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If everything goes to plan it may not be long before an army of robot scientists catapults us into a new age of exponential progress.  Singularity Hub  Link

Are you one of the exponential experiments?

What is the BEAST?

The BEAST is animated and comes to life using fallen angel technology and witchcraft.  The language bringing it to life began as the Python but has now expanded.  Scientists and researchers call it BEAST 1.00.  It now uses snakemaker coding.  You will clearly see that masks are in the coding, as well as [insidious] plots, augur, auspice and more.  Every word is weaponized and dual use for plausible deniability.  The guidance and glue that is used is Geomancer platform and Spellbook.  It is not wonder that people are like under an obedience spell and trance-like state. 

Furthermore, this system will be used within the: 

  • Testing 
  • Vaccination 
  • Sensory tracing 

To inject the DNA of Satan into anyone who uses any of the above-mentioned technologies.  You lose your humanity and are blotted out of any possibility of being written in the Lamb’s Book of Eternal Life.  He does not recognize you as human any longer.   

The vaccination for the Next Wave is a SynBio Construct carrying the very DNA of rebellious Fallen Angels, resulting in physical and eternal death. 

Bluntly put, the deployment of these Nano SynBio Entities means that masks, vaccinations, other technologies are useless.  They have been designed as permanent depopulation mechanisms to prevent life in this world and the eternal Hereafter.  Your only option of protection is Psalm 91 under the protective blood of Jesus.  The truth is that life is eternal, and you will spend it in heaven or hell.  Your choice.   

Beast in Scripture 

The Beast (Greek: Θηρίον, Thērion) may refer to one of two beasts described in the Book of Revelation 

The first beast comes "out of the sea" and is given authority and power by the dragon. This first beast is initially mentioned in Revelation 11:7 as coming out of the abyss. His appearance is described in detail in Revelation 13:1-10, and some of the mystery behind his appearance is revealed in Revelation 17:7-18 

The second beast comes "out of the earth" and directs all peoples of the earth to worship the first beast. The second beast is associated with Revelation 13:11-18 the false prophet 

The two beasts are aligned with the dragon in opposition to God. They persecute the "saints" and those who do "not worship the image of the beast [of the sea]" and influence the kings of the earth to gather for the battle of Armageddon.[1] The two beasts are defeated by Christ and are thrown into the lake of fire mentioned in Revelation 19:18-20. 

Techo BEAST 

Well my friends the beast has emerged from the many waters of the peoples of the earth and up from within the bowels of the Abyss on earth.  Using ancient fallen angel technology BEAST is a cross-platform program for Bayesian analysis of molecular sequences using MCMC. Bayesian definition is - being, relating to, or involving statistical methods that assign concept of probabilities or distributions to events. 

It is entirely orientated towards rooted, time-measured phylogeny inferred using strict or relaxed molecular clock models. It can be used as a method of reconstructing phylogeny, but is also a framework for testing evolution.  Phylogeny according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is: the evolutionary history of a kind of organism and the evolution of a genetically related group of organisms as distinguished from the development of the individual organism.  Simply put scientists, researchers, and globalists the war rages between creation and evolution.  It is easier for haters of God to declare that humanity has come about from a complex web of ET single cell organisms that hitch-hiked to earth called panspermia rather than believe that the Living God spoke creation, designed humans, and breathed life into their bodies. 

As I reported on two years ago a new classification of biological life was made after 10 years of work called the PhyloCode usurping the traditional and ancient classification of life the Linnaeus system.  The PhyloCode is evolutionary.  It puts humans in the same family tree as birds, arthropods, and dinosaurs.  In its organizational chart it has space for synthetic life forms, demons, angels, extra-terrestrials, hybrid life forms, and more.  Everyone talks about the pandemic exercise Event 201.  The more dangerous pandemic exercise is Clade X because the root of this 2018 exercise was a pandemic based upon and engineered lifeform pandemic.  The novel coronavirus is the first wave so to speak of engineered lifeform pandemics that can be known as pestilence in the biblical sense.  This is in accordance with the three prong or pillar Asilomar Conferences:  1975-Genetically Modify all life on earth.  2010-Geon-Engineering component, 2018-Framework for the BEAST system and AI. 

I just got done wading through scientific peer journals.  Is it possible that what we think is CV is not technically a virus, as we understand it? 

Novel pathogens have been released into the wild (world).  They contain combinations of viruses-MERS-SARS-HIV-CORONA and combinations of animals: bats-snakes-pengolins-birds-pigs. What I am talking about is the deployment of a Nano Hybrid BioRobotic weapon, half biological-half robotic, that is hollow with a payload and a mission. Think of the novel coronavirus (and other new pathogens) as nanoshells with infinite combinations of pathogens that can emerge from the payload program contained within the nanoshell. 

This payload can be:  viral, fungal, bacterial, parasitic, chemical, drug, explosive, demon, spirit, possibly even fallen angel or giant DNA.   

They are, as in swarms or Legion for they are many, mission is scalable down to precision strikes against a person, even down to the atoms in their body.  It can also strike down whole segments of the immune system or whole groups of peoples.  It can target ethnicity, religious affiliation, depth of faith, compliant or non-compliant and so forth.   

This allows for a justifiable and plausible deniability.  The weaponized “virus” is whatever is in the eyes of the beholder and can shape-shift upon command. 

The primary stated goal of this whole design is to corrupt the DNA of the host and kill the host, even if it takes multiple passes to kill the host.  That is why the World Economic Forum (WEF) and International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) said there would be high morbidity (sickness) then death.   

This would exclaim why we are seeing reports about a fake virus, because it is not a traditional virus.  Such as Singularity's article, How Fake Viruses can Help Us make Powerful New Vaccines.  Link.  This explains the CV vaccine construct, which is not really a vaccine, but rather a behavior modification mechanism.  Pfizer, BioNTech Publish “Encouraging” Interim Phase I/II Data for COVID-19 Vaccine Construct. 

These Nano Bio Robotic weapons are used in conjunction with 5G.  They were developed using fallen angel technology and witchcraft which we will see momentarily. They interface as nodes within the BEAST system and the new currency, because once it penetrates your God given barriers a person's DNA changes and becomes one with the BEAST/AI management system.  

The BEAST’s began to emerge at the dawn of the new millennium: 

(2000) Estimating the rate of molecular evolution: incorporating non-contemporaneous sequences into maximum likelihood phylogenies. Bioinformatics, 16, 395-399. 

(2002) Estimating mutation parameters, population history and genealogy simultaneously from temporally spaced sequence data. Genetics, 161, 1307-1320. 

(2002) GENIE: estimating demographic history from molecular phylogenies. Bioinformatics, 18, 1404-1405. 

BEAST is built on a large body of prior work and appropriate citations for individual modules, models and components will be listed when BEAST is run. 

I have peer studies on all the above statements and the evidence is mounting and quickly.  Scientific Peer Journals are flooded with these new technologies.  My research and revelation in the Holy Spirit has been confirmed by the study and revelations of others. 


The Snakemake workflow management system is a tool to create reproducible and scalable data analyses. As you can see Snakemake uses weaponized dual- purpose words such as [devious] plots, targets (self-explanatory), transformed (transforming humans from being created in the Divine Image to Satanic entities to fuel the fires of hell), aggregate (the whole versus the individual), and scripts (as in movie or reality productions).  Insert Fran experience.   

Workflows are described via a human readability using the Python based language. They can be seamlessly scaled to server, cluster, grid and cloud environments, without the need to modify the workflow definition. Snakemake workflows can entail a description of required software, which will be automatically deployed to any execution environment.  Execution as in execution of the code, process, or execution of humans in dual-use weaponization of words. 

Since World War II there has been a proclivity among researchers and scientists to inject humans with snake venom for various purposes, all benevolent, in their eyes. 

Augur of Bioinformatics 

It might surprise you but the mutagenisis and spread of the deployed Nano SynBio weapon is begin tracked and traced by Augur, Nextstrain's Bioinformatics Toolkit.  It is a core part of the Nextstrain ecosystem used by all their pathogen builds, and all source code is available on GitHub 

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines augur as:  an official diviner of ancient Rome.  He we go into biblical prophecy! 

Daniel 2 (the second chapter of the Book of Daniel) tells how Daniel interpreted a dream of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon. The king saw a gigantic statue made of four metals, from its gold head to its feet of mingled iron and clay; as he watched, a stone "not cut by human hands" destroyed the statue and became a mountain filling the whole world.   

The fourth kingdom is Rome, Edom, that was known for its wickedness.  Where are we seeing wickedness today?  Worldwide.  Notice the stone was not cut by human hands.  Can you say fallen angel?  And a mountain that filled the whole earth is provocative considering Revelation 8.  Could it be that as they craft their permutations something akin to a great mountain burning with fire, like what we just saw above in Daniel, falls into the sea kills a third of living creatures and third of ships.  I always thought asteroid or comet, but maybe it was an experiment gone bad.   

Then the first angel sounded his trumpet, and hail and fire mixed with blood were hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, along with a third of the trees and all the green grass. Then the second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood,  third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.…Revelation 8:8 

The fourth kingdom will be strong as iron.  Just as iron crumbles and flattens everything (where have we heard flatten recently?) and as iron shatters, all these (God’s barriers are being shattered so to put evil to an end) will it crumble and shatter. 

Metals and humans that are crumbled and flattened are ready to be refashioned into other forms for the benefit of their owner which transferred from the original owner, God.  Can you say, Syn Bio Entities? 

The disruptions we are experiencing are shattering biological life, the fabric of society, and all experiences of humanity.  When a person or metal is shatter it is purely destructive.  It breaks in a way that renders the fragments useable in their present form.  Enter the hybrid whether pathogen or SynBio replacement of humanity.   

The other definition of augur, one held to foretell events by omens. This stands in stark contrast to the prophet Daniel relayed the interpretation to the King of Babylon’s dream he did not rely upon necromancers, astrologer's, sorcerers, or divination.  He received his interpretation from God, always giving glory to God. 

Designing Pathogens

Here is how the researchers and scientists build their designs:   

Nexstrain pathogen build sequence: 

  1. Prepare pathogen sequences and metadata 
  1. Align sequences 
  1. Construct a phylogeny from aligned sequences 
  1. Annotate the phylogeny with inferred ancestral pathogen dates, sequences, and traits 
  1. Export the annotated phylogeny and corresponding metadata into auspice-readable format 

Augur provides ways to perform common bioinformatics tasks through a collection of commands. The commands work well both independently and together, embracing the philosophy of composability. 

Scientists and researchers have used Augur to analyze a bunch of different pathogens with tiny genomes like Zika, to bacterial genomes orders-of-magnitude bigger like tuberculosis 

Since we built it to be composable, it’s easy to use other code.  They have used BEAST to replace multiple augur commands, but still visualize the results in auspice 

It is time to discover the definition of auspice according to Merriam Webster Dictionary: 

  • Kindly patronage and guidance doing research.  There is that word guidance that we are seeing in many of the novel coronavirus documents. 
  • A prophetic sign especially a favorable sign.  Haman casts lots and determines that the 13th day of the month of Adar would be the propitious time to annihilate Mordechai and his people.  Book of Esther 3   
  • Today, we have diviners looking to the stars and entities in other dimensions for the times to deploy various missions and actions. 
  • Lastly, observation by an augur especially of the flight and feeding, to discover omens. 

Reading the different tutorials gives them a feel for how powerful these can be, and how versatile their builds can be!  This is what Augur does: 


And who are the augur users, among the many?

Health and science.  Ummm...makes one think, doesn't it?

What are the Clades? 

Clades are the new life families that include many different species, some thought to be long extinct, some newcomers, and some thing syou never thought you would ever see.  Since its emergence in late 2019, SARS-CoV-2 has diversified into several different co-circulating variants. To facilitate discussion of these variants, we have grouped them into clades which you might think of as a big happy family, which are defined by specific signature mutations, either by God through His Laws of Nature or weaponized designer pathogens. 

We currently define 5 major clades: 

  • 19A and 19B emerged in Wuhan and have been dominating the early outbreak 
  • 20A emerged from 19A out of dominated the European outbreak in March and has since spread globally 
  • 20B and 20C are large genetically distinct subclades 20A 

Nextstrain: Visualization of Pathogen Data

Nextstrain is an open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data. They provide a continually updated view of publicly available data with powerful analytics and visualizations showing pathogen evolution and epidemic spread. Their goal is to aid epidemiological understanding and improve outbreak response.  

Masking Ulterior Motives 

Shock!  We find masks in the augur subcommands! Remember, masks are a weaponized dual-purpose word! 

Enter the Augur MaskMask specified sites from a VCF or FASTA file. 

usage: augur mask [-h] --sequences SEQUENCES [--mask MASK_FILE]                  [--mask-from-beginning MASK_FROM_BEGINNING]                  [--mask-from-end MASK_FROM_END]                  [--mask-sites MASK_SITES [MASK_SITES ...]] [--output OUTPUT]                  [--no-cleanup] 


It gets better.  Dr. Fauci just said: 

"I want to protect myself and protect others [by mask-wearing], and also because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that that's the kind of thing you should be doing," he added.  

During the interview, the infectious diseases expert also admitted that wearing a mask is not 100% effective but says that it is a gesture that shows "respect" for other people.  Link 

So, masks are not about preventing infection (because they can’t) it is about bowing to the god of Social Justice and respect. 

Furthermore, 3D death masks are being prepared for you by yoking (remember Dr. Evil) your identity, currency and transactions, and health history—all into one system!   

Trust Stamp’s biometric identity system, largely funded by Mastercard’s massive investment in the company in February, utilizes a technology it calls Evergreen Hash that creates an AI-generated “3D mask” based on a single photo of a person’s face, palm or fingerprint. Once this “mask” is created, much of the original data is discarded and encryption keys are created in place of a person’s name or other more traditional identifiers.  Link 

These Temenos death (earth) masks were introduced to the world two days before the infamous September 11, 2001.  A counterfeit Ark of the Covenant was crafted known as the Ark of Hope.  It contained the counterfeit Ten Commandments known as the Earth Charter.  It also had Temenos Earth Masks: 

The community art projects of Temenos Books, Images for Global Healing, Peace and Gratitude, and the Temenos Earth Masks, emerged from the conviction that envisioning an act of compassion is the first step to living it. From our experience, we knew that art has the capacity to engage inner dialogue with the external issues of the world. We facilitated contemplative gatherings using meditation bells, silence, ceremonies of deep time, and ecological awareness games.  Link 

What is Nextstrain? aims to provide a real-time snapshot of evolving pathogen populations and to provide interactive data visualizations to virologists, epidemiologists, public health officials, and community scientists. Through interactive data visualizations, we aim to allow exploration of continually up-to-date datasets, providing a novel surveillance tool to the scientific and public health communities. 

To that end, they have created a number of open-source tools which have allowed a growing community to produce similar analyses, and we want to promote this community through Nextstrain. Their model for data analysis and sharing is for scientists to store the code used for their analysis in GitHub repositories, and if the results are also stored in these repositories they are automatically made available through Link  

Open Source Tools for the Community

Nextstrain is a collection of open-source tools to aid in our understanding of pathogen spread and evolution, especially in outbreak scenarios. We have designed these in such a way that they can be used with a wide range of data sources and are easy to replace with your own tooling. Broadly speaking, Nextstrain consists of  

  • Augur” — a series of composable, modular (Unix-like) bioinformatics tools. We use these to create recipes for different pathogens and different analyses, which are easy to reproduce when new data is available. 
  • Auspice” — a web-based visualization program, to present & interact with phylogenomic & phylogeographic data. This is what you see when, for example, you visit, but it can also run locally on your computer. 

This architecture allows us to 

  • perform sequence analysis — including subsampling, alignment, tree-inference, node dating etc., — by running a series of Augur commands in discrete steps. 
  • use additional tools and scripts within a given bioinformatics recipe to add additional functionality. 
  • replace modules, or series of modules, with other analysis tools (e.g. BEAST). 
  • interpret our data — no matter what analysis recipe we used — within Auspice on our computer. 
  • share our results to collaborators or other scientists through 
  • rerun analysis as new data become available. 

They use these tools to provide a continually-updated view of publicly available data for certain important pathogens such as influenza, Ebola, and Zika viruses. These data are continually updated whenever new genomes are made available, thus providing the most up-to-date view possible. 

Motivations Behind the Pathogens

If pathogen genome sequences are going to inform public health interventions, then analyses must be rapidly conducted and results widely disseminated.  Legal Public Health interventions include your execution by various means including stabbing you with a sharp object such as a vaccination needle and the more humane execution methods such as gassing and beheading by guillotine as described in ICD 10 which is in force until 2022 when it will be modified.  Once again, these are PUBLIC HEALTH LEGAL INTERVENTIONS FOR EXECUTION.   

 Interacting with Nextstrain's Phylogeographic Visualizations 

Visualization of bioinformatics results is an integral part of phylodynamics, both for data exploration and communication. Nextstrain wanted to build a tool that was highly interactive, versatile, and usable as a communication platform to quickly disseminate results to the wider community. Auspice is written in JavaScript and is the app that powers all the phylogenomic analysis on One must inquire are these visualizations reality or virtual or augmented reality, or a figment of the author’s imagination? Another question is that by your interaction are you engaging with demons?


Auspice displaying mumps genomes from North America. Link  

General Design Overview 

Nextstrain wanted to build a powerful, yet not overly complex visualization tool. Currently this is centered around several “panels”. These allow them to display relationships between isolates such as their phylogenetic relationships, putative transmissions on the map, and variability across the genome. Color is used consistently throughout the app in order to link different panels. The generator of the data controls which traits are able to be visualized. For instance, transmissions can be turned off if the data is not informative. A number of controls are made available in a sidebar to control the time period viewed, the layout of the tree, etc. 

Communicating Results Using Narratives 

Narratives are a method of data-driven storytelling just like a movie script! They allow scientists (or anyone!) to author content which is displayed alongside the “normal” view of the data. This content drives the way in which data is displayed, so instead of the user changing how things are displayed, the view automatically changes as you move between paragraphs in the narrative. This allows you to communicate results with the appropriate views into the data, whilst maintaining the ability for the user to jump back to the “normal” viewing mode and interact with the data. 

Narratives are a new feature and there may still be bugs. We’re aiming to publicize this feature as soon as we have ensured everything’s working as desired. 

How to Write a Narrative 

A narrative is simply a Markdown that can be manipulated with some quirks. “Views” into the data are defined by specifying a Nextstrain URL in each paragraph’s header which represents this view. 

“Build” an Evolving Pathogen

Sorry, when I think of constructing a pathogen, I think of the Build a Bear store, where beloved teddy bears were designed for my grandchildren. Back to the topic at hand. Nextstrain’s focus on providing a real-time snapshot of evolving pathogen populations necessitates a reproducible analysis that can be rerun when new sequences are available. The individual steps necessary to repeat analysis together comprise a “build”. 

Because no two datasets or pathogens are the same, we build Augur to be flexible and suitable for different analyses. The individual Augur commands are composable, and can be mixed and matched with other scripts as needed. These steps, taken together, are what we refer to as a “build”. 

Example:  The Zika virus tutorial describes a build which contains the following steps: 

  • Prepare pathogen sequences and metadata 
  • Align sequences 
  • Construct a phylogeny from aligned sequences 
  • Annotate the phylogeny with inferred ancestral pathogen dates, sequences, and traits 
  • Export the annotated phylogeny and corresponding metadata into auspice-readable format and each of these can be run via a separate augur command. 

Surely, You Do Not Mean Tech Witchcraft?



Photo: Boeing:  No cockpit mars the clean lines of this unpiloted blue streak. 

As reported in the dawn of 2020 America sent a new breed of jets to Australia to help them fight their wildfires with witchcraft technology.  That is where we are friends.  These bad boy aircraft are not drones.  They are autonomous entities and they make their own decisions.  

What are the capabilities of these aircraft? 

  • Firepower 
  • Thwarting enemy attacks
  • Autonomous Control Algorithms
  • Quiet Electromagnetic Environment 
  • Data Fusion
  • Collect Intelligence 
  • Jam Enemy Electronic Systems 
  • Trigger Miniature Air-Launched Decoys 
  • Drop bombs  
  • Shoot Down
  • Payloads Hidden in their Belly (modern Trojan Horse) 
Look up people.  Aircraft, drones, and satellites have been used to weave an physical-spiritual dimensional web to enslave and kill you.  Behavior modification and disability are only the first steps to your annihilation.

Geomancer Technology


These autonomous aircraft fly in a “distributed antenna” geometry, collectively creating a greater electromagnetic aperture.  That is like an electromagnetic lens used for mapping capabilities and can easily cast a net of witchcraft spells. If you find this incredulous, you can view a few of the unclassified programs at Thinking Machines, Geomancer.  

Geomancer is an open-source library for geospatial feature engineering.  It was developed by Thinking Machines to work with geospatial data: identifying gaps in OpenStreetMap (OSM), and providing geospatial analytics for their clients, and harnessing machine learning to estimate poverty from satellite imagery.  This program can locate you down to your home and while traveling.  This AI program can determine everything from your quality of life (health) to income level and so much more.  It knows your most intimate secrets.  

Geomancer is engineering to scale which translates it looks at the big picture and drills down to the infinitesimal scale.  Built into the program is a feature of primitives called Spells. It also has library capability featuring Spellbooks, a great way for their clients to store and save features their experiments. 

Geomancer’s Core API is powered by an SQLAlchemy backend that handles the translation of a Spell into a SQL dialect.  Alchemy is an ancient branch of natural philosophy, modern chemistry and pharmacology; philosophical and proto-scientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Its aim was to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.  Technologically speaking, the elite are using this technology to drain the pockets of all other people making them wealthier.   


A SpellBook is a collection of spells that can be sequentially cast and merged in a single data frame. You need to understand this geometric grid system that has been put in place is not for benevolence. It is a piece in the final puzzle for destruction. It is useful for Geomancer's clients to have a feature-collection (library) that they can reuse or share with other people:  

from geomancer.spells import DistanceToNearest, NumberOffrom geomancer.spellbook import SpellBookfrom tests.conftest import sample_points# Create a spellbookspellbook = SpellBook(             spells=[                 DistanceToNearest("primary",                                    source_table="geospatial.ph_osm.gis_osm_roads_free_1",                                    feature_name="dist_primary"),                 NumberOf("supermarket"                           source_table="geospatial.ph_osm.gis_osm_pois_free_1",                           feature_name="num_supermarkets"),             ])  

SpellBooks can be distributed by exportation.  This is critical to understand in this wicked perverted system. Link to my coverage on this topic.   

Last Thought

Are you going to lay down (sacrifice) your life and blood on the altar of the virtual BEAST who seeks to devour and destroy you?  

I plead with you to lay down your life for the Good Shepherd, Jesus, who loves, values, and cares for you.  He shed His blood for you, what more can He do to prove His love for you? 



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming..

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