Ticked Off!

A new species of ticks is showing up which causes certain people to have recurrent episodes of anaphylaxis which is a life-threatening allergic reaction which constriction of airways and a dangerous drop in blood pressure — for which the triggers are never identified from of all things, red meat. The new allergy is being called the “alpha-gal syndrome”.

The allergy to alpha-gal was discovered by a physician at the University of Virginia who recognized that cancer patients had unusual allergic reactions to a drug they were given which contains the molecules of  alpha-gal. 

Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health say it is inexplicable and difficult for care teams to diagnose.  The type of anaphylaxis is a delayed one occurring 3-6 hours after eating red meat. 

A recent study found that 6 out of 70 study participants who have experienced anaphylaxis tested positive with an allergy to beef, pork, lamb and other red meats.  After implementing a red meat free diet patients did not experience anaphylaxis.

Among the study participants with alpha-gal allergy evaluated at NIH, two also had a rare condition called indolent systemic mastocytosis, or ISM. People with ISM have an abnormally elevated number of mast cells, an immune cell type which contributes to anaphylaxis and other allergic symptoms by releasing histamine and other chemicals that cause inflammation. The participants with ISM experienced more severe reactions than those without ISM, even though they had lower levels of antibodies to alpha-gal. This finding builds on evidence that mast cell abnormalities may increase the likelihood of people developing allergies and experiencing severe reactions, including allergies and reactions to alpha-gal.

The tick responsible is thought to be the juvenile Ambylomma americanum, or Lone Star ticks.  Certain agencies within the government have an extreme tick fetish.  It is speculated that Lyme disease also acquired by ticks came from the infamous biological warfare center on Plum Island.

Ticks are so fascinating to researchers as vector pools both the NIAID and USDA have their own Tick Web Portals. 

State Veterinarians who back to Plum Island come back to their states to establish “vector pools” in tick areas  thereby causing a stream of novel diseases to spread throughout certain areas.

It is well documented that Agenda 21 (2030) is to get populations to reduce their red meat intake.  Those who ascribe to the philosophy of Sustainable Development Goals believe eradicating red meat consumption is essential for humanitarian purposes, reduce climate change, and fight poverty among other goals. 

Were these weaponized ticks released to get hesitant Americans to stop eating red meat?  The debate will continue just as the origins Lyme Disease persist, shrouded in mystery, on how and why they just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


 NIAID Tickborne Diseases web portal