UN Watch: Free Roaming Humans and Dogs to Become Extinct?



Last month at the annual program meeting the UN mandated that a stray dog is any dog that is not controlled.  Furthermore, no dog may be free-roaming. All dogs around the planet must be controlled via the leash.

This appears to be paradoxical because of the surge of mandates for the humane treatment of domestic animals requiring them or specifically setting standards for caging.  Wild animals are the only animals allowed to be free roaming.

Well, what goes for the animals is applicable for the humans as well.That occurred in 2012 in Thailand the World Medical Association and the World Veterinary Association merged into One Discipline known as One Heath.  LINK

Read their lips and understand.

Any free-roaming human must be controlled by a leash. It might be electronic, medical surveillance implant, or legal instrument, but controlled people will be controlled by an evil tether.

You will be considered a stray or "lone wolf" if you are roaming around without a control tether and consequently- you can be euthanized.

Could the Jab qualify as an electronic tether? We shall find out in the days to come.  Think of this UN action as a a teaser or predictive programming for their intent to squash your freedom.