Government to Restrict Sentient Eye-in-the Sky Satellite Images

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Software that can analyze satellite photos would be treated as a weapon.

The Bureau of Industry and Security and Department Commerce filed into the Federal Register on January 6th an Interim Rule for comment and will officially go into force on March 6.  This proposal seeks to control the export of software that can analyze satellites. The revolution is underway.  Militaries, governments, investors, and researchers are implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence to track real-time changes around the world.  The US and certain other couturiers want to dominate those domains.  

This software, which I have been discussing in my recent posts, is dual-use technology which means that it can be beneficial to mankind or it can be a weapon.  This means that under technology export falls under the classification governed by the Wassnaar Arrangement is a multilateral export control regime (MECR) with 42 participating states including many former Comecon (Warsaw Pact) countries which control access to non-Wassnaar countries technologies such as battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), large-caliber artillery, military aircraft, military helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems, and small arms and light weapons.

The Power of this Technology

It provides a graphical user interface that enables the user to identify objects (e.g., vehicles, houses, etc.) from within geospatial imagery and point clouds ( point cloud is a collection of data points) in order to extract positive and negative samples of an object of interest; (this can mean you and I as well).

Trains a Deep Convolutional Neural Network, simply put, enabling Computer Vision to detect objects of interest ( in governmental circles that is for purposes of interrogation and enforcement for persons of interest) from the positive and negative samples. 

One of many such areas is the domain of Computer Vision.  It is a field that enables machines to view the world as humans do, perceive it in a similar manner and even use the knowledge for a multitude of tasks.  The advancements in Computer Vision with Deep Learning has been constructed and perfected with time, primarily over one particular algorithm known as the Convolutional Neural Network.

The Sentient Convolutional Neural Hydra Eye

It automatically identifies objects in geospatial imagery using the trained Deep Convolutional Neural Network by matching the rotational pattern from the positive samples with the rotational pattern of objects in the geospatial imagery.  Military leaders do not have enough analysts to go through footage needed for operation and so they have invested heavily in software tools that can automatically monitor and scan satellite footage, and bring a human in the loop on occasion. As the degree of autonomy grows in AI, humans-in-the-loop, are increasingly diminishing.  In Project Maven, a military AI project to identify objects of interest or detect changes in scenery.

Commercial, governmental, and the military all want to dominate omnipresent eye-in-the-sky technologies including hedge funds, financial analysts use satellite images to predict retail trends.  Healthcare researchers and epidemiologists can use satellite footage to monitor healthcare trends by monitoring parking lot density at hospitals and clinics. Nonprofit civic research groups have used satellite images to draw global attention toward events and happenings like resource looting and ethnic purges. Move along, no privacy left on planet earth.

The prophetic Final FrontierEnterprise for ultimate power has begun with entities clamoring with the lust, greed, and allurement driving for the ensoulment of AI- when machine is animates to life, in the unholy trinity of the beast, dragon, and Anti Christ. 


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