier against this wickedness.  As the Lord directed Satan in the Book of Job: “Then the LORD told Satan, ‘Very well then, he is under your control. Just preserve his life.’"  I humbly ask this in Jesus Name. 

Seventh Experimental Evolutionary Kingdom

As the Seventh Experimental Evolutionary Kingdom dawns we see that Cavalier-Smith and his collaborators revised their classification in 2015. In this scheme, they reintroduce the division of prokaryotes into two kingdoms, Bacteria (=Eubacteria) and Archaea (=Archaebacteria).  

Thomas Cavalier-Smith supported further splitting of different kingdoms. He divided Eubacteria into two sub-kingdoms.  You may be familiar with the names of these sub-kingdoms: Gram-negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria. Division also occurred between organisms with and without chlorophyll called chromista.   Within biotechnology color, especially chlorophyll, is being exploited but I will not go down that rabbit hole today.

Experimental Evolution

The study of natural evolution is traditionally based on organisms and their genes. Researchers are limited by the lack of fossils containing ancient DNA sequences and incomplete knowledge of ancient environmental conditions. Directed evolution must investigate "evolution" in a controlled system of genes for individual enzymes, ribozymes, replicators, prokaryotes, and viruses.  

Directed evolution allows control and manipulation of:

  • Selection pressure,
  • Mutation rate, and
  • Environment (both the abiotic [without life] environment such as temperature, and the biotic [with life] environment.
  • Complete record of all evolutionary intermediate genes.

This allows for detailed measurements of the progress of evolutionary processes, for example:

  • Epistasis - suppression of the effect of a gene by another gene.
  • Evolvability - the capacity to undergo evolutionary change.
  • Adaptive constraint ensures that adaptive features and parts update predictably within perimeters.
  • Fitness landscapes - types of evolutionary landscapes are used to visualize the relationship between experimental genotypes and reproductive success.
  • Neutral networks are a series of algorithms that attempt to identify underlying relationships in a set of data by using a process that mimics the way the human brain operates.

Experimental evolution is why we see genetic material from gorillas, chimpanzees, tardigrades, insects, Neanderthal, and Denisovan incorporated into various gene editing therapeutics sold as "vaccines.”

Adaptive Laboratory Evolution of Microbial Proteomes

The natural amino acid composition of proteomes (the entire set of proteins that is, or can be, expressed by a genome, cell, tissue, or organism at a certain time) can be changed by amino acid substitutions with suitable counterparts under the experimentally imposed selective pressure. For example, global proteome-wide substitutions of natural amino acids with fluoride analogs have been attempted in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis.

The experimental evolution of microbial strains with a clear-cut accommodation of an additional amino acid is expected to be instrumental for widening the genetic code experimentally.   Directed evolution typically targets a particular gene for mutagenesis and then screens the resulting variants for a phenotype of interest.

How does this Seventh Experimental Kingdom impact my life?

 Bottom line:  We are living in a global biological experiment the likes and sophistication Dr. Mengele could only dream about.  You must listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit to guide and navigate you through these treacherous biological waters.   Your eyes must be open and your ears attentive to the swift cascade of changes that we will experience over the next days.  Take care.  Is there a silver bullet?  Only Jesus. 

Faith Lesson:  I praise You Lord that due to past cataclysms on Earth there is not a plethora of ancient genetic material that these mad scientists can experiment with.  Lord, help me to finish this race as a human true to You.  Do whatever You must without and within to protect and refine me for the Day of the Lord.

Seven Heads of the Unified Dragon

Who Is the Beast? - Life, Hope & Truth

After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. Daniel 7:5-7

  • This fourth beast represents a kingdom with great brutality, and therefore terrifying. 
  • This kingdom is known for its meticulous strategy and great foresight.
  • This kingdom is overwhelmingly strong in its power. 

    4 beasts in book of Daniel | Revelation bible study ...

    So terrifying is this beastly kingdom that scripture mentions it again to highlight it, indicating that mankind will receive a double portion.

    With immense iron teeth...

    With determination and power of iron this kingdom will crush the nations and peoples of the earth for the glory and well-being of the dark overlords.  Just as teeth devour food for the well-being of the body, these dark entities will devour all biological life.

    It was eating and crumbling...

    Just as food is chewed up, so too, this kingdom eats and chews up biological life which becomes part of the beast’s body.

    and stamped the residue with the feet of it...

    The nations not absorbed by this mighty empire are brutally beaten into submission and exploited for the good of the empire of the beast of prey.

    It was different from all the beasts that preceded it...

    All the previous kingdoms represented by wild beasts were unique.  This fourth beast did not resemble any known beast and it was not given a name, just as the Anti-Christ is not given a name.  Images made by engineers sweep NFF's Nano Image ...

    These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth. … When I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of copper; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;  Daniel 7:12

    The kingdoms that we are studying are dreadful in their nature.  As we all know they march under a banner of "Diversity."  Anyone engaged in opposing these Kingdom Empires has experienced the teeth of iron that shred all opposition.  It is interesting to note the reference to teeth of iron and nails of copper.  For iron is being exploited in this biotechnical Empire.

    Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. Daniel 7:23

    I cannot help but notice that in Revelation the beast comes from the sea but in this account the beast comes from the earth.  Is this a metaphor for Lucifer with his accomplices arising after being cast from heaven? 

    The angel then describes that the whole earth will be devoured by the fourth beast.  He will trample [thresh] all flesh under its feet, as in ancient times when animals threshed grain by trampling over it. 

    Daniel was enjoined and ordered to close the book and seal the book until the End of Days.  We can now read this book with clarity as we can put the situation we are witnessing in context.

    Could it be that the seven heads in Revelation 13:1 that John saw arising from the sea are these seven kingdoms that have waged war against God's creation and His anointed?

    God Distinguishes His People

    The fourth plague in the plagues of Egypt, the mixture of wild animals, was not intended primarily to show the impotence of Egypt's deities and sorcerers, so it was not necessary that it affect all inhabitants alike.

    In this plague God miraculously distinguishes His people in Goshen from the Egyptians. Hear the Word of the Lord!  I will therefore make a distinction between My people and your people.  You will then realize that I am God, right here on earth (Exodus 8).

    The word for distinction in the original language is literally the word for redemption.  It is very interesting that it can also mean a division, barrier, or partition, as in border. 

    Consider the wondrous exploit as God confines the wild beasts exclusively to Egyptian territories and reserves a safe haven for His people in Goshen.  Swarms of beasts are migratory in nature and so they had to be constrained.  This is a comfort to us as prophetic events come to pass - He does provide refuge for His people.

    This illustrates to us the marked contrast of the chaos of Egypt, engulfed with wild beasts, and the serenity of Goshen, the land of God's people. 

    A word to the wise - any man-made partition, such as the jab or any of our feeble attempts to keep life in our comfort zone (normal), is useless against the wild beast under the command of God.

    Therefore, let us plead the blood of Jesus over us and throw our lives at His feet.  The Lord God is drawing distinction between His people and those who follow into the snare of these dark kingdoms or the evil beast empire.

    Blessings of safety under His wings,





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