Techno Burqa'fing the Human for Eradication

Forsaking Your Human Birthright


I get it!  Many of you are scared of the "pathogen".  You have a job, families, and dreams of returning back to "normal" that require you to wear a mask, get tested, and the soon coming vaccine protocols.  With every step of compliance you are transforming yourself ever closer into a hybrid synthetic entity that would make the narratives in the biblical account in the Garden of Eden and Genesis 6 pale in comparison.  This is the ultimate deception of history whereby mankind forsakes his/her humanity to become a synthetic entity for the sake of safety and security.

Post Human Era

The elite have told you that we live in a post-human era. 

“Cyborgification is simply the process of compensating technologically for the inherent limitations of natural man.”
James Scott, Senior Fellow, Center for Cyber Influence Operations Studies

You’ll be at a superhuman level almost as soon as that algorithm is implanted in silicon. 
―Bill Gates

Are you going to willingly accept the mandate of a few self-appointed rulers who believe humanity as we know it should be terminated?




Are You Buying In?

Friends are you buying into turning mankind into a biological robot?  Do robots have consciousness?  Do robots have eternal life?

Above are the ever-humanized Synth robots.  Below, are the denigrated Humanized Robots.


Humans are now masked and techno-burqa'fied

Robots grow in compassion and tenderness while humans are becoming unglued due to nano biological terrorism and policies/regulations engineered to destroy the fabric of humanity.

 "There's an aging population so I don't want them to be these kind of cold machines with no heart and people remain lonely.  I actually want them to be social companions that can have the same interests as people and engage with them on a deeper social level do you think." Suzanne Gilbert, Founder of

You, the human, are being imprisoned like a "bird in a cage"

While the robotic Synth is free to grow, explore, and replace the human

"if you have a robot that looks more like a human it's actually better adapted and designed for the environment that we all live in." 

"It's safe to interact with these robots, they won't like hurt you."  
Suzanne Gilbert


Meanwhile, global policy makers have decided that you are a surplus population that needs to de done away with for your crimes against the planet.  This is not a plan, it has operationalized, meaning it is "Game on".

Turning Humans into Silicon Entities

      The test and vaccination changes DNA Link and assembles in body.  In fact, this particle actually rewires your body!  Think of a spider rewiring your human biology building a synthetic scaffold that is permanent. 

      Abstract Image

      Hydrogel/Quantum Dot  fuses to your tissue and cannot be removed.
        Abstract Image
        • Smart hydrogel micro-mechanical resonators can be employed for continuous 24/7 monitoring, Link
        • This is a neuroweapon as described in great detail by proclaimed Mad Scientist Dr. James Giordano.
        • You are linked as an interface to artificial intelligence forever.  There is no removing it or changing your mind.  You have been changed in the twinkling of an eye by your decision to test the waters.  Testing God is not a good plan as we see with the Children of Israel, set as an example for us, in the Wilderness at Meribah. 

        Eternal spiritual consequences, as it is a hybrid of biology and robotics, which mixes the holy with the profane.  Nothing good can come out of such a fusion.  Right now it fuses God's biological world with the Satanic synthetic world.  Very soon, it will move to a wholly evil kingdom, for a season.

        It began in 1968 with the Mother of All Demo which landed int DARPA at first as an implantable RFID device that later morphed into a non-invasive Nano hydrogel/Quantum Dot in the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program aims to develop high-performance, bi-directional brain-machine interface. 

        These are transformational neuroweapons that that slowly turn to you into a hybrid synthetic entity. 

        "I were for example able to modify the coffee that he drank, the water that he drank this morning with an undetectable chemical that was delivered at a very  very low range...single individual, whether it is a military leader a political leader diplomat through the use of modifiable brain functions at very-very low levels of non-detectable drugs that exist in the high nano range."  Dr. James Giordano

        "Weeks ago it was announced that you could then aerosolize nanomaterials... I can create small robotic units, controllable robotic units at the nano scale, that these two can be aerosolized to create a nano-swarm of bio-penetrable materials that you cannot see that can penetrate ... that are able to integrate themselves through mucus membranes, mouth, nose, ears, and eyes.  They can be then up taken into the vascular system to create clumping [such as what we see with COVID 19] .  They can affect the vascular system of the brain or can directly diffuse into the brain space.  These can be weaponized ...done in such a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect." Dr. James Giordano

        Aiming for Deity

        "So sanctuary is a company we build our ultra human-like robots and try and create human-like minds for those robots using various kinds of AI techniques"
        "I'm passionate about how the mind works what intelligence is and how we can

        actually build intelligence in the future to help us solve some of the problems.  We have build these robots we call sense sharper synthetic human and the concept.

         "They make I think they will force us to understand what it means to be human."

        "Something new comes into the world that's never existed before it causes you to question concepts around you."

        The ancients believed in visual articulations of divine beings strongly connected to the widespread belief that sacredness resides in the surface, skin, and particularly the face of things. 

        It was said in ancient times that the mask itself should be seen as having emerged from a cracked mountain or through the conduit of the serpent. 

        Early Classic Meso-American's, famous for the belief in the plumed serpent depicted their Maize God or a ruler, in his guise (mask) by dots around the face, and in this case by the addition of the ik’ diadem below the chin of the mask.  Could these dots represent Quantum Dots, an ancient technology reappearing at a time when a beast emerges with diadems?  Just wondering...

        The Meso-American Río Azul mask strengthens the recording of an ochha’aj (a compound verb literally meaning “to water-enter” [liquefaction]) and a k’a’ay - sak ik’ (lit. the white wind/breath was extinguished) event.  Together, the symbolize death. Masks, by their nature, are related to ritualistic mortuary and funerary rites.   

        Ancient architectural sculpture functioned as a backdrop for performances that somehow legitimatize a ruler’s authority, whether it be the elite or the Prince of the Power of the Air. Without the performance of wearing a mask, the meaning of the mask programs, is in a sense incomplete. 

        Your Body, Your Decision

        God has blessed us each with a unique body and we are created secretly in our mother's womb for a specific calling in our life.  We are to glorify Jesus Christ.  God has presented with a fleeting window of opportunity to stand alongside Him and His minister of healing and salvation.  God provides us with free-will.  To make a wise choice, we need to get to know Him better and exercise our free choice, and choose, Jesus.


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        Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

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