The Science of WHO's Nurturing Care

The World Health Organization and its partners have begun their slippery decent for grabbing children.  This week the World Economic Forum has highlighted, The science of loving care. Their new agenda introduces new guidelines for very young children.  No longer are scriptural foundations, common sense, morality, and ethics needed to raise a child.  Due to the global disruption, while we were all distracted with COVID 19, the WHO began to slowly lift the veil on their new Nurturing Care Framework.  Do not be deceived and pay particular attention to the words and philosophies used.

Parents have been re-defined as caregivers.  Caregivers are managed by the government.  If a care giver is in violation of regulations they are terminated, fired from caring from precious young lives.

What are some of the implications?

  1. Prioritizes early years health and nutrition services fostering governmental dependence.  Food insecurity has become more of an issue for many vulnerable families, as food supply chains are interrupted and lockdowns cause loss of income creating a designed environment where parents must turn to governmental services.  Within this provision is that vaccinations for young children are considered essential and if you do not have your child injected with the ICD10 'legal intervention' execution jab using a sharp needle, well then, you are not nurturing and children will be removed.
  2. Provide parent coaching and support through remote means.  Traditionally, scriptural wisdom was the foundation of a solid truth based home.  Today, scientific evidence shows that parent coaching and support programs in the early years can have long-lasting impacts on a child’s health, cognitive and socioemotional outcomes that come with a high price.
  3. Childcare services.  The closure of childcare centers and kindergartens — coupled with enforced isolation from extended family networks — has left many parents struggling to juggle childcare and work commitments, and made clear how critical childcare services are to both a functioning society and a productive economy.  Why worry, the vast majority of parents will never return to the workforce due to the collapse of the economic fabric.
  4. Provide mental health services to caregivers.  Will you need to be mentally evaluated and monitored to interact with children?  The mental health impacts of pandemic are varied and engineered to span anxiety over health and money worried to loneliness and limited access to nature. In the UK, anxiety levels have doubled during lockdown. It is crucial that organizations and governments hunt down individuals in need and provide appropriate mental health support — in virtual form where in-person support is no longer possible.
  5. Address domestic violence.Violence against children is commonly perpetrated by family members. Restrictions on movement have trapped women and children inside their homes with abusive partners around the world, and multiple reports globally indicate that violence against women and children is on the rise. During the first lockdown, in China’s Hubei province, reports of domestic abuse nearly doubled.  Lockdowns are challenging governments and civil society organisations to provide suitable checks on at-risk families.  Civil society, really?  I choose the Living God!

What supporting evidence is there that the WHO is subtly snatching the children underneath their umbrella? 

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You can and should stand firm against the nurturing embrace of global governance. 

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3




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