Shepherds Heart Farm Year End Report

Wait for it....wait for it....Shepherds Heart Farm grows produce from around the world and different time periods. Shepherdess Celeste Beta-Tests about 10 new crops a year of all kinds of varieties, that you know and love.


I beta-test each variety in the brutal Rocky Mountains for 3 years to give each variety an opportunity to shine in vacillating environmental conditions.   Especially if you are a cold weather gardener this review could spare you the time and money of crops that are marginal in weather extremes and provide you with glimpse at new varieties that you just might want to give a try with stunning results.


If you are not familiar with my End of Year Review you can get a taste at my Facebook Page, Secret Montana Garden, and type in either Tomatoes on Parade or Pepper Hunter where I provide you with fascinating details on 50 kinds of tomatoes and 75 different peppers.


Every year I do end of year round up and it is coming up soon!

What I loved and what I did not like. This is a frank discussion.