Solar Coupling with Spiking Cosmic Ray Flux Bodes Ill for Mankind and Earth

Collisions Drastically Impacting Your Life, Earth Changes, and the Firmament

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Last night and for the next 72 hours, the earth is coupling with the sun, allowing charged particles to stream to earth.  These highly charged particles have the potential to wreak havoc.  For earth, it means an uptick in earthquakes and volcanic activity.  Ancient volcanoes and earthquake faults can spring to life in a seconds notice.  There is an increase in earthquakes and volcanoes on the last day.  Some you will hear about, others will be down-graded, and others will mysteriously not be happening such as Shiveluch which maintains its 34,000-foot ash plume obscured from cameras and satellite imagery. There is a synergistic effect with what is happening under our feet as the earth becomes more unstable. 

Hurricanes intensify, and their path becomes wonky, so we must pay close attention to the current Hurricane Dorian as she strengthens to a Category 4 storm. What you are seeing or will see is a replay of the 1927 Nova Scotia hurricane.  The most memorable hurricanes are those occurring during this cyclical period of Solar Minimum, including the Galveston Hurricane, Katrina, and others. 

 Cosmic Chaos to the Body

The situation currently is that we have medium flux of cosmic rays streaming into the earth's atmosphere for 72-hours.  They can cause secondary particles.  Even when this wave passes they will return, much as waves upon the beach. 

Once a cosmic ray event occurs, a person can have devastating effects.  You have been misinformed that cosmic radiation only affects astronauts.  That is a blatant lie.  What we are witnessing played a part in most of the historical biblical narratives as a backdrop. 

Cosmic ray damage to the body occurs in three stages:

  • Immediately
  • Early
  • Late effects

It manifests itself in four progressive steps:

  • Instant: within 1-2 hours of exposure
  • Latency will depend upon the duration, intensity of exposure, and annual dose fr radiation is bioaccumulative.
  • Illness phase that we will discuss momentarily
  • Recovery or death phase.

Symptoms can occur instantaneously or even 40-years post-exposure.

As the primary rays penetrate and transport throughout your body, the symptoms typically begin dramatically in the skin.  While the secondary particles and transported to the ocular lens in your eye, and finally, into your internal organs and tissues deep within your body.  A small transition effect is present in the first millimeters of the shielding in the skin dose, which takes the brunt of the radiation hit bu quickly disappears at a depth of the ocular lens. 

You can expect from Cosmic Ray Bombardment

The following is pretty much self-explanatory:

  • Brain inflammation and neural damage
  • The central nervous system is impacted, so you may see things like increased insomnia and interference with neurotransmission- the communication system within your brain
  • Sensorimotor-Cosmic rays can affect all, or anyone of your five (possibly six) senses with sensory alterations
  • Cognitive damage is seen more often in men than women
  • Long term, short term, and memory retention increasing you're, "Why am I here?" moments
  • Loss of focus and reduction in the ability to problem-solve reduction
  • Spatial orientation making it more likely for you did lose your way
  • Faulty decision making is vital to our survival in these dangerous times, and you need to understand that each of us in varying degrees with being impacted.
  • Efficiency:  you are probably discovering that you are not getting as much accomplished as you used to.  It is not only age for this loss of efficiency peaks during these cosmic waves.
  • A marked decrease in performance
  • Compromised learning ability inhibits our ability to adapt to this new situation in history.  While cyclical, most agree this is the last cycle.
  • Impaired recognition:  "Who are you again?" moments
  • Discrimination both in our ability to rightly divide the truth, holy from profane, but also an increase in ethos warring against ethos as discussed in the bible
  • Inability or reduced ability to multi-task.  I speak from personal experience that during this time, my ability to multi-task, which is a way of life for me-plummets.
  • Failure to process and deal with unanticipated events or situational awareness will decrease the chances of survival.
  • Increase in brain fog.  One day you wake up, and you can't think.  It is like you are in a fog. 
  • Intense desire to network and communicate, even if for no reason.
  • Difficulty in reasoning and processing.  Not being able to logically think things out is hugely detrimental to us as increasingly, our spiritual and physical lives will be on the line.

    Behavioral Impacts

    • Eating disorders.  I do not have an eating disorder, or it is latent, but when I began to track my health history with space weather, this was the first symptom that I noticed.  I was exhausted, and my body responded by eating its way through the day, which is very unlike me.
    • Social interactions will impact cooperation, coordination, communication, which in a nutshell means these rays will change social cohesion and structure within families, relationships, communities, and society.
    • Psychosocial adaptation or our ability to adapt to new social environments will be impaired.
    • Increased stress.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but stress in our lives is going to exponentially increase with no relief.  How we handle this, I am still struggling to discover.
    • Decline the inability to suppress unpleasant and stressful associations, which means that tuning out things we ought not or want to see will become increasingly more difficult.
    • Loss of desire to explore all the vastness of creation and also closer to home, we will become more complacent and content to be virtual voyeurs.
    • We have decreased happiness and contentment.  The Apostle Paul shares that we should be content with our lot.  When we whine and complain, we are mocking His provision and Providence in our lives.  I am seeing a general trend of people being less happy overall. 
    • Psychiatric disorders will explode including suicide, anxiety, depression, emotional instability, and bipolar disorders
    • Extinction fears skyrockets, men's hearts failing with fear of the things coming upon the earth, as mentioned in the Bible.
    • Long term-neurodegenerative effects take root such as Alzheimer's, dementia, ALS, etc.
    • Medical emergencies, hospital admissions, sports injuries, work injuries, crime rates, and traffic accidents all surge during cosmic waves.
    • Virulent pandemics begin and spread rampantly during these events.
    • Metabolic and blood sugar issues for everyone, but, most particularly,  all three types of diabetes. Cosmic rays are why you will experience incredible fatigue and bouts of unexplained, unsatiated hunger, with unnautral cravings and lusts.  It is also why you will have trouble losing any gained pounds even with dieting and exercise. 

    Invisible Changes

    Then there are more permanent and insidious changes such as: 
    • DNA changes, breaks, aberrations, perturbations, and mutations
    • Gene Expression Changes. Cosmic particles potentially alter your epigenetic expression that originates in your RNA.  It is linked with programmed cell death known as apoptosis (programmed cell death from a Greek word meaning “falling off,” as leaves from a tree) and extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling or restructuring.
    • Coronary/Ventricular dysfunction, infarction (heart attack), arrhythmia (irregular or pounding heartbeat), stroke, fluctuations in your blood pressure, and heart rate will increase during events.  A healthy person can drop deader than a hammer in a fraction of a second- during these times.
    • Increased oxidative stress- Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify.
    • Exacerbation of auto-immune conditions such as arthritis, lupus, epidermal and glandular
    • Seizures, migraines, and light-based disorders.
    • Gastrointestinal tract bacterial translocation-where bacteria permeate through your gut wall into your body, carrying pathogens into your bloodstream and also food particles that do not belong in your general body.
    • Immune system activation- You have an innate immune system that is made of defenses against infection.  It can be activated immediately once a pathogen attacks during a cosmic wave. This pathway can be useful when fighting harmful bacteria, although bad when the immune system against itself as in the case of auto-immune diseases-when the body turns against itself, it is terrible news.
    • Destroys or mutates peripheral hematopoietic cell counts- These are your immature stem cells that can form into any cell in your body. They take 6-8 weeks to mature.  If they encounter something such as an allergen or ionizing radiation, they become permanently damaged.  Your body is continuously making new stem cells, so it continually has an opportunity to heal if the offending exposure ceases. Indeed you are a new creation as it says in scripture!
    • Emesis or vomiting escalates.  Think about the scripture verses that mention vomiting.
    • Blood coagulation is known as your blood clotting factor, and your blood tends to become thicker during these events, which is why there are more strokes and heart attacks during these times.
    • Skin integrity will decline, and solar radiation can plant seeds of cancer within your skin layers.
    • Behavior/fatigue (including social exploration, exercise, and spontaneous locomotor activity) explaining the, "I am so tired," that will be your companion.  The bible talks about the wearing down of the saints, and this comes to us in a many-layered fashions.
    • Heart and brain function we have touched upon already, but there are many more.
    • Survival and our ability to continue in this life decrease ,especially in light of the exponential difficulties that will beset upon us, making survival in an evil day much more difficult.
    • Cancer of all kinds will abound.
    • Cataract development-this can come on in mere days.

    Good News

    The good news is that as God removes earth protective barriers in judgment, He provided to all of us who partake, layers of protection. 

    • Armor of God
    • Food and supplementation
    • Scripture and Holy Spirit for counsel, discernment and guidence

    These layers were designed to keep us safe during the Day of Trouble.  I explore all of these protective layers in great detail in my new book, Electromagentic Radiation Protection Solutions, PDF DOWNLOAD I give you the cutting-edge scientific discoveries, as well as God's perfect solutions to the comsic and 5G EMF radiation problem. 


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