Module 3: The Bagging of Human Souls by Witchcraft

Soul Catcher Series

Module 3:  Soul Catcher:  The Bagging of Human Souls by Witchcraft

  • Engineering Soul Catchers
  • Fibers from Hell
  • Enticement of the Gullibles
  • Do Pillow Traps Exist?
  • Your DNA is Being Used as a Witches Beacon
  • Birds of a Feather!  Your Soul & Birds
  • Metamorphosis & the Soul
  • God's Promise

Fabricated Patches as Pillow Filling

We now return into digging into the soul and the trapping of the soul by witchcraft, witches, and sorcerers in in ancient history and the “new” techno-witchcraft soul hunt.

There is a biblical prophetic word when referring to the word those prophetesses that Ezekiel spoke against regarding the bands or can extend to anything they wore on their heads. A study from from the Hellenistic era, using the Septuagint on the “the coverings” reveals that “shawls” as in Isaiah 3:22 has no evidence.

Once again, we must look into the Akkadian and Mishnaic Hebrew. And here again it was Friedrich Delitzsch who, for better or worse, brought Akkadian into the picture.1 In this case, however, Bible scholars have invoked the alleged cognate, Akkadian:

Sapāh: “scatter, disperse; spread, stretch,” in support of a variety of meanings. Delitzsch himself assumed that bands were linen cloths.

R. Driver conjects: some kind of loose, flowing or spreading or all-enveloping, garment such as a ‘shawl’ or ‘veil.

Other scholars claim that sapāh is an antonym of kasû “bind” with the meaning “loose, untie,” not fully accepted in today. 

Furthermore, “whilst the verb sapāh…is found used with reference to magic.

In the Bible, the meaning for mispāḥ ôt that would involve the notion of tightening or fastening, rather than one of loosening or scattering. 

It is important to note that Mispāḥ ôt includes:

Judgment, justice, ordinance, deciding a case, seat of judgment, legal process or procedure before a judge, sentence of judgement, execution of judgment, time of judgment, justice, ordinances, decisions of law, rights and privileges, and measure of judgment.

There is an Akkadian term musah but we must exclude it because it is restricted to hunting gazelles.

Any words of Akkadian origin borrowed by the Judean exiles would have been Akkadian words in common use in Babylonian Aramaic. However, no borrowing of musah is found in Aramaic except in modern lexical lists.  

It should noted that the Biblical Hebrew has a number of common terms for bird traps and nets. It is legitimate to ask why the exiles would have borrowed another such term.

Ezekiel’s witches are using large sacks to trap souls.

Tech Insert:  A neural network is a network or circuit of biological neurons, or, in a modern sense, an artificial neural network, composed of artificial neurons or nodes.  Thus, a neural network is either a biological neural network, made up of biological neurons, or an artificial neural network, used for solving artificial intelligence (AI) problems. The connections of the biological neuron are modeled in artificial neural networks as weights between nodes.

Carbon NanoTube Fibers

Here again ancient Hebrew literature provides a compelling solution. A remarkably insightful article on the subject was published in 1895 by an obscure scholar. He pointed out that there is another attestation for the word “pillow.” In the Tosefta, a mattress full stuffing and/or a pillow full of stuffing.” He argued that the term is usually used of fuzzy, absorbent lumps of fibers, and can also refer to small fragments or shreds of cloth.  He concluded that Ezekiel’s bands were patches of cloth. In support of the meaning “patch,” he pointed to other ancient commentaries the rendering of which appears to mean “patchwork covers.

Digging even deeper other ancient commentators indicates it means scab from Leviticus13:6, from the root attach

Louis Ginzberg, another biblical commentator, noted the toseftan parallel independently in 1934, wrote, bands in Ezekiel 13:18 is not to be interpreted as ‘magic bands’ from the Assyrian.

The root attach originally referred to a small attachment used to cover and repair rent skin or clothing, that is, a scab, patch, rag, or a patch.

The realization that bands were cloth patches used as filling for pillows and cushions helps to explain the renderings “pillows for the neck” and cervicalia “pillows.” The women first make pillow casings, and then they make the filling needed to turn them into pillows. Once pillow casings are sewn the filling is expected leaving us with the following processes:

the manufacture of pillows: the sewing of folded pieces of fabric or leather into pillow casings and the cutting up of old clothing to make pillow filling.

Fibers from Hell

Electrospun Nanofibers


Electrospun nanofibers EAFMs with multistructures, including anoprotrusion, wrinkled, porous, branched, hollow, core–shell, ribbon, beaded, nets structure, and the application of these nanofibers.



Is a medical condition of unknown origin where colored fibers grow in the body. Originally, people having Morgellons’s were thought to be mentally ill.  Currently, there is no denying it exists although a treatment and cure are unknown.  For those afflicted with Morgellon's please check out the Clifford Carnicom Institute .



A micelle or micella is an aggregate of molecules. A typical micelle in water forms an aggregate with the hydrophilic "head" sequestering the hydrophobic single-tail regions in the micelle center.  There is also polymer micelle that auto-assemble. 

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Micelle Properties and Behaviors of ...

Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly Toward Micelle-Crosslinked Tough ...

Fiberlike Micelle Networks from the Solution Self ... - ACS Publications

Micelle-enhanced chemiluminescence and application to the determination ...

Structural Transformation of a Multicompartment Micelle Induced by ...

Biomimickry: Dodder Harpoon-Like Haustorium=Hydrogel

Dodder Haustorium for invaginating a species


Cuscuta commonly known as dodder is a genus of over 201 species of yellow, orange, or red (rarely green) parasitic plants. It now is accepted as belonging in the morning glory family, Convolvulaceae.

Folk names include: strangle tare, beggarweed, wizard's net, devil's guts, devil's hair, devil's ringlet, hellbine,  pull-down, strangleweed, and witch's hair.

In the plant world, after a dodder attaches itself to a plant, it wraps itself around it which strangles in the way a boa constrictor snake strangles. If the host contains food beneficial to dodder, the dodder produces a harpoon haustoria that insert themselves into the vascular system of the host. The original root of the dodder in the soil then dies. The dodder can grow and attach itself to multiple plants.

Dodder is parasitic on a very wide biological life.  It is an ectoparasite and is categorized as holoparasitic meaning the host provides all the nutrients for life.

In witchcraft, ectoplasm is a seemingly lifelike substance, solid or vaporous in nature, which allegedly extrudes from the body of a medium and can be transformed into materialized limbs, faces or even entire bodies of spirits.

  • Dodder debilitates the host, just like hydrogel.
  • Dodder can also spread diseases from one host to another if it is attached, just like hydrogel.
  • Dodder finds its way to its victim by following chemosensory clues (smell) just as the witch’s “smell” their victim, just like hydrogel.

Chemosensors | Free Full-Text | Swelling Properties of Hydrogels

haustorium is a root-like structure that grows into or around another structure to absorb water or nutrients. On penetration, the haustoria increases the surface area in contact with host plasma membrane, releasing enzymes that break up the cell walls, enabling greater potential movement of organic carbon from host to the invader. It may look as though it is being "eaten from the inside out" as the haustoria expand inside of it. 

The simplest forms of haustoria are small spheres, like a hydrogel fatty lipid. The largest are complex formations adding significant mass to a cell, expanding between the cell wall and cell membrane. It is possible that a victim may become enclosed by these cells. 

Just as with the haustoria, this is the nature of hydrogel and Quantum Dot.

The etymology of the name corresponds to the Latin word haustor meaning, the one who draws, drains or drinks. Think of it as a vampire of sorts, draining or harvesting the life force out of its victim so it can replicate.  The haustorium may be mycelium or root-shaped or have the tentacles of a hydra. 

DARPA's Secret Parasite Program

Parasite, synthetic entity, alien, hybrid and Sorcery Pathogens? Is the XFile Parasite real-time?  DARPA's secret parasite program with the Final Solution to exterminate all parasite-including humans from the earth   LINK

Souls in Bags:  Enticement of Gullibles

The phrase, I am going to deal with your empty pillow casings in which you pretend to trap souls Ezekiel 13:20 implies that human souls are trapped in- much like a net, not with the pillowcases.

James G. Frazer assumed that the human souls were disembodied souls that were literally trapped, but this is not the majority of opinions. 

Moshe Greenberg, for example, writes: A like phrase recurs in Proverbs 6:26, “a married woman can trap [tas\ud] an honorable person [nepeš]” with her wiles.  It is a figure of speech for the Enticement of Gullibles.

Tech Note:  I must say that I find this phrase provocative because so many people today in their dream-like or zombie state are gullible to the whispering of the pharmaceutical industry and other power brokers.  It is very similar to the Hillary Clinton’s infamous statement speaking at a fundraiser in New York City, Hillary Clinton said half of Donald Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.”  Did she acquire an adapt this comment from witches and sorcerers?

Back to the topic at hand-Does this mean that we can disregard the notion of the magical catching of disembodied souls because we see limited biblical evidence?   No.

The notion that the trapping in our passage is not literal, but a figure for the Enticement of Gullibles goes back at least as far as David Qimḥ, “to trap souls—for it is as if the souls of the simple, righteous people are caught in your traps.”  It was adopted by William Lowth as well. At first glance, the parallel cited by Greenberg from Proverbs 6:26 seems to confirm this interpretation. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the parallel is deficient in a crucial respect; it lacks the locative adverb acknowledged in 1723 by Lowth, who interpreted the verses as saying:

Ver. 18 . . . Will ye hunt the Souls of my People . . . ] . . . that is, will ye make a Prey of Men’s Souls by deluding them with fair Hopes and Promises?
. . .
Ver. 20. Wherewith ye hunt the Souls to make them fly.] To make them run into those Nets and Snares that you have laid for them:

See Ver. 18. The Metaphor is continued from the manner of hunting and pursuing living Creatures, by that means to drive them into the Toils prepared for them.

When we compare Lowth’s translation to KJV 1611 we discover:

Lowth’s VersionVer. 18 . . . Will ye hunt the Souls of my People . . . ] . . . that is, will ye make a Prey of Men’s Souls by deluding them with fair Hopes and Promises?

Authorized Version of 1611: your pillows wherewith yee there hunt the soules to make them flie.

We see that there is a crucial difference.

Lowth has omitted the word ‘there and ‘pillows.’ He takes it for granted that the deluded souls are metaphorically portrayed as being trapped in nets and snares, not in pillows.

Technology Note:  Possibly at the time of Lowth, it was considered metaphorical, but today it is very possibly quite literal, as we will discover.

Ferdinand Hitzig emended the text to read with them.  It is clear that the words ‘there’, ‘in that place’, places the trapped human souls in pillowcases. His text indicates that these are empty pillow casings (rather than pillows) and are human souls (rather than people).

We can judge the size of the pillow casings used by the women from the fact that they sewed them on their arms. It seems unlikely that they were large enough to hold people. Disembodied souls were thought to be immaterial and smaller than actual people. Judging from New Kingdom using shabti figures, even a material ba-soul would be small enough to fit easily into a pillow casing.

Personally, I appreciate the nuances of both Loweth and the 1611 providing us many insights into: 

  • Hunting the souls of God’s people (not unbeliever’s)
  • Witches and sorcerers make prey of men’s [human] souls
  • Delusion of men using fair [good] promises and hope- including unarmored Christians
  • While the 1611 goes into the mechanism of the snaring/trapping and where the captured souls are put-in a pillowcase-vessel.

Trapping the Soul

The verse says, then, that the women trap disembodied souls in their pillowcases. Before they are filled with stuffing and their opening is sewn up.  These are bags that can be used to hold things, including souls.

Technically speaking:  The stuffing is the admixture of souls, soft robotics, and can include demons.

This fact greatly increases the attractiveness of Frazer’s interpretation. Indeed, it can now be said that Frazer’s two major proof-texts for disembodied souls are mutually reinforcing.

In addition to Ezekiel 13:20, Frazer cites 1 Samuel 25:29: “the life of my lord will be bound up in the bundle of the living/life in the care of the Lord, your God; but He will sling away the lives of your enemies (as) in the pocket of a sling.

Both speak of souls in bags. I find the Samuel verse to be interesting because David slew Goliath with a sling.  We must remember this for the days to come. 

But why use pillow casings instead of ordinary bags? Could this be a Dream Soul?  If so, what is a Dream Soul?

Pillow-Traps for Dream-Souls


In many cultures, the souls of sleeping people are thought to leave the body. Such a soul is often referred to as a “dream-soul.”

Heart & Soul of Magic:  The Bird Soul

Before we dive into the dream world and bird-souls you need to be aware that the classification of all life has changed from the Linnaeus System to the PhyloCode.  It is a Satanic evolutionary system.  In claudistics, humans are categorized in the same clade with reptiles, birds, and tetrapods. 

According to the DerBegriff der Seele 1; Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann:

When he [a person] sleeps at night, his ba (soul) leaves him and roams in the form of a bird (‘bird-soul’).

Primitive peoples have thought that man has two kinds of souls. One is called the free body soul, a soul which represents the individual personality. This soul . . .only manifests itself during swoons, dreams or at death.

According to JoAnn Scurlock, the Mesopotamian zaqīqu/zāqīqu-spirit was, in many respects, a dream-soul:

This spirit was imagined as a sexless (and probably birdlike) phantom able to flit about or slip through small apertures, and as such, it became associated with dreaming, because it could safely depart the body when one was asleep. The contrast between zāqīqu and et \emmu thus roughly corresponds to the distinction, found in the folklore of other cultures, between a “free” or “dream” soul on the one hand and a “body spirit” on the other.

Technology note:  I underlined some key characteristics that we need to be aware and that we see prevalent today:

  • Sexless
  • Birdlike in that the body and soul flit here and there with no foundation or cornerstone
  • Phantom (such as with demons and ghosts)
  • Apertures-Eyes are the windows of the soul but the military is using this their transhumanism operation.
  • Dreaming-Dream-like state, Zombie, or virtual realm where many humans reside

The following are some biblical examples:

“into Your hand I deposit my ruach (breath-Spirit)” Psalm 31:6


“in His hand is the life of every living being and the breath of all human flesh” (Job 12:10)

These refer to the soul of a sleeping person which is deposited into the hand of the Lord in heaven and returned safe and sound in the morning. This was the common ancient understanding, as we see in the following texts:

“this soul (of ours) fills the body, but during the time that a person sleeps it ascends and draws life for it from above.”

 According to Midrash Tanḥuma, another ancient text:” when he goes to sleep, he deposits his spirit into the hand of the Holy-One-Blessed-Be-He, as it says, ‘into Your hand I deposit my spirit’ (Psalms 31:6).

 And according to Deuteronomy. Rabbah: “all (the members of) the nations of the world anger Him, and (yet when) they fall asleep, all (of their) souls ascend to Him, as it says, ‘in His hand is the soul of every living person’ (Job 12:10), and in the morning He restores to each and every one (of them) his soul.

According to Josephus, a similar view was held by Eleazar, the leader of the doomed defenders of Masada:

Let sleep furnish you with a most convincing proof of what I say—sleep, in which the soul, undistracted by the body, while enjoying in perfect independence the most delightful repose, holds converse with God by right of kinship, ranges the universe, and foretells many things that are to come.

The foretelling of things to come is done through dreams in many to believe is the dream soul.  We must note what Mary H. Kingsley describes during her travels in West Africa:

The dream soul. This is undoubtedly the greatest nuisance a man possesses. It seems an utter idiot, and, as soon as you go to sleep, off it ganders, playing with other souls, making dreams. While it is away you are exposed to dangers:

Your soul may get caught by a witch, who sets a trap for it, usually a pot half full of some stuff attractive to the dream soul, with a knife or hook of iron concealed in it which the soul gets caught on, but I have seen soul traps made of string, &. . . .

Nanofiber Net

Witchcraft acts in two ways:

  • Witching something out of a man, or
  • Witching something into him.

The former method is used by natives of Africa, where the witches are continually setting traps to catch the soul that wanders from the body such as when a man is sleeping; and when they have caught this soul, they tie it up over the canoe fire, and its owner sickens as the soul shrivels. This is a regular business, not an affair of individual hate or revenge. The witch does not care whose dream-soul gets into the trap and will restore it on payment. This sounds very much like the pharmaceutical companies who insert hydrogel into their products.

The wandering soul is supposed to return in the morning; if it does not, if it is lured away and trapped, the person will remain unconscious and eventually die. The relevance of Kingsley’s findings for the hunting of souls in Ezekiel was recognized by Frazer.

Soul hunting was well-known in ancient Egypt. In the words of Geraldine Pinch:

“Among the most terrifying demons are those who hunt the souls of the dead using throwsticks, spears, bird-traps or nets.”

Spells for avoiding soul traps (Christians should use the Armor of God and various scriptural passages in place of spells) are found in the Coffin Texts and the Book of the Dead.

According to H. W. F. Saggs, there are also parallels from Mesopotamia:

What the Babylonian witches took away from their victims in their hunting (or prowling) is specifically stated, being in the case of a man his dūtu or his baštu; or in the case of a woman her inbu.

These terms are commonly translated by words such as “vigor” or “attractiveness,” but it seems probable, on the evidence of context and synonym lists, that the Babylonians thought of these as
physical entities or substances constituting part of the personality.  We are seeing that pharmakia such as hydrogel also diminishes vigor and attractiveness.

The witches and sorcerers mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel appear to be:

  • Describing a trap for dream-souls—a devious trap exploiting a weakness in their navigation system.
  • The dream-soul, in attempting to return to its sleeping owner in the dark, looks for a head in proximity to a pillow.

It is well known that animals use various organs of their body for navigation and geolocation.  Although somewhat limited, humans also have various forms of geolocation that include:

  • Remembered landmarks
  • Orientation by the sun
  • Orientation by the night sky
  • Orientation by polarized light
  • Magneto-reception
  • Olfaction-Smell
  • Gravity receptors
  • Other senses
  • Way-marking

Ezekiel’s “women” and their “apprentices,” sew pillow casings and make cloth patches for use as pillow filling by cutting up clothing.

It has been noted that Babylonian witches, who prowled the streets with nets:

 “could gain power over the victims by obtaining substances or objects intimately connected with them, such as hair or pieces of old clothing,” and bore their scent.

Tech Note:  Modern sorcerers and witches are using the very elements of creation that scientists have broken down to engineer and design nano particulate scaffolds to catch souls they target as well as the scent of your particular blood that you volunteered when you went to your physician for any reason.


One of the tools that the purveyors of evil use to draw in souls is the persons very own DNA that the body intuitively recognizes, as well as your adversary.

  • The women in Ezekiel’s narrative attempted to enhance the efficacy of their pillow-traps through the use a magic spell—a spell designed to draw the attention of dream-souls flying overhead, luring them down to their fate. Today, we have Valkyrie and other technologies casting spells upon the peoples and lands from space continually.
  • Such a spell would be the “evil twin” of various Egyptian spells. Today, we have the Satanic Digital Twin. Are sorcerers drawing souls into this bottomless pit?
  • The spell reflects a fear that was evidently widespread among the Egyptians: that the ba-soul’s daily commute would be disrupted, that it would be prevented from rejoining the body. Fear allows an open door to witches and sorcerers.
  • The Ezekiel women used magic to draw the soul away from the body, luring it with pillow casings and filling. Today, this is especially true for those whose body is cleaved with hydrogel to their own DNA.
  • The Egyptians used magic to draw the soul towards the body.


Witches and sorcerers also used a concrete object as a lure or landing beacon.

In the technological world, beacons can be made of many substances such as NanoSynBio, magnetic, and other.

Gold Nano beacons, LINK

Gold Nano beacons is a stem loop with ssDNA are platforms using gene silencing protocols. Gold nanoparticle based molecular beacon (Au-nanobeacon) for RNA quantitation in real-time.

Polymer beacons for luminescence and magnetic resonance imaging of DNA

We demonstrate that these delivery beacons effectively bind and compact plasmid (p)DNA into nanoparticles and protect nucleic acids from nuclease damage. These delivery beacons efficiently deliver pDNA into cultured cells.

The Essene’s View of the Soul

A Hellenized echo of such spells can perhaps be discerned in the doctrine of the soul that Josephus attributes to the Essene's:

and its constituent matter impermanent, but that the soul is immortal and imperishable; and that these souls, emanating from the finest ether, become entangled, as it were, in the prison-house of the body, to which they are dragged down by a sort of natural spell

The that the soul becomes entangled (that is, trapped or imprisoned) in the body is attested already in Plato’s Phaedo (81e). We can also see this entanglement in our modern day:

Quantum Entanglement and the Soul - Space And Intelligence

Quantum Entanglement and the Soul — Space And Intelligence Quantum Entanglement and the Soul In many religious and philosophical systems, the word "Soul" denotes the inner essence of a being, immortal and without a body.

Soul Entanglement - Soul Retrieval

Soul entanglement creates a number of problems: · The life-force energy of all parties can become diminished.

Josephus’ description of the Essene view of immortality is highly colored by Greek thought.”

There is a difference between Plato and Josephus’s Essenes. Plato speaks of the soul being attracted to the body by a desire, while Josephus’s Essene's speak of souls being dragged down to their place of imprisonment by a spell.

Perhaps the Essene's experimented with this formulation to attract followers who believed that souls could be trapped by magical means.

We now have a better understanding of the behavior condemned by Ezekiel.

  • Cloth pillow filling was prepared. (Nano Tubes)
  • Perhaps by cutting up clothing belonging to intended victims. (DNA)
  • A spell was recited over it. (Geomancer, Spell Book, Python, and others)
  • It was placed on the heads of tall women. (Reanimated Giants?)
  • Where flying dream-souls could make it out from above and/or pick up its scent. (From the DNA)
  • The women then persuaded their gullible listeners that their dream-souls, lured by the pillow filling and the spell recited over it, were now trapped inside the (previously empty) pillow casings. They offered to return them for a price. (Pharmaceutical industry uses the same operating procedure- SOP).

From Dream-Souls to Bird-Souls

Aquila and Jerome rendered the words as if they meant “the flying [bird] souls” (animas volantes). This tradition that contains an important kernel of truth: the verse does speak of flying souls. This rendering has been abandoned by modern translations and commentaries who translate flying souls as birds or bird-like.

The concept of bird-souls is well known in the ancient Near East and elsewhere.

Even until Medieval times the Hebrew people used bird heads in their manuscripts: 

Pictorial evidence for this concept comes from Egypt, where a human-headed bird is part of the hieroglyph for ba “soul” and where “the illustrations that first appear in the Book of the Dead depict the ba as a bird with a human head and occasionally other human attributes, symbolizing both its human nature and its mobility.”

One study of Ezekiel’s phrase also pointed to an Egyptian calendar (Papyrus Cairo 86637) which relates that:

when Ra killed all of the gods, the latter “took on the shape of fishes, (while) their ‘souls’ (ba’s) took on the shape of birds flying up to heaven. The corpses had become fishes, and the souls, birds.”

 We may add that, in the inscriptions from Medinet Habu, Ramses III twice uses the expression:

“their soul (ba) is flown away” in describing the defeat of his enemies.

Some scholars have compared Ezekiel’s phrase with a description of the dead found in “Ishtar’s Descent to the Underworld” (as well as “Gilgamesh”):

“They are clothed like birds, with feathers/wings.”

The birds, representing the spirits of the deceased kings, may have been consecrated as guests at the sacrificial meal. In the Bible, terms for “consecrate” from the root used for guests invited to purify themselves for sacrificial feasts (1 Samuel 16:5; Zephaniah 1:7).

Evidence for the bird-soul concept has also been cited from ancient Israel. Theodor H. Gaster begins his discussion of “the winged soul” by quoting:

“The span of our life is seventy years . . . ; they pass by quickly and we fly away” (Psalms 90:10).

“How can you say to my nefesh-soul, ‘Flee to your mountain, O bird’” (Psalms 11:1)

“Our nefesh (soul) is like a bird escaped from the fowler’s trap; the trap broke, and we escaped” (Ps 124:7).

In such verses, we are dealing with poetic language, but the poet’s decision to use bird imagery may owe something to the bird-soul concept. In the words of Frazer:

“Often the soul is conceived as a bird ready to take flight.

This conception has probably left traces in most languages.

According to Adolphe Lods: “Ezekiel portrays souls as birds trapped by the prophetesses. . . . This conception must have been current in his time. They attributed to the souls of the dead the whistling and twittering sound of small birds.”

Isaiah 8:19 reads “inquire of the ghosts and familiar spirits that chirp and coo; for a people may inquire of its divine beings—(inquiring) of the dead-on behalf of the living.”

Other translations provocatively use:

  • divine being(s),” here and in 1 Samuel 28:13
  • otherworldly being(s)” or
  • preternatural being(s),”

The best proof-text is:

“I chirped like a swift or a swallow, I cooed like a dove” (Isaiah 38:14).

According to Tropper, Isaiah 8:19 should also be compared to the description of death in Qoh 12:4, with the phrase, ַ“and one rises at the sound of a bird” understood to mean that birdlike speech begins even before death.

NDE and the Soul

The bird—the soul—came back to the nest from which it had departed. The dead person returned to life, and he acquired movement [lit., movements] and sensation [lit., senses].

Here we see a logical development of the narrative. If the soul is a bird, then the body must be its nest. According to one manuscript, this development of the image is also found earlier in the story, at the point where the angels take man’s soul to heaven.  They snatched the bird from its nest like hawks.

I had a Near Death Experience when I was about 22 years of age.  I was translated to heaven and was told three times that I must return.  The journey to heaven was quick but the road back to my body was long.  I could feel breath return to my body and the resumption of circulation that had apparently ceased during my time away.  I was healthy with no known health conditions and young.  Could I have been intercepted by something while returning?  I will never know for sure.Was this experience much the the description of the bird-soul?

The depiction of the human soul by bird-like images and descriptions is interesting because during this current depopulation event, they are even using hydrogel to chase away birds and then Direct Encery Weapons for depopulation!  With the aerogel in the air, and hydrogel in their food, many will be consumed and die.

Bird Repellent Gel | Transparent Bird Gel | Bird B Gone

From rabbinic literature, where the verb “fly” is often predicated of the soul.  When consciousness is lost for any reason, including death and fainting:

1 Samuel 25:29: And as for the soul (נפש) of your enemies—may He cause it to fly away as one makes fly a stone with a sling.

Abot R. Nat. (First Recension, Addition 2):

“And one rises at the sound of a bird” (Qoh 12:4)—This refers to the soul. Just as a bird fly up into the air also when a person dies his soul flies.

Who knows if a man’s spirit rises upward” (Qoh 3:21).

The Egyptians would enter and see the dead and their souls would fly up above them.

When Israel heard the word Exodus 20:2 at Sinai, their souls flew away as it is written: “My soul went out when he spoke” (Song 5:6).

A number of translations and commentaries translate:

“like (birds)”

 “as if they were (birds).”

Grammatically, it would be more appropriate renders it:

 “of (birds),”

In other cultures, too, the free body soul “manifests itself during swoons.” The connection is reflected in two Greek words for “swoon” derived from the Greek word for “soul”:

turning them into (fledglings).”

BDB gives its meaning as “into, of a transition into a new state or condition, or into a new character or office.

  • “become, turn into
  • “cause to become, make into
  • “cause to become, make into [lit., give]”
  • turn into
  • make into
  • build into

Technological Insert

We know at this time scientists and researchers are mixing the species and creating numbers of hybrids.  Men with evil in their hearts are turn, making, building and using witchcraft and sorcery demonic metamorphosis to change the apple of God's eye-man and women into hybrid creatures as well as all biological life  created in the beginning by God. The souls of the humans degrades to a nefesh, an animal soul, with only the breath remaining.

Metamorphosis of the Soul

The phrase means not: “like birds,” “as birds,” “of birds,” or “into birds” but “into bird-souls,” but it is rather the action of “(turning them) into bird-souls.”

The phrase your (empty) pillow casings in which you (pretend to) trap (dream-) souls (and turn them) into bird-souls.”

The expression in our passage should be viewed as a technical term referring to bird-souls. Since bird-souls are most commonly encountered at the time of expiration, the use of this term may reflect the women's claim that the owners of the trapped souls did not have long to live (v. 19).

The inability of such souls to fly when they are trapped does not negate their status as bird-souls; trapped bird-souls are still bird-souls, just as trapped birds are still birds. It is worth recalling that the winged Egyptian ba is not always portrayed in flight.

A Promise from God the Most High

“And I shall free (from your clutches) the souls (of those who listen to your lies), for you (are pretending to) trap dream-souls (and turn them) into bird-souls,” meaning is known from rabbinic references to pillows.

  • The women and their apprentices sew pillow casings, (elements of creation woven into technological prison fabrics)
  • They cut up clothing—stolen, perhaps, from their intended victims—into the cloth patches (Stolen DNA and other items to use as a GPS system to target precise targets)
  • That served as pillow filling in ancient Israel. (Hydrogel as a stuffing containing many classifications of robotics that merge (cleave) to your body).
  • They use these to attract and trap heedless dream-souls rushing back to the pillows of their owners in the morning, after a “night on the town.” (Are we the most vulnerable in the interim between sleep and a wakened state?  Is this why so many appear to be asleep or a Zombie?)
  • Trapped inside the empty pillow casings, the dream-souls turn into bird-souls, awaiting the imminent demise of their owners.  (Without your human soul or if it is changed which scientists claim they can capture, is one condemned forever?)
  • Unless the latter agree to ransom them. (We are seeing this manifestation with the pharmaceutical industry and as Third World Satanic cartels manage the world for the Anti-Christ until their number is up.)

It should be noted that this passage, when properly understood, provides compelling evidence for a belief in disembodied souls. What happens to a human when their soul has become thrust out of its body container?  This can happen in the spiritual domain for sure, but can it occur in the physical as part of this evil plan.  After the experiences of this first half of this year I am inclined to believe it can occur in the physical leaving body and soul left to wander, although not endlessly.

Identity and Fate

Ezekiel clearly condemns the behavior of the women, but what about their beliefs? Were any of them acceptable?

Daniel I. Block gives a nuanced answer:

Nĕpāšôt as “souls” independent of the body is analogous to Bab. ilu, ištaru, lamassu, and šēdu, spiritual “demons,” whose presence determines one’s identity and fate or fortune. . . .

The aim of a witch hunting for souls would be to gain control over these demons, and thereby exercise power over the human person.

It is important to note that this interpretation would not mean that Ezekiel had bought into the Babylonian notion of external, portable, souls, since such notions are quite un-Hebraic. However, his compatriots may well have. Since they had no scruples about adopting pagan religious ideas from their environment.  Attractive as this interpretation is most continue to understand nĕpāšôt in its normal Hebraic sense, as a holistic designation for “persons.”

This answer suggests that Ezekiel’s compatriots accepted the un-Hebraic, Babylonizing beliefs of the women—beliefs that posited the existence of external souls—while Ezekiel did not reject the beliefs of the women in totally. What he condemned as a lie, was their claim of having the power to trap souls and to kill them or keep them alive. However, there is no indication in the text that he rejected the women’s underlying belief in the existence of disembodied.

Summary & Take Home

We have covered expansive territory on Ezekiel 13 with its historical understanding and how it pertains to our body and soul today. 

We are plumbed ideas about our very human soul. The human soul, animal soul, the bird soul in all its various implications.

We drilled down the women in Ezekiel and these mysterious pillows, bands, and the stuffing and their technological counterparts.We looked face to face from Holy Scripture whether the soul can be captured and then changed.

We have touched on the very notion that we can be physically alive and yet become disembodied from this darkening culture and even from our bodies themselves while we are yet alive.  On  the surface possibly attributing it to sorcerers but discovering God is compelling His people out of the beast system before His wrath of judgment falls upon it.  This sounds easy but it is more difficult for us than you might imagine.

We have begun to see promises from God, our Abba Father.

I beseech you to turn you face to Jesus each moment for He has the power to guide, direct, and protect you each moment.  Claim the promises told in Scripture and run the race with all perseverance until you cross that Finish Line.  You have untold number in the heavenlies cheering you on!  Let us go for it in complete peace and faith!

Please join me next time, when we will examine the diabolical plant to disembody your soul and erase that you ever existed.  We will dig even deeper into learning about our soul and its intricacies.

Blessings Always,



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