Shadow of the Dragon

The Hubble telescope shared this concept of a planet's gravity.  It could be warping a planetary forming disk.  This is the material, that according to the mainstream media, says that eventually forms planets, but that this star has a very unique gravitational field that is causing a black shadow type effect obfuscation in the Hubble telescope imagery that looks like wings that are flapping. 

This was shared by one of the Suspect Sky observers.  What is unique about this are two things: 

We don't see other stars do this, so there's something unique about this star that's making it do it. 

It can't be just be a typical gravitational field because there would have to be it a series of objects that are impacting this gravitational field, in such an odd way to produce the saddle-shaped gravitational field.  Unfortunately, this video from NASA doesn't really go into that at all.  How can a regular sphere-shaped star produce this type of effect? 

This mystery might make one think this was some of our covert Dark Theories, which is the concept that an advanced civilizations or entities might attempt to hide themselves from electromagnetic detection by other civilizations.  One book, Type V, discusses how most civilizations are likely trying to distance or otherwise obfuscate their apparent existence throughout the universe.   If you are attempting to avoid predatory or aggressive civilizations near you, you would like to hide your presence because of that.  We as the human species don't do that, we just kind of blurt out our existence out everywhere.  We shall see how that turns out for us in the future.    

Or, it could be that this a cover-dark structure that maybe being under construction right now.  It is possible that they are working to obfuscate the existence of their StarCraft through something like a Dyson swarm or a Dyson mega-structure. 

Whatever it is, it seems to come at a very fortuitous time horizon where we are catching this type of construction object in action.  Possibly, it is a craft being built but it's not finished and we're just seeing it partially real-time.    

This has speculatively dark and covert overtones.  Is this type of thing occurring throughout most of the universe and we may have just caught evidence of that happening? 

There have been other instances of this, such as Tabby Star that was partially dimmed.  Then there was the Betelgeuse, Gated Star, in the works that didn't quite have this same pattern to it but was another example.  Then there is the complex vortex and void of Eddy's void. 

I believe what we may be seeing are the dark dragons, demons, and entities gathering and circling around the heavens until they swoop down from their lofty abodes for the Final Battle scenes on earth.  

We were born for such a time as this.



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Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming..

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