Provocative Neuro-Enhanced Spiritual Warfare


This is an essentail to watch two-part conversation on neurotechnology. We certainly need to keep of finger on the pulse of Neurocognitive Enhancement. As you will discover it spans the molecular level to ethical, moral, theological, and spirituality issues at the scalar level. The neuro-technology field is a global enterprise.

This discussion tackles the tough questions about:

  • Construct of Consent
  • Ethics of Indwelling Devices (Yes, you heard correctly, indwelling devices hydrogel anyone?)
  • Palette of techniques and technologies that can be directed to neurological nodes (technical speak for you)
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Networking with Indwelling Brain Entities
  • Yoking of human and machine
  • Engineering and devices that are programmable and that are direct about and that are also communicable at a level that is actually smaller than a cell allows us to create vast arrays of material that may be indwelling within the brain other systems that then allow us to work from the very small scale of the subcellular to the very large scale of the multi-dimensional
  • Interconnectivity that allows both communication in some cases articulation
  • Predictive Crime
  • Radical novel leveling
  • Continuity of Enhanced and Post-Enhanced Care
  • Techne Logos the Technical Word (vs God's Word)

Where is the mind (and soul) in the brain)? How far should we go? What should be do is contentious. What are the implications? Do we have cognitive liberty?


Cyborg Soldier 2050 Link


This technology ushers in:

  • A Teche Logos (word) that usurps God's Word
  • A counterfeit Indwelling Entity(ies) (A counterfeit Holy Spirit)
  • Synthetic Spiritual Yolking

All that is needed is for the Anti-Christ to be revealed.

Dangerous food for thought,



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