These “xenobots” are living machines designed by an evolutionary algorithm

Special Note:  The situation that we find ourselves is very fluid changing even unto the second.  All of us should have a list of potential threats to our locations (around the world) and include the unexpected wildcard events that force us to think-outside-of-the-box.  I am striving to put together a HIVA/CEMP Template (used by FEMA and Emergency Management) with resources so that you can check for yourselves local conditions and threats. This is what I did, in part, at FEMA. If the news would slow down this process would go faster.  I may have to piece-meal it as time allows.  We ALL need to do this, it is not optional. Next week I will provide you with the catastrophic landscape and then you will understand why you need to do your homework. 

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Meet the xenobots: Tiny living robots have been created using cells taken from frog embryos. Each so-called xenobot is less than a millimeter across but one can propel itself through water using two stumpy limbs, while another has a kind of pouch that it could use to carry a small load. 

Ok, but... why? The early research, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could help the development of soft robots that can heal themselves when damaged. The researchers hope such living robots could one day be used to clean up microplastics, digest toxic materials, or even deliver drugs inside our bodies (although this is obviously still a long way off.) The xenobots are made from heart and skin cells, and have enough energy to keep operating for up to 10 days. 

Intelligent design: An algorithm conjured thousands of random configurations of between 500 and 1000 skin and heart cells and each one was tested in a virtual environment. Many were useless lumps. But those that showed potential — such as being able to move — were tweaked and used to seed the next generation. After running this process 100 times the researchers built the best designs out of living cells. 

—Douglas Heaven




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Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Incident Command
  • Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
  • Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
  • Principles of Emergency Management
  • Developing Volunteer Resources
  • Emergency Planning and Development
  • Leadership and Influence, Decision Making in Crisis
  • Exercise Design and Evaluation
  • Public Assistance Applications
  • Emergency Operations Interface
  • Public Information Officer
  • Flood Fight Operations
  • Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Incident Command (ICS-NIMS)
  • Multi-Hazards for Schools
  • Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
  • Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
  • Logistics, Operations, Communications
  • Community Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

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