Song of Songs 1:2: The Holy Kiss

A dedication and tribute to all those who have lost spouses

1:1 The Songs of Songs that is Solomon’s

1:2 O, would he kiss me, kisses of his mouth-Your love is better than wine.

Currently, I am exploring the Songs of the Soul, once again returning to the Song of Songs, once almost banned from the bible for being too erotic. Wednesday will be the 5th anniversary of the great loss of my beloved David. While I deeply miss his love and kisses, I am now kissed by the Holy One. What do I mean?

When then the soul shed its earthbound body and joins with the Transcendent Mind of God and the Holy of Holies:

The mouth is used in kissing because the mouth is the source of expression of the Spirit. When kissing lovingly-mouth to mouth-breath is exchanged with breath. The two are joined and can never be separated from one another. Therefore, one who expires with “the Kiss” is simply absorbed into the Other Breath-the Breath of Jesus, into the breath from which it cannot disconnect, which is sometimes why death is referred to as the “The Kiss.”

Also, there can be no loving connection of spirit to spirit except with the kiss. Kissing is with the mouth because the mouth is the wellspring and expression of breath-the Spirit.

So, she begs, O WOULD HE KISS ME KISSES OF HIS MOUTH. She begs for kisses of the mouth because not all kisses are of the same type or intensity. Prophets and seers are distinguished by variances in levels of intensity and degrees of separation in the “kiss” they experience because visions and prophecies are accorded in proportion to the closeness, desire, and longing, which exists between God and the soul cleaving to Him. After speaking in the third person, she turns and begins addressing her Lover directly: He stands just beyond the barriers of her physical body, and she says, YOUR LOVING IS BETTER THAN WINE.

Drinking wine affects the body’s metabolism. It heightens the sensation of heat and promotes feelings of joy, but it is false passion, rising from the lower to inflame the higher from the body to the soul, so it is an alien fire and unhallowed joy.

It cannot compare to the passion and joy of a soul when the spirit of prophecy comes upon it when Godly joy and holy bliss pour downward from on high. Like a seismic event, divine fire from the soul pulses outward, the body experiences an earthquake of such magnitude it's very supports give way. The body must submit to the holiness of the Spirit, that is why your love is better than wine.

So while you remember your beloved remember that he or she is just a breath away and that when you escape the confines of your physical body you shall reunite in that three-strand cord, you, your beloved, and Jesus, that is not easily broken, dare I say, never broken. No, your reunion will not be the same in heaven as it was upon earth-it will exceed your wildest imagination.

May the Lover of your soul comfort you as you await.

Blessings now and always,

Songs of the Soul, J. Hershy Wurch




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