Red Skies, Violent Revolutions, and Doomsday Legends

I originally published this article in November of 2019 as an ominous warning of what was on the horizon.  This past week the sky was painted red with aurora activity all the way down to Florida.  A gentle space weather breeze should not have erupted the skies into red aurora.  What does this mean to you?  Revolution and cataclysm. 

Frankly, you should not have seen these red aurora if all was   "normal" with our planet.  While the heavenly blaze is interpreted as a glowing light show in the media, it is a portent, that quite possibly, we have experienced the magnetosphere "jerk" which has escalated our spiral downward to near zero. The Sixth Extinction Level Event has intensified. As a result, the skies will fill with minute particles that the magnetosphere used to prevent into our atmosphere.  Earthquake activity and volcanoes will increase.  Eventually, the magnetic poles will flip causing upheaval upon the face of the earth the likes of which has never been seen in recent memory. 

Worse case scenario a tidal wave will rip around the world destroying everything in is wake.  You don't believe this?  You must read the CIA unclassified version of the Adam and Eve Story, by Chan Thomas.  There is the sanitized version and the full version out in cyber-land. They only declassified the story of the pole flip for two reasons: 

  • There is little time to make the preparations that themselves are making.
  • People are sufficiently distracted, consequently, they will not prepare. 

For personal experience, I know the CIA did believe the story and sought refuge in "safe" places in the Rocky Mountains.

Electromagnetic Pulse Perturbations

And then we have the space weather media blurring the lines between an EMP and an ELVE:  Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources.  The perturbations are not normal activity.  DARPA and friends have a network or web if you of very low orbiting satellites above our heads manipulating our ionosphere.  Ouija is bending, twisting, and manipulating the ionosphere, and you thought the HAARP arrays were bad.  In their own words:

The goal of the Ouija program is to quantify the High Frequency (HF) noise environment in space and improve the characterization of the ionosphere in support of warfighter capabilities. Ionospheric measurement campaigns typically rely on ground-based instrumentation to characterize the ionosphere. Ouija will augment these ground-based measurements with in-situ measurements from space, in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO), to develop and validate accurate near real-time HF propagation predictions. The VLEO altitude regime is of particular interest due to its information rich environment where ionospheric electron density is at a maximum.

Oh, and by the way, if this was not disturbing enough Ouija also has:

The Ouija scientific payload will measure electron density by both direct sampling and indirectly via radio occultation using navigation satellites. It is anticipated that the scientific payload will use or adapt commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, but innovative instrumentation proposals that enhance the functionality of the scientific payload over a COTS baseline are welcome.

Translated, COTS, are pest control devices that use electromagnetic, optical, laser, and microwaves to kill pests.  Yes, these are Direct Energy Weapons.  The operational go has been given to hit every man woman and child upon the face of the earth.

The government is preparing for space weather and techn ology that will be loosed upon the face of the earth resulting in a cascade of events including:

  • Extinction of humanity (this will not happen, but it is the plant)
  • Erasing all traces of human existence on earth.
  • Kicking COOP and COG-Continuity of Government into high gear.

Check out this proposed legislation. Senate Bill 4488, introduced in June 2022 and killed in December 2022.  Technically it was not killed, it was turned over to DHS to manage.  They also made the decision to embed it into various Ombnibus, pork and other legislations to hide the plan in plain sight. 



For a few milliseconds last Monday night, March 27th, an enormous red ring of light appeared in the sky over central Italy. Valter Binotto photographed it from the small town of Possagno in the foothills of the Italian Alps:

This is an "ELVE"--short for Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources. It's a rare species of sprite discovered in 1990 by cameras onboard the space shuttle. Binotto may have just taken the best ever picture of one from the ground.

"The ELVE was generated by intense lightning in a storm near Ancona about 285 km south of me," says Binotto. One bolt was so strong, it generated an intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The red ring marks the spot where the EMP hit Earth's ionosphere. Normal lightning bolts carry 10 to 30 kilo-ampères of current; this bolt was about 10 times stronger than normal.

Binotto created a graphic showing the scale of the ELVE:

"It was about 100 km high and nearly 360 km wide," says Binotto. "I have been photographing upper atmospheric lightning and transient luminous events (TLEs) since 2019, hundreds of them, and this is one of the biggest structures I have ever seen."

ELVE season is just getting started in Europe and North America, where spring and summer thunderstorms will multiply in the months ahead. Photographers should be alert for red rings and many other things above the cloudtops. Look here.



This hasn't happened in nearly 20 years. On March 24th, auroras descended all the way to Florida. Bill Williams photographed their red glow from the Chiefland Astro Village:

What in the world? Normally, we have a very dark horizon looking out over the Suwannee River Basin and Gulf of Mexico," says Williams. "But my 26-minute exposure taken to capture the Winter Milky Way showed an unusual red glow."

"The mystery was solved the next day as described a severe geomagnetic storm well-seen in the U.S. As far as I know, at 29.4 degrees north latitude, we are the farthest south this aurora has been witnessed, and is the first I have seen here in Florida since 2003 and 1989!"

Most auroras are green, yet when auroras spread to low latitudes, the sightings are almost always red. There's a simple reason. Ordinary green auroras come from oxygen atoms about 150 km above Earth's surface. Red auroras are also caused by oxygen, but much higher up, between 150 km and 500 km.

This picture taken the same night by Dean Cosgrove of Curtis, Nebraska, (+40.6N) nicely illustrates the red-on-green altitude structure:

From far-south places like Florida, the greens are eclipsed by the northern horizon, leaving the higher reds to dominate the display.

Other notable sightings of low-latitude red auroras during last week's storm include New Mexico (+32.8N), North Carolina (+36.5N), Colorado (+40.4N), and California (+39.7N).

Note: Unrelated to auroras, another red glow called "airglow" can also be seen sometimes at low latitudes. Indeed, on any other night, airglow would be a leading explanation for what Williams photographed. But on March 24, 2023, during an extreme geomagnetic storm, with other red auroras being seen only a few degrees away, auroras are the most likely explanation.

I now return to visit my 2019 posting concerning the red aurora to learn about the history of what we are now seeing with our own eyes coming to pass.

 Red Skies in the Bible

Jesus by asking Him to show them a sign from heaven. But He replied, “When evening comes, you say, ’The weather will be fair, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the signs of the times!  Matthew 16

Legends Coming True

In the fourth heaven, Moses saw a Temple, the pillars thereof made of red fire, the staves of green fire, the thresholds of white fire, the boards and clasps of flaming fire, the gates of carbuncles, and the pinnacles of rubies. Angels were entering the Temple and giving praise to God there. In response to a question from Moses, the angel told him that they presided over the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the other celestial bodies, and all of them in  songs before God. In this heaven, Moses also noticed the two great planets, Venus and Mars, each as large as the whole earth, and concerning these, he asked unto what purpose they had been created. The angel explained thereupon that Venus lies upon the sun to cool him off in summer, else he would scorch the earth, and Mars lies upon the moon, to impart warmth to her, lest she freezes the earth.  Legends of the Jews

On October 10th peer review journal paper was published, The Earliest Candidates of Auroral Observations in Assyrian Astrological Reports: Insights on Solar Activity around 660 BCE, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 884, Number 1, on the Assyrian tablets contain the earliest written record of a supposed aurora's sky glow.   

A Caveat of the Electric Universe

Personally, I believe in the electric universe model where everything is electric.   Modern research is now revealing the dramatic electronic connection between volcanoes, Earthquakes, the weather, and the sun. This research at the plasma level offers a tool for understanding those calamities that devastated mankind in his early history.

This past year I have been engaging in studies into ancient America studying the glyphs demonstrate a witness of an electric universe.  Proof and dating being compiled demonstrating what has been going on in the recent past the history that has been hidden from you but will now be revealed.   

Modern research is now revealing the dramatic electronic connection between volcanoes, earthquakes, weather, sun, solar system and the galaxy. This research at the plasma level offers a tool of understanding on the cataclysms that devastated mankind in his early history.

Do we have evidence of electric discharges between Earth, other planets, and fireballs such as comets? If we do, are they connected to massive earthquake damage and electrical sculpting of the Earth, moon, Mars?

According to Walt Thornhill:

What happens on Earth today is but a tame shadow of mankind’s earlier history. The evidence suggests that only a few thousand years ago planets moved close to Earth, producing electrical phenomena of intense beauty and terror. Ancient sky worshipers witnessed these celestial wonders and far-flung cultures recorded the events in great myths, symbols and ritual practices of antiquity. I think they witnessed celestial bodies immersed in the charged particles of the Solar System’s dense plasma. These bodies, including Earth, spoke electrically to each other and produced heaven spanning electrical discharges. These planets were the gods. Mankind at once feared and worshiped them. During the chaotic restructuring of the Solar System and cosmic lightning evolved violently from one discharge configuration to another. They followed patterns observed in high energy plasma experiments. These electric phenomena have also been recently observed in deep space.

Faith Lesson:  Lord, show me how I am filled with Your energy and Light!  Today, I will look at the world and see the light (energy) of life flowing all my experiences and sights.  Thank you, Jesus, that I am alive!

Red Aurora in Assyrian Tablets

Ancient Assyrian stone tablets represent the oldest known reports of red aurora dating to more than 2,500 years ago.  The descriptions were written in cuneiform on three stone tablets dating from 655 BC to 679 BC. This aurora's dazzling light shows took place when waves of charged particles from the sun collided with earth's magnetic field earth were likely visited by an immense solar storm around the seventh century BC.  Prior to this discovery, the earliest known reference to an aurora was a Babylonian tablet known as the "Astronomical Diaries," dating to 567 B.C.

Aurora’s are typically blue, green, or violet. 

Researchers compiling this report surveyed auroral reports around the 7th century BCE.  They consulted astrological reports in Hungerʼs critical edition and noted all mentions of reddish luminous phenomena in the 389 astrological reports surveyed.  They found three containing auroral candidates: “red glow”, “red cloud”, and “red sky”.  These three auroral candidates are significantly rare within the surviving astrological reports. These events we so notable that the Assyrians and Babylonians to include them in their astrological discussions.

Faith Lesson:  What comes to mind when I see a red sky?  Does it change with the time of day?  Do I think of the words of Jesus when I see a red sky?  Lord, my favorite thing that was created by You and is red is _____________

Collaborating Evidence

Recently, ice core data has proven the auroral described in the tablets may have been the result of powerful solar activity. This predates other known historical references to auroras by the century according to the new study. 

Velikovsky predicted that Venus flew by the earth exactly at this time. Velikovsky the same glowing red sky associated with the Venus fly-by

This year, another team of researchers, found that a massive solar storm about ten times stronger than any and modern history swept over earth the around 2600 years ago. 

Fingerprints of this storm's intense geomagnetic bombardment were left behind as radioactive atoms trapped in Greenland's ice and that it can happen again. 

Figure 3. Carbon-14 concentrations for the period from 850 BCE to 600 BCE.

Time resolutions are 5 yr for the IntCal data and 1 yr for the data presented in Park et al. (2017), respectively. The period from 810 BCE to 720 BCE represents a grand solar minimum.

Another research project compared carbon 14 concentrations in tree rings and the date ranges of the three candidate auroral records:

679 BCE–655 BCE (R1),

677 BCE–666 BCE (R2),

679 BCE–670 BCE (R3).

Although an extremely large SEP event causes a detectable 14C increase, as seen in the 774/775 CE event, a normal 14C variation is caused by a modulation of galactic cosmic rays, due to changes in the interplanetary magnetic field.

The large 14C excursion from 810 BCE to 720 BCE corresponds to a period of extremely low solar activity, called a grand solar minimum.

After this grand solar minimum, 14C concentrations decrease as solar activity recovers, and then a rapid 14C increase is observed in ≈660 BCE.

From multiproxy analyses of 14C in tree rings and 10Be and 36Cl in ice cores, the origin of this rapid 14C increase is considered to be one of the more extreme Solar Proton event(s) that occurred during the period of increasing solar activity.

Two of these records (R2 and R3) fall in this period and may be associated with this enhanced solar activity. R1 has a rather broad time range (679 BCE–655 BCE) and covers both the enhanced solar activity during 680 BCE–670 BCE and the anomalous enhancements of cosmogenic isotopes around 660 BCE.

Were the Assyrians documenting a normal aurora, an epic solar storm, or a planetary fly-by or close encounter with a celestial body?

The infrequency of those red sky phenomena descriptions in the Assyrian records suggested that what the writers had witnessed was something out of the ordinary and not, for example, a reddened sky that might accompany a vivid sunset.

Aurora's are typically not red.  The ancients describe Venus as being red, although today without filtration we might call it a blush. They also described it as a red comet coming near the earth. 

Faith Lessons:  What types of documentation do I need to know that something is true?  Do I exclusively believe in the Bible?  Do I trust the sciences?  Do I accept other forms of documentation?  Do I listen to people and blindly accept what they say?  Lord, please help refine the way that I gather, learn, understand, and implement what I perceive as truth.  If I have accepted something as truth and it changes please have the Holy Spirit quicken me to the real truth.


Velikovsky and his book Worlds in Collision proposed that in the 15th century BC Venus was ejected from Jupiter as a comet or comet-like object that subsequently passed near Earth.  He made a claim that the Solar System is unstable since both the Moon and Mars appear to have been ravaged by celestial forces attributed to planetary bodies. He believed that Venus was once a comet expelled from Jupiter.

Though an actual collision with earth is never mentioned, because it never happened, it got closer and closer until finally in the 7th century, Mars itself displaced by Venus, making a close approach to earth. It could be anyone's supposition that uprooted Mars did a flyby, as it was perturbed by Venus in the 7th century BC because Mars is a deeper red.

Hesiod the ancient Greek philosopher cites Venus being ejected from Jupiter. Homer in, his book The Illiad, describes the destructive war between planets as the major factor governing the destruction of Troy in the Trojan wars. Immanuel Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events: worldwide global catastrophes of a celestial origin actually had profound effects on the lives, beliefs, and writings of early mankind.

Faith Lesson:  Do I see biblical evidence that planets removed out of their orbits?  Lord, the most awesome celestial wonder I have ever witnessed is:  _________________________

Plasma Discharge

Adding to the complexity, documentation from various sources all mention red at the same time solar activity or cosmic thunderbolts are occurring at the same time.  When planets or celestial bodies are in proximity you are going to get plasma discharge. We are beginning to see larger plasma discharges on earth, as was experienced in Fort Worth, Texas.

Civilizations throughout North America during this time and the world witnessed this vision and what they saw were plasma discharge events in the skies.  They then carved their documentation in petroglyphs describing these events.  Today, they are known as the Pratt Instability- Z-Pinch of a thunderbolt, represented by the Stick and Stone Man or Squatter Man.  These same petroglyphs are found all over the world.  The ancients describe this as the mother of all animals because it has six arms, but plasma discharge experiments in the lab prove that this can be recreated.

The most alarming thing is that it could happen again, today or in the near future. Although terrifying and somewhat intrusive in the ancient world today such an event would take down the grid and technology would go down forever, making the Carrington Event look like a wooden matchstick.    

While these red aurora-like skies can bode of a planetary or celestial fly-by they also can be triggered by a significant solar proton storm that earths magnetosphere where the shell of electrically charged particles is trapped by Earth's magnetic field. When the solar storm causes a disturbance in our planet's magnetosphere, it's called a geomagnetic storm. Findings suggest that such explosions recur regularly in Earth's history every 2600 years ago and we are overdue for a Big One. 

  • Charlemagne event 775 AD, the largest solar proton eruption known.-connected to the "Red Crucifix" aurora over the British Isles and environs
  • Event of 900 AD.
  • Carrington event 1859 AD

Extreme proton storms can generate radioactive atoms of beryllium-10, chlorine-36 and carbon-14 in the atmosphere. Evidence of such events is detectable in tree rings and ice cores, potentially giving scientists a way to investigate the ancient solar activity.

The ancients feather glyphs could be associated with a solar outburst because we only have three in the last 3,000 years that we know about. Most glyphs are so old they have to be depicting these events of Velikovsky’s Venus if not Mars bump, a 2700-year-old event turning the skies of earth red.

Faith Lesson:  Ask yourself if you see God in the lightning and thunder.

Red Aurora or Something Else?


The Assyrian cuneiform mentions “Red glow.” This term is also found in the known candidate auroral report for 567 BCE March 12/13.  This astrological report describes a blaze of this red glow in the month of Sivan (III) along with its associated omen interpretation. There are cases of a red glow blazing at the zenith, during motion from south to north, being associated with a south wind.

Then, when we were a super geomagnetic low of the low, we get this from

LOW SOLAR ACTIVITY REVEALS RED AURORAS: Chris Hodgson has seen a lot of green auroras over Sweden. He has taken hundreds of photos of green skies inside the Arctic Circle. Last night, however, was a little different. The green was topped with red!

"It's very rare for us to see red here," says Hodgson. "It persisted for about 10 minutes."

Here's the thing about the auroral oval: It's green on the bottom, and red on the top. (Green is the color of molecular oxygen; red is the color of atomic oxygen.) When the auroral oval shrinks during periods of low solar activity, it's easier for the residents to see over the top--that is, to see the red.

Researchers report that red is a color typically found in low-altitude auroras and in auroras produced by low-energy electrons, but can we trust them?

Aurora’s are typically not red; they are blue and green and purples.   

Faith Lesson:  If I saw an aurora back in biblical times how would I have described and documented it for future generations?  Would I have considered it a threat or wonder?

Back to Velikovsky

In 1956 Velikovsky wrote a sequel, Earth in Upheaval, which presented conclusive geological evidence of terrestrial catastrophism.

“I have excluded from [these pages] all references to ancient literature, traditions, and folklore; and this I have done with intent so that careless critics cannot decry the entire work as ‘tales and legends. Stones and bones are the only witnesses.”

Myth and legend, once dismissed, have to be re-examined. What was this catastrophic event?

In 1992 a rogue comet, Shoemaker-Levy 9, broke apart into 23 large pieces and in 1994 it slammed into Jupiter. It tore huge craters into this massive planet; the size of each crater was four times the size of Earth. The craters persisted for months afterward on the unstable surface of Jupiter. Simultaneously, a gaseous cloud was released that went on to envelope the surface of the planet. This toxic cloud also persisted for months.

For the first time, modern man had witnessed a comet collide with a planet! The impossible just became possible and Velikovsky must be taken seriously.

Could this happen on Earth? Had mankind witnessed such an event? Could it happen to Earth in the future?

Faith Lesson:  Do I believe that legends and myths have any merit?  How do I go about verifying them against Holy Scripture?

What Had the Ancients Seeing Red?

Tablet R2 contains the term red cloud. Auroral were certainly described using the term “red cloud” even in the 19th century, as in the case of the 1859 August

storm. You might it interesting that Tablet R2 is one of the astrological reports to the Assyrian kings who worked under the Assyrian court between 677 BCE and interestingly, 666 BCE. Will some red celestial foreboding occur in conjunction with the anti-Christ?

Tablet R3 reports red covers the sky. It is well known that auroral displays were reported to have covered the entire sky during extreme space weather events.

Tablet R3 is one of the astrological reports from Babylon between c.a. 679 BCE and 670 BCE.

Babylonian scholar and Assyrian scholars were actively engaged in astronomy at Nineveh. Although not very frequent, aurorae had certainly been visible in the Middle East during extreme magnetic storms.

In Hokkaido, Japan in recent times, reddish sky auroral are often observed during small and moderate magnetic storms. These recent Japanese auroral observations at mid to low, usually indicate auroral luminosity near the horizon in the poleward

direction. However, overhead auroral in Hokkaido have been reported for great magnetic storms such as 1909. Therefore, the occurrence of aurorale over Assyrian and Babylonian cities in the interval 679 BCE–655 BCE let us reasonably suppose that large interplanetary CME and subsequent strong magnetic storms occurred in this same interval.

These astrological reports describe reddish luminous phenomena in the sky: “red glow,” “red cloud,” and “red sky.” The reddish color is quite typical of low-latitude auroral and stable auroral red (SAR) arcs with OI emission (630.0 nm). The former one, reddish aurora, is caused by low-energy electrons (.1 eV) and is frequently accompanied by greenish emissions (557.7 nm). The latter one, the SAR arc, appears during the main phase and recovery phase of magnetic storms, equator-ward of the auroral oval, and extends further in the longitudinal directions for a few hours or even longer. They are caused by downward heat flux (≈3000 K) or precipitation of low-energy particles. Although they are generally not bright, some bright SAR arcs have been reported The SAR arcs can be distinguished from the reddish aurora by comparing with greenish emissions.

Faith Lesson:  What is my worst-case cosmological scenario?  Jesus, I pray with all my heart to only fear you.

Red Sky Anarchy?

The earliest datable auroral record has been considered to be the Babylonian record on 567 BCE March 12/13.  An astronomer–astrologer reported this event. 


1 If in the month Sivan (III) a red glow blazes,]

2 [there will be] hostility in [the land.]

3 If a red glow [rides the south wind,]

4 the days will [grow cloudy.]

5 If a red glow [keeps blazing] at [the zenith,]

6 the land will [fall into anarchy, or the ditto will be made smaller.]

r.1 From the [Chief Scribe]

Given the CIA classification the Adam and Eve Story about a coming cosmic-earth event that shakes the world with red violence that if it keeps glowing the land will fall into anarchy.  We can look at this as a cosmic event but also a political one as well.   The Adam and Eve story describes in gory detail the violence that will fall upon the earth including an increase in rapes, murder, and cannibalism.  The red socialist revolution is in the air simultaneously.

Faith Lesson:  Do I see scriptural evidence that red is a portent of warning or danger?  Lord Jesus, I request that you show me what signs I need to be safe.

Ancient and Biblical Auroral Records


Alternatively, some researchers have associated Ezekielʼs Vision with an auroral display, as described in Ezekiel 1:4, 13-14.

And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire enfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire.

13 As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

14 And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.

Silverman dates this event as c.a. 593–571 BCE and assumes its observational site to be Nippur, although this interpretation is still controversial. Nevertheless, the analysis of Ezekiel 1:1-2 permits the identification of the observational data. Ezekiel saw this vision on the fifth day of the fourth month in the fifth year of King Jehoiachin’s captivity. Jehoiachin was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar II in his eighth year according to 2 Kings 24:12. Nebuchadnezzar’s eighth year is 597/596 BCE on the basis of the accession-year system, but 598/597 BCE if his “first-year” corresponds to the accession year. Therefore, the vision was probably seen on 594 BCE July 12/13, or 593 BCE July 30/31.

Faith Lesson:  Have I ever considered the Bible to be a book of catastrophe?  Today I will read one chapter in the Bible through a cataclysmic lens.  What did I see?____________

Belshazzar Feast

Another interesting nugget comes from the Legend from the Jews about God taking revenge upon Babylon:

When God resolved to take revenge upon Babylon for all the sufferings it had inflicted on Israel, He chose Darius and Cyrus as the agents of vengeance. Cyrus, the king of Persia, and his father-in-law Darius, the king of Media, together went up against Belshazzar, the ruler of the Chaldeans. The war lasted a considerable time, and fortune favored the first one side, then the other, until finally, the Chaldeans won a decisive victory. To celebrate the event, Belshazzar arranged a great banquet, which was served from the vessels taken out of the Temple at Jerusalem by his father. While the king and his guests were feasting, the angel sent by God put the "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" on the wall, Aramaic words in Hebrew characters, written with red ink.

Comparable Auroral Reports During the Known Space Weather Events

It is always important to reference parallel auroral reports during known space weather.
In tablet R1, the “red glow (akukūtu)” was reportedly blazing at the zenith and moved from south to north, as associated with a south wind. Likewise, in tablet R3 it was reported: “red covers the sky.” Although auroral in mid to low latitudes are frequently expected along the equator-ward horizon, auroral during extreme space weather events can reportedly cover the entire sky and even show pole-ward retreat.
On 1872 February 4, an extreme space weather event caused global auroral displays visible down to ≈19° or even more equatorward. Hall reported an auroral display at Barnstaple as follows: “About 6 p.m., while it was still twilight, a patch of red diffused light was observed near Orion’s belt. Up to 6.55, no auroral light was distinguishable in the northern portion of the sky; but at that moment there was a sudden outburst of rays from the central point, covering the entire heaven in every quarter, several of the rays in the E. and E.N.E. being, however, especially remarkable for their width and color.”  The descriptions are comparable with those in R1 and R3.
Tablet R2 (K748) reported the “red cloud” being placed in the sky. Aurorae were frequently described as a “red cloud” even in early modern observations.  Reporting the space weather event on 1859 August 28, which precedes the famous Carrington storm, William Dawson in Henry Co., Indiana, states as follows:
“August 28th, about 9 P. M. a red cloud covered a large portion of the eastern sky with a similar one in the N. W.”
This report is also consistent with the description of a red cloud in R2.  Considering their relatively long duration, SAR arcs are plausible in this case, as they are broad in shape and last for more than a few hours without significant motion. A red-dominated aurora is also a possible candidate. Otherwise, the report may refer to volcanic aerosols, although Mesopotamia is far from active volcanoes.
Tablet R3 (tablet 80-7-19,19) reported “red covers the sky.” Although this text is very short, the coverage of redness in the sky is consistent with auroral displays covering a large part of the sky, either by SAR arcs or normal red aurorae.
These parallel reports demonstrate that the candidate auroral observations in the Assyrian astrological reports are consistent with early modern visual auroral observations during known space weather events. Given that the MLATs of Assyria and Babylonia were ≈8° more poleward than those in modern
times, it is plausible that the auroral displays were seen more frequently and more dramatically in these regions in the early 7th century BCE.
Ancient humans witnessed and documented in hieroglyphs- Assyrian tablets and petroglyphs events such as the Venus or Mars flyby, a solar proton event (SEP) which will happen again. While we are not likely to see a Mars flyby, a celestial body fly-by is probable, and plasma discharge events such as the Charlemagne or stronger solar event will happen.

Faith Lesson:  Are you prepared?

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



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