Spooky Atomic Clouds

Coming to You at the Speed of Light

Spooky at a Distance confirms that God is Omnipresent, every place at one time.  We know that God has this power, we visibly see Him interact in our lives, meaning that we are in sync and oscillating with His will in our lives. 

In quantum physics this concept is known as entanglement. Einstein described this phenomenon as "spooky at a distance," and he was troubled at several aspects of it.  In the quantum world, two atoms or particles can be a world part, and yet be spinning or in two locations at once, this is what we call superposition. It is not a weird quirk because it can be replicated in laboratory settings.  

Three European research groups have entangled not just pairs of atoms but  clouds or thousands of atom's creating a mysterious atomic cloud unknown before the 1990's. These expanding clouds are created using gases including single or paired atoms which are then cooled to absolute zero, creating a Bose-Einstein condensate which entangling them into an atomic cloud.  "With a [Bose-Einstein condensate], you start from a disordered state, where kinetic energy is greater than potential energy," said Xuedong Hu, a professor of physics at the University at Buffalo. "You cool it down, but it doesn't form a lattice like a solid." It then behaves in a collective .....

It is ironic that once this is perfected for quantum computing it must be built using many quantum bits or qubits.  In biblical times the cubit was used as a precise measurement tool.  Although spelled differently it is pronounced the same, what are the odds?    Quantum computing is a computer solves problems and is necessary for the emerging autonomous beast system while the biblical cubit was used for precise measurement to build things such as Noah's Ark.

This Atomic Cloud comes as swarm intelligence is burgeoning from out of its confines and into your life.  This research is exploding down to the level of atomic particle sensors for draconian surveillance powers. There is a provocative study about a cat being both dead and alive at the same time challenging our present reality into a bizarre and macabre space. It is the same principle that we saw when we looked at creation, when it was discovered that a particle can also be a wave at the same time.  Does man now seek to harness what has up until now been the domain of God?

For decades it has been known that atoms and particles are entangled and dependent upon each other which Einstein called “spooky action at a distance,” as altering one particle in an entangled pair affects its twin instantaneously—no matter how far away it is.

Quantum physic entanglement can sound very bizarre but we actually use it every day for things like using our computers, electronic switches via particular metal conductivity, the screen for your computer uses a light emitting diode utilizing quantum physics and also the sensor or photo diode in your digital camera to capture that perfect shot, lasers using stimulated emission by exciting it that are in your fiber optic's, and GPS devices.

We may see future technology where the spooky can be used for 'teleportation' such as in Star Trek.  Telepathy is also being explored.  It is also possible to store a super dense coding of information in a given volume.  Communication is also easier and faster with China leading the pack with spooky entangled quantum communication.  The photons being communicated have a unique signature which helps traceability should a communiqué be intercepted.  Stealth aircraft can be detected using spooky quantum radar.  Even MRI scan uses spooky technology.  Weather forecaster's are on a mission to use spooky action to provide weather forecast you can trust.

Entanglement is still nascent and fragile.  We are still sorting out the details that we help us identify it, find it, and block background noise.  As this technology is perfected we will see quantum computing invade our daily lives.  As you view the stepping stones crossing the barriers of heaven we should be asking ourselves several things:

Does man have the wisdom to use elemental particles created by God to build His creation?

What are the consequences of playing with something we really do not understand?

Is the convenience really worth the risk?

What are we to believe when spooky action demonstrates that something can be dead and alive at the same time? (Aside from the fact that someone can be biologically alive and spiritually dead)  Is this a foreshadowing of the animation of long dead spiritual entities into suitable host bodies?

Is this a second attempt to rebuild the Tower of Babel?

Do we accept a technology that claims it is omnipotent?

How does this science impact our soul and our relationship with our Creator?

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.    Matthew 24:24


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