Songs of the Soul: Beyond the Milky Way the Light Broods Over Your Soul

Songs of the Soul, Exploring the Song of Songs 

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I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.  Song of Songs 1:5 

I have done archeology in Israel and one evening we went to black, goat-hair, Bedouin tent.  It was amazing.  Outside the sun was brilliant, almost blinding and very hot.  Upon entry, the inside was cool and dark.  When you gaze up it is like peering up at the Milky Way.  The loose weave allowed intense light the size of pin that look very much the stars of heaven. 

What can we possibly learn from this verse that can nourish our soul and Spirit? 

We enter a day when it may not be possible to converse with the Father, His Son, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit in public.  This was true for the first-century Christians and with every passing day is drawing night to our reality.   

This maiden has a plan.  To prevent her handmaidens from noticing that she is conversing with her lover of her soul, she turns the Daughters of Jerusalem who guard her and tells them that she has spent to much time in the sun with the sheep.  This blackness of mine is not intrinsic or permanent, it is merely accidental, and every accident disappears with the disappearance of its cause.  If I were only to cease sitting in the sun my complexion would lighten and I would be as beautiful as before.  Though black the tents of Kedar, they were originally as white as Solomon’s sheets.  They could be washed clean and made white again. 

Surely You desire truth in the inmost being; You teach me wisdom in the inmost place. 7Purify me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. 8Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones You have crushed rejoice.  Psalm 51:7 

My skin is tanned dark:  The soul, full of longing for the marvelous connection, which is Jesus, the Spirit of Prophecy, realizes that her supernal Lover cannot kiss her face-to-face or release her from the king’s chamber, i.e., from her physical body, because the daughters of Jerusalem (the physical properties of her body) have her surrounded and trapped as though in a thicket.  So, turning to face her captors, the daughters of Jerusalem, she says, “To all outward appearance I may be blackened.”  But you should know that I am still beautiful underneath.  

O daughters of Jerusalem yet am I fair... Because the Spirit’s essence is purest, radiant, and the most lucid light.  Any blackness you see is accidental, and due to my having been imprisoned in the flesh, exposed to the sun, as will be explained.  Once I am cleansed through repentance my physical blemishes and I will be protected. 

As we are learning with the evil plan that is operational of redistributing light, wealth, life force etc... we see scientifically that blackness absorbs light rays and does not reflect them.  What it hints at in this song, is the notion that the rays of divine light were absorbed inside the soul and spirit, that while they are hidden away within her and she appears black from the outside ridden with sin, the Light is still within her, in potential, if not yet actually realized. 

Faith Lesson:  My dear friends you are being showered by Lightlits each time you engage in acts of faith, study the Word, pray, praise, and be joyful and content in all things.  Be at peace, O my soul, for within you each Lightlit broods over and stirs your soul.  Awaken!  Sometimes this Light bursts forth in exaltation and at other times it awaits activation by the Divine Holy One.  

There may be times in the days to come that we must veil up our conversation and receipt of the Light from Jesus.  We must learn the art of camouflage to blend into society at large keeping secret our innermost relationship with Jesus. 

You do not need Virtual Reality, for you have with your relationship with Jesus' infinite heavenly dimensions to explore.  Living in Jesus is reality, the very definition. 




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