Ten Reasons Your Food Supply is Going, Going, Gone

Why is the food disappearing at your local grocery store?  Will it ever go back to normal?  Why are the prices of food skyrocketing?  You probably have thought or verbalized these very questions.  There is not one answer that resolves the issue of food.  We must understand what is in play so that we can make wise decision moving forward.

Zeitgeist: A GAIA-Pantheistic

Spirit of the Age

I would submit to you that a pantheistic spirit has invaded our world, and is in reality and the Anti-Christ and his revealing.  It is the Zeitgeist, or Spirit of the Age. This spirit is being promoted by those who hold power over the earth today. The Zeitgeist is a pantheistic spirit that embraces that the earth and nature are god, thus making it holy, and not to be touched by "dirty humans".   Some of you may know this spirit as GAIA.  It demands that everyone worship nature and the earth as they do.  If it costs you you life, then so be it.  The ground of the earth and the peoples, are being tilled as it were for Anti-Christ ready to embrace him as their savior. 


Maybe you are of the persuasion that government regulations protect the food supply.  Regulations are extra-Constitutional, as they allow you no real representation, but rather are a control mechanism.  He who controls the food controls the world.  With each passing day more regulations are being put in place to control the food supply.  It has been federalized which will mean that your food, very soon, will come only from the government, and that you will only be able to access that food if you comply to their demands.  This will occur in less than five years.


We are in a time of judgment and old plagues of the past are returning with a vengeance and new plagues never seen in history are emerging and deployed.  Consider early and late blight that has killed crops for centuries.  It is at all-time highs.  New parasitic pathogens are sucking out the life-force of commodity crops. These plagues and pestilences are on the increase from locusts to scale and they are decimating the food supply.  Do not think pestilence only falls upon the plants for it also is destroying whole industries of livestock.

Climatic Changes

You have noticed the wild and crazy weather over the last few years and it is taking its toll on the food supply.  Traditional or heirloom plants and heritage breeds that have been long-time favorites supplying with nutrition and flavor are being assaulted and stressed by the leviathan change in weather patterns.  The stress of the climatic swings concentrates the essential oils, the soul of the plant if you will, making the food dangerous or even toxic to consume.  While these climatic stressors make heritage livestock more vulnerable to pestilence. Livestock and plants can only take so much weather abuse before they die.

Global Mandate to "take nothing from nature"

The UN Sustainable Millennial Goals original mandate was that by 2030 that humans could take nothing from nature, not for food, industry, or manufacturing.  To harness the planet before the cyclical convergence of they have moved up their timetable to 2025 to bring everything into subjection and domination in just a few short years.  Hence, you are seeing a dizzying array of new start-ups, researchers, and scientists coming up with novel or new humans, plants, animals, and materials that are perfectly engineered to dwell in the new synthetic world order. 

Anti-Human, Anti-Animal, Anti-Plant Agenda

What?  What is left?  That is the point!  This is the deployment of a massive depopulation of Final Solution eradicate every trace of humanity and the old world from planet earth.  The atmosphere and earth are being terraformed to make it hostile to old world biological lifeforms.  What is currently replacing humans, animals and plants are synthetic such as Synths, SynBio's that are hybrid of biological life and machines, and spirit life such as demons, reanimated giants and nephilim.  While spirits may roam the earth this will be no heaven on earth but rather an arid place a habitation of devils and demons.

Global Mandate to Reduce Footprint by 50%

Another UN Sustainable Millennial Goals original mandate was that by 2030 that has been moved up to 2025 is that all humans are to reduce their footprint by 50%.  This does include all agriculture, industry and manufacturing.  This is a simple ghetto model from World War II that called for humans to squeeze into a small confined space before they were eventually liquidated.  The modern version of the ghetto will be to squeeze humans in SMART cities before their termination.  No humans equals no food necessary except for the elite who envision a utopia for themselves. 

Environmental factors such as air pollution, chemical pollution, and electromagnetic pollution

While noticeable pollution is being eliminated due to regulation the truth of the matter is the pollution replacing it such electromagnetic pollution is off the charts.  We the world is being bathed in electromagnetic pollution, chemical pollution, and invisible air pollution.  These environmental factors are taking their toll on plants and animals, the canaries in the coal mine, as whole species are going extinct.  We are in the 6th Extinction Level Event and the global puppeteers are synergistic escalating an already lethal environment.

Cosmic Influences

Just in from the Thule Greenland neutron monitor Bartol Research Institute University of Delaware 27 day averages were updated through March 2020.  It is showing that we are living in the highest cosmic-ray plateau since late last year through the present for the last five months.  What this means is that we have been irradiated with more cosmic radiation than ever before since the Dalton and the Maunder Minimum.  This is a telling event that indicates we are plunging deeper into this 6th Extinction Level Event.  Whole species of plants, animals, and even human beings will go extinct as a result.  New species will emerge. 

This will greatly impact our food supply as these cycles converge with the UN food control scheme. 

God did put barriers into His creation to protect us such as the magnetosphere but it is waning which means you need to put barriers in place yourself that will protect your from cosmic radiation as well as 5G and nuclear events.  This can be accomplished by way of consuming certain foods and supplements.

Earth Changes

 Another synergy that we have going that impacts food production is a convergence of particulates that are collecting in our atmosphere.  These particulates originate from many places such as cosmic rays, the collapse of the magnetosphere causing an uptick of volcanic eruptions hence particulates, geo-engineering operations, and other air pollution.

All of these particulates cause nucleation which means that clouds for that may or may not cause rain.  They also cause the sun to appear to be dimming.  This causes chlorosis in plants which is a yellowing because it interferes with their photosynthesis.  Once again scientists and researchers knew this was coming and so in Synthetic Plants they are designing artificial photosynthesis the long term effects of which nobody knows. 

Other earth changes such as earthquakes, pole shift, and tears in the earth crust is taking its toll on food production.

Biblical Food Supply Call to Action

The Bible talks about a day when man would work a whole day for the inferior grain that is really only suitable for animals.  The perfect storm is taking its toll on your food supply.

You can do things such as grow your own food in greenhouses or indoors as greenhouses cannot stand against with what is coming.

You can store some food, whether dry or canned or freeze dried.  Store what you enjoy eating.  If you hate beans do not buy them for you will not use them until severe deprivation ensues. 

Prepare both long term food storage as well as light weight food storage in event you must flee to a different location quickly.

You can capitulate and become dependent upon the very system that is enslaving and killing you for a few morsels of bread. 

Whatever you choose your food and whatever the cause, God or man, your food supply is disappearing.  You have precious little time to make your plan.

God bless each of you as you make these difficult decisions and preparations.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Incident Command
  • Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
  • Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
  • Principles of Emergency Management
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  • Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
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  • Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
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  • Community Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming..

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