Under the Smoky Veil of Wildfires Hybrid Techno-Witchcraft is Unleashed

We all need to be vigilant as catastrophe swirls around us.  These technologies are not being developed to sit in hangers collecting dust.  Is there a connection between the sightings of drones in Colorado and other states and the technology in Australia?  It is my gut, my training that says these technologies are spreading their wings ready to take flight against humanity.

As 2020 approached and 2019 waned I had a sense of foreboding, an unsettled feeling.  This was not a, "Thus saith the Lord," experience but it was troublesome.  I could not precisely put my finger on it.  Possibly you had the same thoughts? 

And then, gently as a pendulum methodically moving right and left, the Lord brought the pieces in focus.  It is not that we were not told what was going to happen.  Our error was in believing the time was down the road, not imminent.  The 2020 landscape has become a proving-ground for hybrid techno-witchcraft that will be fully operational in the beast system.  

I have had two wildfire experiences here in the Swan Valley.  During the first we caught covert herbicide operations being conducted under the cover of the smoke.  I boldly walked up the deployment operation before it left.  These were just kids, they had no idea what they were doing.  They glibly handed me the labels of the herbicides they combining into a cocktail that was soon to be released over our heads, mingling with thick smoke, and toxic fire retardants.

We are familiar with the wildfires in California, across the western states, and the world.  These wildfire interfaces took seared many thousands of acres (hectares, if you live abroad), turned homes into ash, and killed many people.  All eyes are on the Australian bushfires currently.  Heavy smoke is tracked via satellite, people are fleeing in panic, and it is being reported the over half a billion plants and animals have been killed along with Australians.  Last night the military was called up officially.  This is not casual use of the military for plucking a few people off the beaches. 

While most of us were busy with our lives last year some very serious technologies were being readied. 

'Swarm and Search AI Challenge' launched by U.S., U.K. research institutes

The “Swarm and Search AI Challenge: 2019 Fire Hack” challenge aimed to find new, efficient and resilient ways to plan complex unmanned aerial systems (UAS) search and rescue missions. The focus of the challenge revolves around mapping wildfires and assumes that improved mission planning, and the ability to react to dynamic changes, has the potential to minimize damage and save lives. However, the solutions created apply to defense applications. 

The primary technologies of the 2019 FireHack were swarming and artificial intelligence that searches, or rather hunts people down.  As you can see this was a two-country endeavor. 

In May of 2019, XPRISE and California Governor Gavin Newsom partnered to design an incentive prize for innovation to battle wildfires.  Clearly, advanced technology was going to be used to monitor wildfires.  How far would the expense and technology extend?  Would these technologies really be beneficial to the average person?  Were scientists and researchers merely perfecting a prophetic and futuristic system? Are these technologies used by supernatural entities to voyeur humanity as we squirm when the powers of heaven shake and the hordes of hell are released?

People in various states are seeing large, obviously well-funded drone operations being carried out over their towns and cities.  Could these individuals be witnessing the tip-of-the-spear technologies that will become all too common in the coming days? 

Defense researchers are examining ways that emergency responders can use next-generation technologies - particularly those that have been developed for use on the battlefield - to help prevent the deadly spread of wildfires and save lives at home. To this end, the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has kick-started the first-of-its-kind hackathon project in collaboration with the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), known as the Swarm and Search AI Challenge: 2019 Fire Hack which we examined moments ago.  As the screenshot alludes, these swarming drones will be used to tackle civil emergencies. 

Boeing's autonomous fighter jet.


Photo: Boeing:  No cockpit mars the clean lines of this unpiloted blue streak.

As 2020 dawns in Australia, local citizens and firefighters are battling the cyclic bushfires. These periodic bushfires the wax and wane with the solar cycles have been injected into the hot debate of Climate Change. Australians may not have the time or the energy to see autonomous fighter jets flying over the Australian outback. 

The proving-ground is said to be the main northern road through South Australia and that with a good set of binoculars, on a day that is not filled with smoke, one may be able to catch a glimpse of a strange, windowless jet on its maiden voyages. It’s a prototype of the next big thing in aerial combat: a self-piloted warplane designed to work together with human-piloted aircraft, (officially labeled-Humans in the Loop, HITL) but as the smoke obscures vision, it is anyone's guess to what is really happening.

These bad boys are not drones.  They are autonomous entities and they make their own decisions. 

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Boeing Australia are building this fighter-like plane for fully-operational use in the mid-2020s. 

What are the capabilities of these aircraft?

  • Firepower (just what one needs in a bush fire is more fire, right?)
  • Thwarting enemy attacks
 (Fire or Chinese take-over, that is the question)
  • Autonomous Control Algorithms
  • Quiet Electromagnetic Environment
  • Data Fusion
  • Object Detection Systems
  • Collision Avoidance Behavior
  • Collect Intelligence
  • Jam Enemy Electronic Systems
  • Trigger Miniature Air-Launched Decoys
  • Drop bombs 
  • Shoot Down Other Planes
  • Payloads Hidden in their Belly (modern Trojan Horse)

Geomancer Technology

These autonomous aircraft fly in a “distributed antenna” geometry, collectively creating a greater electromagnetic aperture.  That is similar to an electromagnetic lens used for mapping capabilities and can easily cast a net of witchcraft spells. If you find this incredulous you can view a few of the unclassified programs at Thinking Machines, Geomancer.

Geomancer is an open-source library for geospatial feature engineering. 

It was developed by Thinking Machines to work with geospatial data: identifying gaps in OpenStreetMap (OSM), and providing geospatial analytics for their clients, and harnessing machine learning to estimate poverty from satellite imagery.  This program can locate you down to your home and while traveling.  The AI program can determine everything from your quality of life (health) to income level and so much more.  It knows your most intimate secrets. 

Geomancer is engineering to scale which translates it looks at the big picture and drills down to the infinitesimal scale.  Built into the program is a feature of primitives called Spells. It also has library capability featuring Spellbooks, a great way for their clients to store and save features their experiments.

Geomancer’s Core API is powered by an SQLAlchemy backend that handles the translation of a Spell into a SQL dialect.  Alchemy is an ancient branch of natural philosophy, modern chemistry and pharmacology; philosophical and proto-scientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Its aim was to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.  Technologically speaking, the elite are using this technology to drain the pockets of all other people making them wealthier.  


A SpellBook is a collection of spells that can be sequentially cast and merged in a single data frame. You need to understand this geometric grid system that has been put in place is not for benevolence. It is a piece in the final puzzle for destruction. It is useful for Geomancer's clients to have a feature-collection (library) that they can reuse or share with other people:
from geomancer.spells import DistanceToNearest, NumberOf
from geomancer.spellbook import SpellBook
from tests.conftest import sample_points

# Create a spellbook
spellbook = SpellBook(

SpellBooks can be distributed by exportation.  I think that this is critical to understand in this wicked perverted system. I am not calling the kettle black so to speak but Australia has been keen on two things that I believe are applicable to our discussion, especially exportation. 

Back when I was lobbying the Washington State Cattlemen went to Australia to learn the precursor to the marking system.  I had obtained through Public Disclosure a summary document from that visit in quite some detail.  One conversation caught my attention.  It said, paraphrase, "that the Australian Cattlemen did not care if the US cattlemen went along with the marking scheme. If the US would not make a tribute to Saturnalia in Rome, they would take their (our) share of the global market."

Somewhere around the year 2000, Australia beta-tested what the UN would adopt, the Stomping Out Manual, inserting it into the Terrestrial Animal Health Code.  Now called, Stamping Out, or depopulation.  They were well compensated for this test.

One last note on the exportation issue.  Australia developed the system to cut electricity as a means of fighting wildfires.  That system was exported to California and implemented during the California wildfires.  Now the power-cutting chickens (metaphorically) have gone home to roost.  

Fighting fire with tech: holograms, AI and drones

bushfires small business
 When I first became a widow, we had a wildfire in the area, which resulted in martial law.  I looked up at the smoky mountains one day and there were two sets of mountains.  It was the strangest thing I think I ever saw.  Lead by the Holy Spirit, I went to the internet and looked up smoke and holograms and discovered that smoke acts as a white screen for holograms. 

As Australia is seared with heat and licking fires there are those ready to unleash technology that was squirreled away in dark and secret rooms.  Some of these technologies are things such as predictive mapping (seen above with Geomancy and there are many other varieties). It works by analyzing images to see what human eyes don’t always see, almost like magic.

  • Mesh networks
  • Photogrammetric artificial intelligence
  • Creating live holograms in real-time
  • California’s One Concern creating digital footprints
  • Crowdsourcing software Ushahidi (meaning “evidence” in Swahili) for tracking and predicting and managing violence and conflict

US Air Force’s Jet-Powered Robotic Wingman


Image: Daryl Mayer

Just in case you encounter a disaster or look up into the skies and see something akin to a hybrid fighter jet or drone, the US Air Force has successfully tested an advanced, jet-powered drone called the XQ58-A Valkyrie. It could accompany human-piloted fighter jets on missions but has a scalable autonomous system that can go fully autonomous.  It travels in a swarm of drones.

Not Wholly Unexpected

A medical delivery drone from Zipline


Last August, over the dusty fields of Australia, highly autonomous drones made more than 380 deliveries of blood and other medical supplies to troops amid a live-fire war-games with U.S., Australian, and other forces.

So, if you have felt a sensation of oppression in the air, it just might be the spells being cast by the evil one.  You are equipped to stand against those powers and principalities.  Put on your armor.  Jesus will be at your side. 

Patrons and for QFiles subscribers on Friday I filmed, boots on the ground interview, with Aussie Watcher.  It is still in production but will be available soon.  We talked about the wildfires, what authority the enemy has on Australia for deploying spells, and what we can do to help.  His suggestion was pleading for us all to pray for Australia and Australians.  His prayer is that each one would come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  His report is humbling, for he relays to all of us all:  people, even pagans are now praying and calling out to God.