The Lover of My Soul Feeds the His Flocks

Songs of the Soul

Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions?  Song of Songs 1:7

As I enter this passage, my mind s flood by a swirl of memories and current challenges.

Tell me...She is currently unable to be alone with Him because the Daughters of Jerusalem who watches her,

On one hand, I lived a life with the Lover of my Soul in the rich Wilderness with my beloved David.  Together we approached the Throne of God and sat at his footstool soaking up His every Word with joy and satiation.  Today, I find myself a stranger in a strange land where alone, where access to the throne-room of prophecy is not guaranteed until I breathe my last breath and will be reunited with my Divine Lover and the love of my life.

Tell me, my love... Realizing that at that time, she will not be able to escape to join God in a prophetic union because of the hold her physical body has on her, Solomon's soul, the Divinely beloved, speaks to her Heavenly Lover who stands just beyond the walls.  She begs Him to tell her how to reach Him; how to grasp His truth through rational thought and study, using prayer and natural philosophy.

I step upon stepping stones of memories between the very direct prophetic union and communication with another stone being a physical limitation.  This is pool is a reflection pool with stepping stones of my love for God and David memories lying just behind the wall.

The Beloved pleads with the Lover of her Soul who stands just beyond the wall to tell her: "Where do you graze your flocks"  She wants to know His location so that she can find His location after escaping Solomon's chambers.

I plead in my soul to return, for I do believe it is a return to the heavenly heights to the Lover of my Soul.  It is a desperate pleading, for the world has changed so very much, and tokens of our love together are fading, weathering over time and space.

Where do you graze your flocks...and where do you rest at noon with your shepherd friends?

For when it is time to graze the shepherds do so as individuals, whereas resting is done together in a group enjoying the shade.  Hence, she asks: And where do you rest at noon, with your shepherd friends? 

Once again, my thoughts return to Montana whereupon the mountains I would graze my herd of goats lost in an entanglement of prayer and the Word.  One poignant encounter with the Holy One was noontime when I was in the Book of Isaiah and the Holy Breath spoke to me that these mountains would be consumed by fire, that it was not safe.  It was not so long after the Divine message was conveyed that we departed from Garnet Mountains to the Swan Valley.  This was a time of solitude, both when my beloved was alive and when he departed to His eternal Lover of His Soul.  The words of this passage from the Song of the Soul, now have new meaning with my relocation to North Dakota with human dynamics and interaction. I am discovering a rest of sorts, certainly one to which I am unaccustomed, for whether with my Divine Lover of my Soul or my soulmate lover I was always had an intimacy that is ebbing away.  Why?

This song likens God's interaction with us to that of the Supernal Shepherd who sometimes grazes His flocks and sometimes rests.  By this I mean that God's management of the whole world and all its hosts of living creatures takes on two distinct patterns: sometimes God is our Pastor, directing our every footstep without resorting to any other agency, natural or supernatural.  Everyone receives the Divine Flow according to their individual needs directly from God.  This is the shepherd grazing his flock.

Those early days of David's loss were awash with Holy Breath directing and comforting.  With each earthly wave that comes with grief, there was a growing reliance upon my Eternal Lover of my Soul.  I was very personally directed along the path of widowhood.  He did become a husband to me, and it was good.

But when a generation is undeserving of God's individual attention, governance of the world devolves upon the laws of nature that were ordained within the first six days of creation, and are subject to fortune, chance and predestination.  This is the shepherd lying down to rest, for that is when the sheep do not enjoy the personal attention of the shepherd.  Rather than being led to green pastures, they are left to graze upon the remains of what was previously given.

Yes, my friends, it is true that earthly shepherds do take a break and rest, not really so with the Good Shepherd who neither slumbers nor sleeps.  It may appear as though He is resting and unresponsive to our pleadings for guidance.  That one day that was brought to my recollection I can still feel the warm breeze kisses my cheeks, the aroma of pine, the soothing babbling brook that the herd was terrified to cross forcing me to lead the way to calm their fears, the sounds of birds songs being carried upwards to the heavens.  The Beloved and her Lover of my Soul dancing between the earthy realms and the heavenly heights.  All was well with my soul.

Similarly, when the laws of nature have sole dominion when events are dictated by systems coded into the universe, fresh divine abundance does not flow into the world.  The flock is nourished in the momentum of the LifeForce and the residual abundance which, ensure continuity of life, was prescribed at the creation of the world.

Today, the Lover of my Soul is distant for our pattern of communication has been disrupted by location, and the tsunami tide of the laws of nature crash into my everyday life, as the world abandons God with glee.  The Divine LifeForce breath of myself, animals, and plants, indeed all of creation is being harvested out leaving just a fraction to ensure the slow and methodical heartbeat of physical life.

She asks where He grazes His flocks because there are times when the shepherd grazes his flocks, and other times, such as midday, when he rests with his friends. 

The shepherd is resting as mankind is turned over to their reprobate mind.  It is not that He is not keeping watch but rather just distancing himself from the flock or herd that is determined to sully themselves.

Noon is when the sun, chief executor of the skies, is at its zenith, alluding to times when the star most visibly prominent among the planets and constellations has the strongest influence, and the shepherd is not in attendance.   For while actually tending the flock, the shepherd oversees their welfare on his own, in solitude, but at noon when it is time to lay down and rest he does so over and around the flocks of other shepherds and their flocks, the panoply of stars, planets, and cosmic influences which manifest at that time.  Each herds their own flock, in their own distinct fashion. 

It is at this time in history, where the 'sweet influences' of the stars align with the reprobate mind as well as the laws of nature to create the perfect storm of events.

King Solomon's soul begs to be shown how to recognize God, her lover in this pattern.

I confess, that I became accustomed to the intimate relationship that I knew.  How to discover God in this brave new world that is so foreign both in the heavenly and earth plain appears to be like chasing a mirage.  As you approach, it suddenly disappears. 

Her rhetorical question: Why must I sit here shrouded is a distinct thought.  She is asking:  Why must my vision always be occluded?  Why must I, who was used to understanding, knowledge, and autonomous agency, be forced to dwell in Solomon's house, in the cloudy fog of this opaque body?

The world is clamoring for the Normal or the New Normal.  Why?  It is opaque.  It is self-focused.  It is dark.  It is isolation.

The question: Why must I sit here shrouded?  It parenthetically in another way appears in the verse, 'An old man shrouded in a robe.' (1 Samuel 28:14 or it means to be crouched, vulture-like. 

Before, life was a long meandering flow between the Divine and the earthy realm.  Now, if one desires to partake of the banqueting table in the heavenly, they must perch themselves like a bird of prey ready to snatch any sparse morsel that comes into view. It is as if I am encased in a death shroud while I still walk upon the land of the living.  Or, are they living?  Most appear to be biologically alive, but physically dead, zombies and oblivious to the Lover of their Soul.   

Why must I sit shrouded behind Solomon's sheets, in his rooms, when I am used to roaming free in the Sharon and upon the jagged mountains? 

Selah.  The plains have their beauty but my heart yearns to wander and roam freely once again on mountain peaks and lush valleys.

Blessings upon your journey,





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